Photographing your newborn baby is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Your baby is only that little once and you have a very limited time frame to get the photos taken because newborns change almost every day.

The fingers, toes, eyelashes and all other beautiful features will change as each day passes by.

For you to capture such special moments where your tiny little bundle of joy is fresh into the world, curled up and sleeping, you will need to act fast and invest in a professional photographer.

You don’t want to hire someone that will do a shoddy work because you can’t re-do those precious first moments of your baby’s life once they disappear.

Working with a professionally trained newborn photographer is more ideal because she will be able to pay close attention to every little detail right down to the position of your baby’s hands, lips and feet.

Every part of the session and image will be carefully planned so as to ensure the best portraits as possible. Professional photographers are also trained and knowledgeable in holding and posing newborn babies safely.

They make sure that babies are safe, comfortable and all their needs are well taken care of throughout the session.

Furthermore, hiring a professional newborn photographer means access to good equipment, amazing prop collection and presets/editing to enhance the images. So, you are more confident that your baby’s photos will turn out great.

Therefore, finding an experienced and well-trained newborn photographer should be your top most priority if at all you want those stunning images that you and your family will cherish for generations.

Fortunately, we have many talented and very creative photographers here in Melbourne. If you are located in the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, then the following top 10 newborn photographers can help you immortalise your sweet little pumpkin’s first precious moments.


Lyndall Katsoulis Photography

Using natural and studio light, Lyndall’s approach to photography is simple, natural and organic.

Her style and ability to combine theory and hands-on-experience allows her to capture the beauty and purity of newborn which she artistically convey in her portraits.

Location: Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

Style: Simple and Natural

Newborn Session Price: $100 Session fee, $295 Minimum Newborn Session

Contact: 0412 049 431

Contact : Lyndall Katsoulis Photography

Clare Kinsey Photography

Clare Kinsey is a lifestyle photographer who loves to keep things natural and authentic. Her style of photography is simple, unposed and organic. Very limited props are involved.

She relies mainly on her camera, experience, skills and motherly intuition to capture those magical moments that vividly show the essence and beauty of newborns in their most natural state.

Location: Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

Style: Simple and unposed

Newborn Session Price: Collections start at $650

Contact: 0409 413 758

Contact : Clare Kinsey Photography


Jenny Rusby Photography

A very talented and creative photographer, Jenny Rusby strives to present portraits that are natural, honest and real.

She is a lifestyle, documentary and storytelling photographer specialising in maternity, births, newborn and family photography.

If you want to capture all the little details and fleeting moments of your new bundle of joy, she is the real deal.

Location: Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

Style: Soulful

Newborn Session Price: $450 Minimum Session

Contact: Jenny Rusby

Contact : Jenny Rusby Photography


mel lawler photography

Mel’s experience and skills as a photographer are clearly demonstrated through her natural, bold and emotive images.

She photographs newborns who are 5 to 14 days old and offers two different types of sessions.

There is on location photography which incorporates an element of nature and is partly held in her beautiful home studio, and there is a newborn story telling session which takes place in the comfort of your home.

Location: Berwick, Melbourne

Style: Natural and Emotive

Newborn Session Price: Begins at $490

Contact: 0423 711 730 or [email protected]

Contact : Mel Lawler Photography

Danielle Dobson Photography

Taking bold, unposed photos using natural light is what Danielle Dobson loves to do. She strives to immortalise those small but precious moments of newborns life through the lens of her camera.

Danielle’s specialty includes family photography, newborn photography, maternity photography and wedding photography.

Posed photos are not her thing. She focuses on producing real, authentic images.

Location: Mornington Peninsula

Style: Simple and unposed

Newborn Session Price: $400 Session Fee, Package begins at $1,200

Contact: Danielle Dobson

Contact : Danielle Dobson Photography

Emily King Photography

A passion for light and a love for children is what drove Emily King into the world of newborn photography.

Using her natural light studio based in the Bayside of Melbourne, Emily brings light, love and grace into all her newborn photo shoots delivering nothing else but exceptional portraits.

She is a passionate and dedicated photographer focusing on maternity, newborn and family photography.

Location: Bayside, Melbourne

Style: Organic and pure

Newborn Session Price: $1000 to $3000

Contact: Emily King

Contact : Emily King Photography

Emma Gillette Photography

With a relaxed, natural photographic style, Emma shoots all the candid moments of newborns exactly as they happen. She is a very committed and patient photographer, and will do all it takes to capture that special moment that truly reveal the essence of those precious little angels.

As one of the few eco-friendly photographers in Australia, Emma loves to include an element of nature in all her works. Part of her package includes a customized frame made from reclaimed timber.

Location: Frankston, Victoria

Style: Simple and classic

Newborn Session Price: Contact 0407 514 227 for Prices and Packages

Contact : Emma Gillette Photography

As a lifestyle photographer, Venessa endeavours to capture authentic images of newborn babies. She started her photography business back in 2011, she has taken pictures of countless babies and families. Her sessions are very calm and relaxed taking around one to two hours.

Location: Mornington, Victoria

Style: Natural and relaxed

Newborn Session Price: $150 Session Fee, Digital Package Starts at $900

Contact: 0408 028 032

Contact : Venessa Norris Photography

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