For the special moments that can’t be replaced, we have the wonder of photography – and for your child’s exhilarating first days, we have a list of the top 10 newborn photographers located in Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs.

The range of styles on offer will ensure you are satisfied with the treatment of one of the most beautiful moments in your lives.

You will never forget how much you love them, so why compromise on the moments that made them?

Instil the memory of their first days, and capture what you will forever consider the most beautiful sight in the world.

With the extensive range of photographers, it’s easy to pick out the essence of the memory you want to imprint.

Whether you are looking for a playful or soulful capture, make sure to book the photography session in the first or second trimester of your or your partner’s pregnancy.

This is imperative for the sake of reducing last minute tension and reserving a spot at the right place and for the appropriate time frame.

Photographers specialising in newborns are often booked out for 3-6 months.

They accommodate for late and early arrivals – so long as you inform them of the birth within a reasonable amount of time.

Remember that the ideal time for the photo shoot is within the first two weeks of the birth.

Professionals recommend anything around the 4-14 day mark, whilst the babies are conveniently flexible and curled.

It is best to bring feeding requirements and nappies to the shoot. Feeding is advised directly prior to the session in order to get your newborn sleepy and calm.

Here is the list of the top 10 Melbourne based newborn photographers, and some of the services they offer.

Alana Taylor Photography is one of Melbourne’s best and highly sought after photographers, specialising in newborn, baby, maternity, and cake smash photography. Alana Taylor has been in the industry for over 8 years. She is fully registered and fully vaccinated and has been trained on how to pose newborns safely.  Alana Taylor can provide you with pure and timeless newborn images that your family will treasure forever. She has an artistic and colourful art style, providing floral and romantic vintage style setups.

Location: Cranbourne East, VIC

Style: Colourful, Vintage & Romantic

Price: Newborn sessions start at $650. Enquire for packages and offers.

Interview: 10 Questions with Alana Taylor Photography

Contact : Alana Taylor

Located in the beautiful suburb of Beaconsfield, South East of Melbourne, Kate Lee Photography is perfect for capturing those precious first few weeks with your new baby. She provides affordable photography for Newborns, Babies, Cake Smashes and Pregnancy – but is the most passionate about newborn photography.

She showcases simple but creative ideas, making the most of the natural newborn positions and capturing memories that will last a lifetime.

Location: Beaconsfield, VIC

Style: Affordable, Simple

Price: Newborn packages start at $400. Enquire for packages and offers.

Interview: 10 Questions with Kate Lee Photography

Contact : Kate Lee

Award winning photographers, Ellie and Mandy, have been creating artistic newborn images for over 10 years. They love babies and are passionate about capturing their innocence and beauty, priding themselves in portraying real connections and the organic bond between newborns and their parents and siblings.

With the mindset of creating relaxed and emotive images of your family, they have designed a beautiful, warm and cosy studio, replicating a family home to ensure you are always comfortable. Their approach is classical and simplistic, utilising simple props to emphasis and keep the focus on your baby and family.

Location: Kew East, VIC

Style: natural and emotive

Price: Enquire for pricing

Contact : Ellie and Mandy

Niki of Niki Sprekos Photography is one of the most popular and talented newborn and baby photographers in Melbourne.

Her images have so much love and connection, and styled in a clean, simple and beautiful way. And her passion for her work and her clients reflects in the quality of her photos.

With years of experience, Niki creates the perfect space of comfort and warmth. She will have your baby sleepy and content to create memories you’ll cherish for life.

Niki works with clients before sessions to discuss styling and her studio’s stocked with beautiful props, headbands and wraps/blankets to style images.

Niki Sprekos Photography has affordable packages to suit everyone and will become your photographer for life.

Location: Malvern East, Victoria

Style: Natural, Clean and Timeless

Price: Newborn sessions start at $200. Enquire for packages and offers.

Interview: 10 Questions with Niki Sprekos Photography

Contact : Niki Sprekos

The eponymous Danielle Nigido covers all your newborn, maternity, and family portraiture needs. Her newborn shots are kept organic, with complementary props, while being perfectly balanced. Instead of theatrics, she maintains the honesty and quietness of the newborn. Danielle has also won five International baby photo awards.

Location: Caroline Springs, VIC

Style: Vintage & romantic

Price: Enquire for pricing.

Contact : Danielle Nigido

Bump to Baby Photography specializes in capturing the sweet beauty of your tiny newbie in a timeless way.

Kiran, founder and photographer at Bump to Baby Photography, is one of the best newborn photographers in Melbourne and has years of experience in newborn, maternity and cake smash photography.

