Time passes far too fast to allow all the details and happenings to sink in. Luckily, with the miracle of photography, we are able to keep a few precious moments alive for more than just a lifetime. Let these professional and experienced newborn photographers capture your little bundle of joy.

Everything special and unique about your newborn, from their small and curled little bodies, to their tiny little fingers and toes, will be celebrated through imagery particular to your gem. The listed photographers have the ability to properly apply a chosen aesthetic style to the natural form and character of the baby.

The best time to photograph a newborn is within the first two weeks of the birth. Photographers will usually put it around 4-14 days, while the child is flexible and curled in fetal position. In order to get your choice of photographer and the appropriate time frame, book in the first or second trimester of your pregnancy.

Specialist photographers are high in demand and usually booked out for about 3 to 6 months. Once you have a confirmed booking, you don’t need to worry about the exact date of birth, as photographers allow a time frame for late and early arrivals. So long as you contact them within 2 days to inform them of the birth, you should have no issues.

On the day of the session, mothers are advised to feed their newborns prior to arriving, in order to have them asleep during the session.  They should also bring appropriate feeding and toilet arrangements. Lastly, although props are provided in the in-studio shoots, parents are free to bring in sentimental pieces and props.

Without further ado, here’s are the Editor’s Choice top 10 newborn photographers in Hobart.

An accredited professional photographer with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP), Katinka Smith is a newborn, baby, maternity and family photographer. She aims to create lively and light-hearted works of art, originating in the familiar environment of your home.

Location: Hobart CBD, TAS

Style: Lively & light-hearted

Newborn Session Price: Contact 0404 084 703 for prices and products

Contact : Katinka Smith

Zanzo is Tasmania’s most highly awarded family, children and pet photography studio. It is led by owner and head photographer, Dean Mansbridge, an AIPP Master Photographer with over 75 Local, National and International Awards under his belt. Every piece of newborn photography is unique, fresh and lively.

Location: Hobart CBD, TAS

Style: Bright & Lively

Newborn Session Price: Enquire for pricing

Contact : Dean Mansbridge

AIPP member and 2017 TAS Newborn Photographer of the Year, Peta Nikel, delivers custom photography at a 25 minute distance from Hobart’s CBD. Her newborn, baby and maternity photography is classic and timeless. Every newborn is allowed an individual persona, and so the style is kept neat and minimal.

Location: Honeywood, TAS

Style: Minimalist & classic

Newborn Session Price: $125-$175 session fee + minimum $795 package

Contact : Peta Nikel

Michael O’Keefe covers a range of services, including newborn, baby, maternity, family, couples, corporate, model and wedding photography. Michael is a AIPP award winning photographer who provides intimate and expressive works all across Hobart.

Location: Old Beach, TAS

Style: Expressive & intimate

Newborn Session Price: $100 session fee + minimum $250 individual prints OR minimum $740 package

Contact : Michael O’Keefe

Agape media House is run by a husband and wife power team, specialising in wedding, family and newborn photography. In order to capture the natural and personal moments of newborns, their photography is usually situational and akin to lifestyle portraits. Shoots can take place at home with family included or at the studio with stunning setups.

Location: Kingston, TAS

Style: Natural & personal

Newborn Session Price: Enquire for pricing

Contact : Agape Media House

Offering infant massages and newborn, birth, maternity, family, corporate and commercial photography services, Baby love is a one-stop-shop for young parents and pregnant couples. Head photographer, accredited infant massage educator, and AIPP member, Fiona, specialises in maternity, birth, newborn and family photograph. Her imagery is playful and romantic, and attuned to the newborn.

Location: Cambridge, TAS

Style: Playful & romantic

Newborn Session Price: Enquire for pricing

Contact : Fiona

Jolene Inoriz offers specialist newborn, birth, maternity, and family photograph. In order to accommodate the family, she provides in studio and lifestyle, at home, sessions. She plays with theatrics and aims to deliver a creative and energetic result.

Location: Huon valley, TAS

Style: Creative & inspired

Newborn Session Price: Enquire for pricing

Contact : Jolene Inoriz

Providing the finest baby photography and gift, Inspired by Soul specialises in newborn and baby portraiture. Head photographer, Sollest, opened the studio in 2015 , after completing her Diploma in Photography. She captures the lifestyle of the newborn, and ensures that each photo is fun, full of love and laughter.  Her images are natural, uncomplicated and not posed or setup.

Location: New Town, TAS

Style: Honest & natural

Newborn Session Price: Enquire for pricing

Contact : Sollest

Sarah provides professional newborn, baby, maternity, and event photography. With over five years experience in newborn photography, she is vigilant about the comfort and safety of the child. If you’re looking for an elegant, simple shot – featuring natural fibres and textures – at a convenient price, this is the one for you.

Location: Hobart CBD, TAS

Style: Simple & elegant

Newborn Session Price: Minimum $550

Contact : Sarah

Working alongside partner Stephanie, Michael Webb provides newborn, baby, maternity, family, wedding, event, and dance photography. With years of experience, Michael delivers wholly honest and greatly untouched, unrefined images that convey only the character of your newborn.

Location: New Town, TAS

Style: Honest & natural

Newborn Session Price: Enquire for pricing

Contact : Michael Webb

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