With newborn photography, preserve the moments that make them who they are.

Before they become too old to coo and giggle innocently at all your best dad jokes, capture them in their essence; selecting only the finest Adelaide-based photographers.

When you remember a wedding or milestone moment, it’s natural to take out the albums and reminisce.

Every important journey should be documented, and that’s no different for your child’s.

So capture the momentous and key moment, of the start of their life.

Because newborn photographers are in high demand, it is important to book a session in the first or second trimester.

Photographers specialising in newborns are often booked out for 3 to 6 months; so delaying it will cost you your choice of photographer and optimal time period.

Newborn photographers usually allow some flexibility with the date, due to late and early arrivals.

However, it is essential that you inform them of the birth within the first 2 or 3 days of the child’s life.

If you wait too long, you risk missing the optimal time for a photo shoot; that is, around 4-14 days, whilst your child is curled and easy to position.

Mothers are usually told to feed their children prior to the session, in order to keep them asleep during the photo shoot.

Extra props and sentimental pieces are usually accepted in the shots.

Here is our list of the top 10 newborn photographers in and around Adelaide.

A highly sought after photographer, Melissa Alagich has over eight years of experience in newborn, maternity and family photography.

She is an accredited member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP), and has recently been recognised as a finalist AIPP South Australian Newborn Photographer of the Year 2017 (SAPPA).

Thus, it’s not a shock that she is always able to provide a refined, warm and romantic result.

Location: Mawson Lakes, SA

Style: Soulful & romantic

Pricing: $125-$200 session fee + $560-$990 packages

Contact : Melissa Alagich

Shutter photography studio specialises in newborn and maternity portraiture, and offers family, children and baby photographer just as well.

The newborn session allows full access to props and knits, and ensures an emotive, sweet and romantic product for you to cherish.

Location: Blair Kilburn, SA

Style: Emotive & romantic

Pricing: $450-$725 packages

Contact : Tracey

Photoplay studios is run by Tania Pile, a child and baby photographer and a proud member of the AIPP.

The studio is on its 12th year in business, with a portfolio filled with natural but lively shots of newborns, babies and children.

Location: Blair Athol, SA

Style: Natural & lively

Pricing: $200 session fee + $350-$750

Contact : Tania Pile

Head photographer, Lisa, specialises in newborn, baby, and family photography. With a range of print options on offer, including the traditional canvas, wall art, and album, your child’s memories won’t fade away.

Her photography retains the purity of the newborn, and results in a simple, plain and beautiful portrait.

Lisa is a AIPP accredited photographer!

Location: Broadview, SA

Style: Simple & plain

Pricing: $150 session fee + $500-$2500 packages

Contact : Lisa

Owner and photographer Verity Sparrow is a specialist in newborn and children photography.

She is a state and national award winner and an accredited member of the AIPP, boasting quality work in maternity, newborn, baby, children and family portraiture. Her photos are poignant, rustic and homely.

Location: Craigburn Farm, SA

Style: Rustic & homely

Pricing: $250 session fee + $90 individual print OR minimum $795 package

Contact : Verity Sparrow

Focusing on maternity, newborn and baby shots, Kate Ellis delivers astounding art for convenient prices.

Instead of over-complicating the image with unnecessary and distracting props and colours, she focuses on the precious newborn and the familial bond.

Pictures speak most when they are simple and revealing.

The wide selection of prints and products are only an added bonus.

Location: Craigburn Farm, SA

Style: Rustic & homely

Pricing: Minimum $285

Contact : Kate Ellis

One of Adelaide’s most beloved photographers, Megan Macdonald has a Certificate IV in photo imaging, and an impressive prop collection and wardrobe.

Her signature style is a delightful combination of vintage and rustic. Of course, mom and dad are welcome to join in, for a truly touching capture.

Location: Hawthorndene, SA

Style: Vintage & rustic

Pricing: $595-$995; $495 mini session

Contact : Megan Macdonald

The photographers at Scott Gah studio deliver impeccable service in maternity, newborn, baby, family, engagement and wedding photography.

The art director and head photographer, Scott Goh, is registered with AIPP and well-known in the Wedding Photo Journalistic Association (WPJA) and Artistic Guild of WPJA.

Newborn sessions take place in the comfort of your home, and include styling before the shoot.

You’ll love the candid, natural and fun outcome!

Location: Mawson Lakes, SA

Style: Creative & candid

Pricing: Enquire for pricing

Contact : Scott Goh

Wish Photography specialises in newborn, baby, maternity and family photography.

Katherine Stannard, owner and photographer, has worked as a Registered Nurse for 10 years, and transfers her experience and knowledge of baby safety into this business.

Her images tend to be subtle, simple and utterly gorgeous.

Location: Semaphore, SA

Style: Subtle & simple

Pricing:  $170 session fee + minimum $399

Contact : Katherine Stannard

Although specialising in newborn and family photography, Jessica Ramsey provides maternity, engagement, wedding, and fashion sessions as well.

All your favourite shots can be turned into custom tangible products for the home to be passed down to future generations.

Her portfolio of newborn images communicates a lovely vintage feel and features perfect camera positioning.

Location: Aldinga Beach, SA

Style: Vintage & emotive

Pricing:  $150-$300 session fee + minimum $50 individual product

Contact : Jessica Ramsey

11. Cocoon Studio

Cocoon Photography provides the finest in newborn, baby, maternity, family, commercial, events and fusion portraiture.