As the name suggests, Bump to Baby Photography offers a wide range of packages including maternity and newborn photography packages and prices that suit all budgets.

If you are after an awesome photographer, with a love and passion for newborn photography, Kiran is the right choice for you.

Location: Croydon, Victoria

Style: Light and Classy

Price: Enquire for pricing

Contact : Kiran Kohli

Susanne Lilley Photography is a sought after boutique Melbourne photographer located in Melbourne’s South Eastern suburbs.

Taking only limited bookings each month, Susanne’s focus is on providing her clients with a unique & beautiful gallery of their precious baby, whilst also delivering a wonderful & relaxed experience for the parents. It is Susanne’s love of modern, simplistic and Nordic design which sets the tone for her unique and minimalist style.

Using natural light along with a combination of posed and candid styling, each session is tailored to provide her clients with a comprehensive and thoughtful gallery.

Susanne offers all inclusive packages to suit everyone with the option to order additional modern and unique products to enjoy for generations to come.

Location: Rowville Victoria

Style: Unique and minimalist

Price: Enquire for pricing

Photographer : Susanne Lilley

Discover why so many families around Melbourne are choosing Tory D Photography to photograph their newborn babies and growing family. Tory has quickly become a sought-after photographer with a private, comfortable studio equipped with everything he needs to create beautiful, timeless portraits and art work to proudly display in your home.

Location: Werribee, VIC

Style: Timeless, fresh

Price: Newborn session fee is $250. Enquire for packages and offers.

Interview: 10 Questions with Tory D Photography

Contact : Tory D

Kristen Cook is a newborn photographer who offers an experience unlike any other.

With a world-wide fan base and an unwavering attention to detail, if you’re looking for a true melange of honesty and beauty in your baby’s first moments earth-side, you’ve found it. World renowned Kristen Cook describes herself as a Love Chaser, Light Painter and Storyteller, and it’s not hard to see why she has earned an enviable reputation for her instantly recognisable style and quality of work.

Kristen Cook attempts to convey the authenticity, purity and vulnerability of newborns and her extensive portfolio puts forth a collection of magnificently nuanced and soulful shots showing the depth of bonds and the stillness of new life.

Location: Caroline Springs, VIC

Style: Unique, authentic & natural

Price: Session Price is $165. Enquire for packages and inclusions.

Contact : Kristen Cook

Aga specialises in natural newborn portraits documenting your baby’s first days in timeless way, capturing beauty of a newborn baby with minimal distractions. Aga’s work is a reflection of authentic moments in families’ lives portrayed without props and costumes. She is best known for her UNSCRIPTED images where your baby is lovingly photographed in an honest way for images that allow you to relieve those days again and again.

The Fitzroys’ Bump to Baby sessions preserve the final weeks of pregnancy and early days after meeting your baby.

The session packages are kept simple and are all inclusive.

Location: Mill Park, VIC

Style: authentic & natural

Price: Enquire for pricing

Contact : Aga

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More newborn photographers in Melbourne


11. Louise Treacy Photography

Specialising in newborn, baby, maternity and family portraiture, Louise uses limited props and natural light to create a classic and natural image. She has over 10 years experience in photography, and keeps it refreshingly minimalistic; focusing on the newborn and leaving out the creative yet distracting background.

If you want to keep it fresh and organic, this is the place for you!

Location: Doreen, VIC

Style: Minimalistic & classic

Newborn Session Price: $150 session fee, individual from $125 and packages begin at $1100


12. EJM Photography

The EJM Newborn Photography Studio, run by Emma Masterton, is exclusively for the conception of gorgeous newborn portraits.  The portraiture ranges from pleasantly simple to slightly more theatrical, and welcomes the inclusion of the family – including the beloved pets!

There is also a bonus free maternity shot offered with every booked newborn session.

Location: South Melbourne, VIC

Style: Simple & staged

Newborn Session Price: Contact 0405714219 for prices and products


13. Emma Hutch Photography

The Emma Hutch Photography studio offers quality newborn, maternity, children and family portraits. Emma’s love for children and newborns allows her to convey the innocence and soul specific to the subject. Only a handful can master such a unique style, and Emma does it stunningly.

Location: Seville, VIC

Style: Romantic & emotive

Newborn Session Price: $150 session fee + Contact 0419 593 380 for prints and packages


14. Siobhan Wolff Photography

As one of Melbourne’s most experienced newborn photographers, Siobhan offers wonderful packages, suited for your budget. She is an Accredited Professional Photographer with 6 years of photography experience. Lately her focus has been on newborns, where – as per her portfolio – she thrives!

