Top 20 Maternity Photographers in Gold Coast

Maternity portraiture is the perfect way to celebrate all the beautiful changes that occur in your journey through pregnancy. Everything from the luscious curves and filled out face to the protruding belly is a marvellous sight that should be engraved for the ages. So simply pick a style, put on some blush, and get ready for the cameras!

Pregnancy is such a unique and beautiful experience. A woman’s ability to bear and produce life, to carry a living creature and have it produce that gorgeous bump, is an amazing thing. Even in the worst of it, pregnancy wears beautifully on a woman. It lights her face, it makes her smile, and she looks down at her little bump, as if to say that it makes her whole. The specialist maternity photographers we have on offer capture each one of those intimate details, and more!

Now, before you get carried away and pick up the phone, here are some vital points.

Maternity photographers are busy throughout the year and are usually booked out for months. In order to attain your preferred photographer, book a session in the early days of your pregnancy. Do keep in mind that the best time for a photo shoot is 27 to 36 weeks into pregnancy, or 27 to 30 weeks for those having twins. During this time your body is in the best shape for a session – with a big, rounded belly, full curves, and minimal fatigue.

Once the date is booked, you will go through a short pre-consultation session, to discuss the photo shoot details. You can convey your ideas and preferences at this point, and lead your photographer in the right direction. You can also choose from an in-studio, on-location or at-home session. While some photographers may offer all three options, most will offer only in-studio and on-location shoots, and some may, in fact, offer only one option.

Generally, the in-studio sessions will be far more controlled, posed and planned, the on-location will vary between the posed glamour shoots and the natural lifestyle sessions, and at-home photography will be an organic and authentic lifestyle captures. However, the style will differ from photographer to photographer.

Hence, we leave you with our list of the top 20 maternity photographers in the Gold Coast.

Run by 5 experts with mastery of natural lighting, Sunlit studios provides videography and photography services areas across Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast; specialising in outdoor maternity, newborn and family photography. Their maternity photography is of the highest quality, with vivid hues and beautiful lighting and colouring. Every detail is captured, and every emotion articulated. For the best of a poignant capture, Sunlit is the one for you.

Location: Ormeau Hills, QLD

Style: Poignant, emotive & vivid

Photography Services: Maternity, Newborn, Baby, Children, Family, Engagement, Wedding

Maternity Session Price: $150 – $250 + see site for products

Phone: 07 5549 2104

Social: Sunlit Studios

Contact : Sunlit Studios Team

Atomic Butterfly is owned by professional photographer, Rachel, and well-known for its milk bath maternity photography. Although the typical in-studio and on-location shoots do take place, it’s the milk bath shots that are the most spellbinding. Her images are natural, organic and in-the-moment. The milk bath photography consists of vibrant flowers and usually entails flattering lace attire.

Location: West Burleigh, QLD

Style: natural & organic

Photography Services: Maternity, Newborn, Baby, Children, Family, Wedding

Maternity Session Price: $95-215 + see site for extra products

Phone: 0431 576 830

Social: Atomic Butterfly

Contact : Rachel

Founder and primary photographer, Leah Follett, is an accredited AIPP photographer, in her eleventh year of business. Her maternity photography is shot in her warm and comfortable home studio in Labrador. Leah captures the warmth behind every small interaction and produces a beautiful, creative and playful product that you can look back to even when you’re wrinkled and grey. After all, what’s life without a little fun?!

Location: Labrador, QLD

Style: Creative & playful

Photography Services: Maternity, Newborn, Baby, Children, Family, Wedding

Maternity Session Price: Contact on site for prices and products

Phone: 0411 022 610

Social: Follett Photography

Contact : Leah Follett

Contact : Ana Thatcher

Contact : Leanne Handreck

Contact : Mel

Contact : Elaine Harriott

Contact : Tanha Basile

Contact : Rikki Lee

Contact : Connie

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This list of the best maternity photographers in and around the Gold Coast is a great resource from which to draw inspiration and ideas when it comes to your maternity photography experience. 

If you know that you’re definitely interested in employing the services of a photographer to capture the sheer beauty and organic nature of your pregnancy, we encourage you to reach out to one of these incredible industry professionals and gauge their availability. You wouldn’t want to lose out on the maternity photographer of your dreams just because you waited a little too long to send out that email or give them a ring. That’s why we say: Why wait? Reach out to your favorite photographer today so that you have something to look forward to as you continue on with your pregnancy and await that day on which your baby will be brought into the world. We wish you lots of luck and love as you continue along this journey!


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