9 Best Christening Photographers in Melbourne

Pixel Perfect Images, based in Melbourne, stands as the epitome of Christening Photography excellence. With over 12 years of experience and 300+ Catholic Baptisms and Orthodox Christenings captured, this boutique photo studio, led by the creative founder Joe, specializes in immortalising your child’s special day. Offering flexible packages of 3 to 5 hours, they provide an online gallery for instant sharing, fast 2-week turnaround, and unlimited high-resolution edited photographs. Pixel Perfect Images excels in unobtrusive coverage, skillfully navigating Catholic Baptisms, Greek Orthodox, Serbian Orthodox, Maronite, Russian Orthodox, Antiochian Orthodox, Armenian, and Coptic Orthodox ceremonies. Entrust them to capture every emotion, ensuring cherished moments for a lifetime.

Address: Melbourne, VIC

Phone: 0412 787 779

Social: Pixel Perfect Images

Contact : Pixel Perfect Images Team

Finder Seeker, Melbourne’s premiere christening and baptism photographer, brings over a decade of expertise in capturing the essence of your child’s special day. With a modern, joyous, and unobtrusive approach, they skillfully navigate intimate home gatherings to large church ceremonies. Boasting 10 years of experience in children’s photography, Finder Seeker offers a relaxed style, blending candid moments with family and group shots to immortalize every detail of the celebration. Their three package options cater to diverse needs, providing hand-edited digital files with full printing rights in a personalized online gallery. From ceremony to reception, Finder Seeker delivers peace of mind and a treasure trove of cherished memories for your family.

Address: Melbourne, VIC

Phone: 0421 637 062

Social: Finder Seeker

Contact : Dee Kampe

Tamara Little Photography, a Melbourne native, brings a heartfelt touch to christening photography, treating each occasion as a privileged moment in your little one’s life. With a career born out of passion, Tamara captures Orthodox and Catholic christenings with the same care and attention as weddings. As a mum of two and a dedicated wife, Tamara values family bonds, ensuring unobtrusive and relaxed sessions to capture every precious detail. Her candid and fun style, infused with a touch of romance, reflects a genuine commitment to telling your unique family story. Tamara’s goal is to make you feel secure and cared for, from the initial contact to the final, beautifully crafted product.”

Address: Melbourne, VIC

Phone: 0401 995 087

Social: Tamara Little Photography

Contact : Tamara

MR & MRS Photography, Melbourne-based in the eastern suburbs, specializes in joyous and unobtrusive baptism and christening photography. Your baby’s special day is expertly captured by their experienced team, offering a thoughtful and caring approach to document every detail – from getting ready portraits at home to the church service and reception. Joshua and Isabella Cullen, the husband-and-wife duo behind MR & MRS, bring a modern and timeless touch to christening photography, ensuring a perfect blend of candid, family, and group shots. With their natural and unobtrusive style, MR & MRS Photography creates timeless and beautiful christening photos, allowing you to cherish these precious memories for generations to come.

Address: Melbourne, VIC

Social: MR & MRS Photography

Contact : MR & MRS Photography Team

Meet Madeleine Chiller, the creative force behind Madeleine Chiller Photography, a cherished Christening Photographers studio in Melbourne, VIC. With a passion for storytelling through her lens, Madeleine specializes in capturing the heartfelt moments of Christenings and Baptisms. As a Melbourne family photographer and a loving mother herself, she understands the significance of these milestones in a child’s life. Whether it’s the joyous tears, proud parents, or doting grandparents, Madeleine skillfully freezes these precious memories in time. With a range of investment options – Platinum, Gold, and Silver – Madeleine Chiller Photography ensures that every family can preserve their unique journey in the most beautiful way. Trust Madeleine to weave your family’s story into timeless Christening photos that will be cherished for years to come.

Address: Melbourne, VIC

Phone: 0430 033 531

Social: Madeleine Chiller Photography

Contact : Madeleine

Ferdi Photography, based in Melbourne, crafts stunning photos that document your family’s journey, ensuring your child’s baptism event is a once-in-a-lifetime visual masterpiece. Boost your self-confidence by entrusting a professional photographer to capture the special day, creating beautiful memories to share with pride. Strengthen family bonds with lasting reminders of love and support, fostering a sense of belonging. Experience time-saving convenience as the expert photographer captures and edits every moment to perfection, allowing busy mothers to focus on other aspects of the event. Relax and have fun, knowing Ferdi Photography offers tailored packages for baptisms, birthdays, engagements, showers, hens, proposals, and weddings.

Address: Melbourne, VIC

Social: Ferdi Photography

Contact : Andrew Ferdinands

Meet Domenico Di Martino, the skilled photographer, cinematographer, and editor behind Domenico Media, a Melbourne-based Christening Photographers studio. Specializing in capturing the sanctity and beauty of baptism, Domenico understands the significance of this cherished moment in a child’s life. With a passion for various photography genres, including Automotive, Fitness, Portraiture, Real Estate, Events, and Products, Domenico brings a versatile touch to every project. Collaborating with other wedding industry professionals, Domenico Media ensures your child’s baptism is captured with expertise and finesse. Preserve these precious moments forever by entrusting Domenico to tell your family’s story through the lens, creating timeless memories that resonate for years to come.

Address: Melbourne, VIC

Phone: 0401 720 777

Social: Domenico Media

Contact : Domenico Di Martino

Craylux Media, a Melbourne-based Christening Photography and Videography team dedicated to preserving your precious moments. With over 6 years of industry expertise, their professional and passionate team captures the essence of Christenings and Baptisms with a unique touch. Specializing in both photography and videography, Craylux Media ensures a comprehensive coverage of your special day. Known for their creativity, they take the leap for that ‘one creative’ shot that becomes priceless. Whether it’s Crayluxmedia or Crazy-Luxury-Media, their commitment to excellence shines through. Entrust Craylux Media to turn your cherished moments into timeless memories, crafting a visual narrative that echoes the joy of your family’s milestones.

Address: Chadstone, VIC

Phone: 0434 837 055

Social: Craylux Media

Contact : Craylux Media Team

Meet Dante Sapienza, the creative force behind Tempest Photography, a Melbourne-based Christening Photographers studio capturing moments with beauty, honesty, and lasting charm. With over a decade of experience in portrait and fashion photography, Dante infuses his creative eye and fine art background into every christening and family portrait session. His attention to detail, creativity, and professionalism shine through, making each shoot a unique visual narrative. Based in Eltham, Victoria, Tempest Photography is available to capture precious moments anywhere in Victoria and interstate. Whether it’s corporate events, functions, or executive portraits, Dante is committed to delivering exceptional photography that cherishes every moment for your family.

Address: Eltham, VIC

Social: Tempest Photography

Contact : Giuseppe Dante Sapienza

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