All newborn sessions are booked for 9:30 in the morning. Siobhan applies great care and delicate manoeuvring to create a comfortable and natural pose for shooting. Her photography attempts to unveil the purity and beauty of the newborn without overcrowding the image.

Location: Kew, VIC

Style: Simple & Natural

Price: $450 mini session (1.5 hr); Enquire for packages, offers and inclusions.


15. Beloved Photography

Beloved is a specialist newborn photography studio, which also provides maternity and baby shoots. Photographer Caroline Brown is renowned amongst professional baby photographers, with over 8 years of experience, a rank of master photographer at the Australian Institute for Professional Photography (AIPP), and the 2018 AIPP Victoria newborn photographer of the year award!

Her work is soulful and heart warming, with props to provide a rustic feel.

Location: Macleod, VIC

Style: Rustic & natural

Newborn Session Price: $220 session fee + $80 individual print OR minimum $650 collective


16. Sienna Skies Photography

Sienna Skies Photography is a newborn photography outlet owned and operated by celebrated photographer Samira Casey, based in Point Cook, West Melbourne. Samira launched her business in 2013, inspired by the birth of her first born daughter Sienna, and she has captured hundreds of newborn babies since then. The Sienna Skies Photography studio houses a wide array of props, wraps, and outfits available to all clients as well as walls lined with photos and art of previous clients and natural light accommodations for a top-notch photo shoot atmosphere.


17. Maple Gallery

The team at Maple Gallery specializes in newborn photography with a boutique studio in the heart of Ascot Vale. Maple Gallery brings 12+ years of experience in newborn photography to the table, and the team of photographers prioritizes individual relationships with clients that will inform and influence the style and manner of photography. With three hour sessions, 60-80 images from which to choose, and in person viewings, Maple Gallery truly goes the extra mile for its clients.


18. Lecinda Ward

Lecinda Ward is a professional photographer who went into business in 2015 and has been capturing love stories of all kinds since then. Specializing in family photography and offering her services as a newborn photographer for clients in and around Melbourne, Lecinda gives her all to each photo shoot; she prides herself on a no frills approach, skipping the props, the fancy clothes, and the stylish accessories in favor of a bare approach that showcases newborns in their natural state.


19. Seeds Photography

At Seeds Photography, Jenny offers her services as newborn photographer to clients all over Melbourne from her studio located in Heathmont, just a 20 minute drive from the city center. Jenny encourages clients to make their bookings while still pregnant to ensure that the newborns are photographed at 7-14 days old, though she specializes in shooting photos for babies of any age. Bringing over 10 years of experience to bear through her business, Jenny at Seeds Photography provides a personal session with access to her personal styling guides, her fabrics and wraps for maximal comfort, and the resulting photography packages included with a session fee, for which no additional money will be due until the client is 100% satisfied with the images.


20. Paula Andrews Photography

At Paula Andrews Photography, Paula lends her 11 years of experience as a newborn photographer to her craft, capturing newborns in sessions ranging from one hour to four hours, depending on the package. Paula offers all-inclusive packages that run the gamut of amenities and experiences, with an option that combines maternity and newborn sessions for a full documentation of the pregnancy and post-partum experience. Paula recommends that sessions be booked while still pregnant and that newborns be photographed at 5-14 days of age.


21. Foxbelle Photography

At Foxbelle Photography, Ingrid Cremean lends her expertise as a portrait and lifestyle photographer to the craft of newborn photography. A mom of four herself, Ingrid is well aware of how fast kids can grow up, and so she feels strongly that the practice of newborn photography is a valuable asset to prize and cherish those inherently fleeting memories of watching a child grow. Ingrid at Foxbelle Photography offers in-home sessions, unlike many other newborn photographers, in which she will come to her clients and capture the newborn baby in his or her home setting. This service includes a 2 hour photo session, styling advice, online gallery, and 20 digital photos all included in her basic package.


22. Dee Palma Photography

Dee Palma Photography is a newborn photography company run by Dee herself, a dedicated photographer and mother of two who discovered her passion for newborn photography upon having her daughter in 2013. Now dedicated to capturing those fleeting moments of infancy before they pass, Dee, of Dee Palma Photography, holds newborn sessions of 2-4 hours in her home studio in Werribee; session fees include a fully individualized session with props, 20 edited and retouched photos for a gallery viewing, and an in-person session to order photos.