It is run by passionate Heartfelt member, Anita, and gifted photographers, Sandy and Tracy.

The Cocoon team ensures that you and your baby receive a personalised service and a say in all the aesthetic choices. Cocoon newborn studio shots are minimal, simple and an elegant work of art. You can be sure of a beautiful result, ready to be framed and maintained for the decades to come!

Location: Adelaide, SA

Style: Intimate & simple

Session Price: $200 + see site for products


12. Adelaide Baby Photos

Owner of Adelaide Baby Photos, Janet Coelho, is a leading newborn, child and family photographer.

She is a fully accredited professional photographer with the AIPP and an avid and curious learner about all aspects of photography. Her newborn photo shoots take place in her Mawson Lakes studio, and utilise a variety of stunning blankets, accessories and props to create a clever, creative and playful piece.

However, you can also ask for a toned down and simpler picture.

Location: Mawson Lakes, SA

Style: Playful – simple

Session Price: $295-395 + see site for extra products


13. Photos By Kareena

After her own emotional journey into motherhood, Kareena opened this specialised newborn, baby and maternity photography studio to deliver an empathetic and patient service for mothers all across Adelaide.

Kareena uses studio lighting for a controlled application and a flawless finish.

She generally utilises neutral and earthy tones, to create a homely and vintage picture, however, at times she will use colour for a bolder, rustic image.

Location: Woodcroft, SA

Style: Vintage & rustic

Session Price: $795 + see site for extra products


14. Apple Seed Photography

Focusing on newborns, babies, families and pregnant mummies, Kirsty Burns delivers a premium custom service for you and your child.

Her shoots take place in the comfort of your own home and capture the newborn in its most relaxed and natural state. If you want a lifestyle family portrait with your newborn, or an organic image of your newborn in your home, Kirsty is the woman for the job.

Location: Adelaide, SA

Style: Natural & organic

Session Price: Contact on site for prices and products


15. Willow Creek Studio

Onwer Tenille Nolan is a newborn, baby, maternity, children, family, and wedding photographer with a 9 awards under her belt, including 3 APPA awards and 6 Epson AIPP awards. Her newborn photo shoots take place in her cosy studio in Belair, and often consist of handmade backdrops and internationally sourced quality props.

As a mother, Tenille understands the kind of patience and care a newborn requires, and is extra attentive towards your little one at all times.

She has knowledge and training in newborn and child safety, and ensures that every position is comfortable and safe for the baby. Despite the caution, her images are creative, clever and romantic.

Location: Belair, SA

Style: Theatrical & emotive

Session Price: $200 + see site for products


16. Amy Campbell

Amy Campbell is a specialist newborn, baby, maternity, family, lifestyle, engagement, wedding, and boudoir photographer with 10 years experience on the job. She is a natural light photographer, utilising daylight to create authentic and stunning images.

Amy uses minimal props and tends to keep to a simple colour palette, with an uncomplicated backdrop, in order to concentrate on the precious newborn.

Her style is refreshingly simple and minimal.

Location: Hewett, SA

Style: Minimal & simple

Session Price: $475 + see site for extra products


17. Ginger Snap Photography

Kate Hindmarsh provides quality newborn, baby and family portraiture at an affordable rate. She offers hospital newborn photography and in-studio newborn photography, so you can capture your little bundle of joy at their earliest, or in a gorgeous custom setup.

Kate has a mastery of lighting, positioning, and editing, and has training in newborn safe handling and posing.

Her hospital portraiture is authentic, candid and nuanced, while her studio shots are generally more animated, creative and consist of romantic set ups.

Location: Adelaide, SA

Style: Authentic, candid – creative & animated

Session Price: $500 + see site for extra products


18. JC Imagery

JC Imagery’s Jodi Chapman is your local, award winning, natural light newborn, baby, maternity, children, and family photographer.

Jody pours her passion into each and every newborn shot, and expresses the uniqueness and individual of the newborn in outfit, props and backdrops. Her photography is carefully orchestrated, and a tribute to the features and expressions of the newborn.

You can opt for a simple yet creative vintage shot of your newborn, or a heartfelt shot of the newborn with parents and family.

Location: Craigmore, SA

Style: Romantic & glamorous

Session Price: $99 + see site for products


19. Agata’s Photography

Agata Ferrante of Agata’s Photography is an international award winning newborn, baby, maternity, and family photographer and a member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP).

Agata had the honour of becoming the 2016 Newborn Photographer of the Year, Runner Up.

She has extensive experience in photographing and handling newborns – with 5 years as a registered nurse – and takes the time and attention to properly know and position your newborn, in order to deliver an optimal result.

She can offer wonderful, theatrical and clever rustic sets, or more natural images, inclusive or exclusive of family members. Regardless, her images always have that little touch of bohemian about them.

Location: Parkside, SA

Style: Romantic & glamorous

Session Price: $99 + see site for products


20. Jade Norwood Photography

Jade is a specialist newborn, baby, family, wedding, and engagement photographer with an impressive talent for turning precious moments into works of art.

She offers deluxe newborn portraiture packages, and a comfortable and relaxed photo shoot.

All newborns are allowed their own persona when it comes to Jade – and you can be sure of an emotive and poignant image.

Location: Ceduna, SA

Style: Emotive & poignant

Session Price: Contact on site for prices



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