23. Jacinta Studios

Jacinta Studios, located 25km north of Melbourne’s city center, is owned and operated by photographer Jacinta Dal Ben. Jacinta boasts a Masters of Photography from the Australian Institute of Professional Photography and has amassed a host of national and international accolades and acknowledgements, making her services as a newborn photographer highly sought after in the greater Melbourne area. Jacinta Studios focuses on family photography and her newborn photo packages include access to her Hillside studio, family photos, wall art and concepts, digital and printed artwork, and a guaranteed 3-6 week turnaround for edited photos.


24. Photography by Kellie Mac

Photography by Kellie Mac is a newborn photography outlet based out of Melbourne. Run by Kellie Mac, an expert photographer and mother of two who knows the importance of photographing young children at all stages of life, offers newborn sessions for 2-3 hours with family and sibling images included at her home studio in Sandhurst. Kellie has a turnaround of 2-3 weeks for an initial gallery and then an additional week for final products, with 40 images from which to choose. All packages include digital and print photos.


25. Tiny and Brave Photography

At Tiny and Brave Photography, Tiffany Selzer provides her award winning services as a newborn photographer to clients in and around Melbourne. Tiffany likes to keep her photography as simple as possible, limiting the pressure of newborn babies to “pose” and simply capturing the babies as they are and capturing the relationship between parent and child in its most organic form. Booking a session while still pregnant is recommended to ensure that Tiffany at Tiny and Brave Photography has slots available, and sessions run up to 3 hours.


26. Fox and Feather Photography

At Fox and Feather Photography, Samantha lends her five years of dedicated experience to newborn and family photography to clients in the greater Melbourne metropolitan area. Samantha photographs newborns of 4-12 days of age in her home studio in Cranbourne North and recommends that clients book as far in advance as possible. Samantha at Fox and Feather Photography provides such additional amenities as fine art albums and wall hangings for clients looking for a little extra.


27. Studio Create

Studio Create is a newborn photography business owned and operated by Tracey Smith, a neonatal nurse of 20 years and an experienced baby photographer accredited by the Australian Institute of Professional Photography. A natural multi-hyphenate, Tracey of Studio Create is a 10-time AIPP award winner, among many other accolades, and is uniquely dedicated to capturing families through all stages of life, with a special focus on newborns. Tracey can be contacted through the form on the Studio Create website.


28. Alisha Jayne Photography

Alisha Jayne Photography is a newborn photography outlet run by Alisha Jayne herself, located in Narre Warren. Alisha offers her unique approach, based on natural light, muted tones, and lush, rippling textural touches, to clients looking to capture their newborn babies at 4-14 days of age. Alisha Jayne Photography is available for bookings today, and she can be reached through Facebook or at the following email: [email protected]


29. Something Meaningful

At Something Meaningful, Brittany Evans combines years of practical, feet-on-the-ground experience with a passion for the finer details of such significant moments as a newborn’s first few days of life. Newborn sessions with Something Meaningful take place at Brittany’s studio located in Altona Meadows, situated 20 minutes west of the center of Melbourne. Brittany recommends that bookings for newborn photo shoots be made as far in advance as possible, though she has a flexible policy surrounding due dates as a result of the inherent unpredictability.


30. Ashley K Photography

Ashley K Photography is owned and operated by Ashley Karakatsanis, a member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography, whose home studio is based out of North Melbourne. Specializing in family photography, from maternity photos to newborn photos, Ashley captures young children with a just-the-basics style, without the pomp and frills of excessive props and stilted poses. Especially devoted to providing her clients with gorgeous memories in documented form to last a lifetime, Ashley K Photography is available for bookings today.


31. Tiffany’s Photography Melbourne

Tiffany’s Photography Melbourne is a dedicated newborn photography outlet specializing in capturing babies at just 5-10 days of age. Based out of a home studio in Endeavor Hills, Tiffany opened up her business in 2015 and has been photographing newborns in natural light settings since then. Her baby sessions include 2-3 hours of photography with up to 5 immediate family members, 30 high resolution images, two dress changes, and more. Add-on amenities include a photobook with a custom cover, a full gallery of digital and print images, and a discount package including a maternity session and a newborn session.


32. Kath V Photography

At Kath V Photography, Kath Vergara creates magical, inventive designs out of organic moments, perfect for the craft of newborn photography in which she specializes. An award winning Melbourne-based newborn photographer, Kath Vergara of Kath V Photography captures newborns within 3 weeks of their birth with colorful portraits that come alive with idealistic backdrops and surreal coluorscapes that evoke the wonderment of life and the feeling of constant discovery as a newborn.


33. Dart Newborn Photography

At Dart Newborn Photography, Sarah Richardson provides her services as a newborn photographer to clients in and around the greater Melbourne metropolitan area. With her earlier career as a NICU nurse, Sarah carries over her expertise in mollifying and caring for newborn babies to the craft of photography, with a refined sense of how to get the best results while genuinely attending to the needs of newborns. A full newborn session with Dart Newborn Photography includes a session in the client’s home, posed newborn photos, 40 digital images, and an individualized digital and print birth announcement card.


34. Sleepy Willow Photography

Sleepy Willow Photography is a newborn photography outlet based in Ringwood East, nestled away outside of the bustling city center of Melbourne. Emilie is the photographer and owner behind Sleepy Willow Photography, and she found her passion for newborn photography after having her first child. She now combines her decade of experience photographing weddings and portraits with her newfound passion through her newborn photo sessions, which include use of Emilie’s top-notch props and accessories.


35. JHC Newborn Photography

JHC Newborn Photography is a newborn photography company based in Melbourne; JHC stands for “joy, honor, cherish,” a set of words that applies beautifully to their craft. JHC Newborn Photography offers three distinct packages on a sliding price scale, with such amenities included as up to 40 high resolution digital images, a photo album of up to 20 images, and a photo session of the full family, from newborns to siblings to parents. Located in Bacchus Marsh, Melbourne, JHC Newborn Photography is housed in a boho chic studio with an ideal set up for photo shoots of all shapes and sizes.


36. Kapture Photography

Kapture Photography is a newborn photography company owned and operated by Karen Barber, a skilled image designer who has been offering her services since 2011. Clients of Kapture Photography can rest assured knowing that Karen feels just as strongly as they do that early infancy presents a unique opportunity to capture otherwise ephemeral moments of true beauty. Clients can opt for any combination of hats and blankets, each with a unique look and feel, and session fees include the studio time as well as the editing process.


37. Always Belle Photography

At Always Belle Photography, business owner Elle Gross combines her knowledge of newborns from her years of work as a pediatric nurse at Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital with her abiding commitment to the craft of newborn photography. With 12 years of experience working with babies, Elle treats each newborn with care and comfort as her first priorities. Elle shoots her newborn sessions out of her home studio in Eaglemont Village, Melbourne.


38. Kiddy Kats Photography

Kiddy Kats Photography is a newborn photography company owned and operated by Michelle, who brings a loving attitude and a specialty in photo albums and wall decor to her craft. With years of experience under her belt, Michelle captures newborns up to 12 months old, though she recommends that clients book while still pregnant in order to get the best results for a newborn under two weeks of age. A booking with Kiddy Kats Photography will entail a design consultation, a photography session, an ordering session, and an order collection.


39. Bec Gordon Photography

Bec Gordon Photography is a newborn photography company run by Bec Gordon herself, serving parents of newborns in and around Melbourne. Bec is a former primary school teacher and dance teacher with a Diploma in Professional Photography through the Photography Institute, and she opened Bec Gordon Photography for business in 2014. With more than a decade of experience teaching and guiding young children, Bec now devotes her experience to the craft of photographing newborns in their first 5-14 days of life in her spacious, naturally lit home studio.


40. Belly Boo Photography

BellyBoo Photography is a newborn photography company based in Melbourne. With 14 years of experience, Belinda delivers her services to new parents with an extra emphasis on the comfort and security of the newborns she photographs. Belinda’s home studio is located in Seaford, right by the water, and she offers location sessions for parents who would prefer to keep things closer to home. With her menagerie of props, cloths, and outfits available for bookings and all-inclusive packages with luxury amenities, Belinda’s practice is best defined by her dedication to client satisfaction.



We know just how important it is to celebrate and capture those early days with your darling newborn. That’s why we’ve put together this list of our favourite newborn photographers in Melbourne—so you can make an informed decision and have beautiful memories that you can cherish forever. Don’t forget to book early (3-6 months before) and within two weeks of birth for the best results.


Melbourne Newborn Photography Stats

According to the Birth Deaths and Marriages Victoria, an average of 80,413 babies are born in Victoria each year (avg. number in the past 5 years). The average number of babies born in Australia each year is 316,124. This means that 25.4% of all babies born in Australia, are born in Victoria.

From BabyInfo’s yearly stats and survey results, 27% of new mums in the state of Victoria and 34% of new mums in Melbourne, hire a professional newborn photographer to capture the precious moments of their newborn.

This makes Melbourne and Victoria the second biggest market for newborn photography in Australia.

The average price for a newborn session (including digital and print collection) in Melbourne in 2019 was $694. This includes new mums considering budget over quality of photos and new mums who are willing to pay more for professional photos, quality and trust.


Best Newborn Photographers in Victoria




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Best Newborn Photographers in Australia






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