Nothing can approach the sheer joy and magnetism of baby photography. Most photography serves the function of preserving memories so that we can recall our favorite moments from the past, but baby photography preserves moments that will be immediately forgotten by the subject of the photo. So children looking back on their infancy will be pleased to know that they were captured in their earliest state of life, making an otherwise forgotten piece of childhood fully accessible to all.

To help you achieve this goal, we’ve assembled together this list of the top ten baby photographers in and around Hobart! With this list as a resource from which to draw inspiration, you can choose between the very best professionals in your local area, all well equipped with state of the art technological photography equipment as well as a personality uniquely dedicated to helping you get the perfect photos of your special little one.

Rebecca Coverdale Photography is one of the most sought after baby photography providers based out of the greater Hobart metropolitan area. Packages with Rebecca Coverdale Photography begin at $350, with a variety of special options for maternity and cake smash sessions in addition to the baby photography services offered. The “Bronze Package” is the most basic package, for $350, entitling clients to 10 printed images as well as digital files. The “Silver Package” costs $450 and entitles clients to 15 printed images and digital files. The “Gold Package” is $550 and comes with 20 printed images, and all edited images on a crystal USB in a specialized presentation box. An option is also available for clients looking only for digital images, with each individual file for purchase at $35 per photo or a complete session for $450.

Phone: 0423 246 644

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Contact : Rebecca Coverdale

When it comes to providing local parents with the ability to preserve memories of their baby in an artistic format, Murphy Photography is a must-stop baby photography company for just that very purpose. Bookings for portraits with Murphy Photography begin with a $150 booking fee. Images are received through an online gallery with the option to download images as well as the option to purchase a USB in a wooden keepsake box. The turnaround on photographs with Murphy Photography is typically 21 days, with a rush fee of $99 available for clients looking for a faster delivery date. It is recommended that appointments be booked in advance, especially in the summer, but appointments can often be accommodated without too much short notice, making the services with Murphy Photography particularly amenable to clients in a rush.

Phone: 0417 559 504

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Contact : Mel Murphy

Siida Photography is a baby photography company based out of Hobart, perfect for parents hoping to capture their infant before they grow up. Siida Photography is the brainchild of Laura, a lifestyle and portrait photographer who captures babies in a natural light studio. Prices for photography with Siida Photography begin at $515, with a style that is “relaxed and fun,” focused on making permanent memories without those forced, inorganic moments of posed “fun.” Instead, Laura with Siida Photography tries to capture candid moments of actual joy and energy, making for photos that will be just as fun to take as they will be to look back upon with nostalgia. 

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Contact : Laura

Look no further than Baby Joy Art for baby photography that speaks to the individual style of clients as well as the unique personality of the baby. A variety of art products are available for purchase with Baby Joy Art in addition to the devoted photography services on offer. Art products with Baby Joy Art begin at $600, digital negatives start at $600, and pre-made collections start at $900. The experience with Baby Joy Art begins in the online store available on the website to purchase a “Joy Art Experience Voucher,” continues with a consultation to assess specific needs for the artwork, and leads to the day of the photo shoot. Seven days after the photo session, Baby Joy Art will send a booking for a design & purchasing session to see the best images from the session and to decide which images to move forward with for the eventual artwork. After 2-3 weeks, all of the art products requested and purchased will be available for pickup.

Phone: 0411 401 052

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Contact : Shan

Nothing can rival the incredible services of Joelle Beekman Photography, a Hobart-based baby photography outlet. With a dedicated track record of excellence, whether in the field of wedding photography, newborn photography, or family photography, Joelle Beekman Photography is a Hobart go-to for all forms of intimate portraits. Newborn photography packages with Joelle Beekman Photography begin at $550, a price which entitles clients to a 1-1.5 hour session resulting in 25+ high quality edited images delivered on a USB flash drive and in a private online gallery; these sessions can occur in the home of the family. Newborn photography and family photography combination packages are also available starting at $650, a price entitling clients to a 1.5-2 hour session with 80+ high quality edited images. Additional services offered by Joelle Beekman Photography are maternity photo shoots and a family collection package that includes a maternity session, a newborn session, and a family session.

Phone: 0430 571 075

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Contact : Joelle Beekman

Zanzo Portraits is one of the most highly regarded baby photographers in and around Hobart, providing bespoke services to parents based in the local area. With Zanzo Portraits, shoots typically take 1.5 hours, or two hours for newborn babies. The studio with Zanzo Portraits can hold about 20 people, so the entire family can come along if that is desired, but for baby photography services, only the baby and a loving parent is necessary in the studio. A variety of packages are available for booking with Zanzo Portraits, with planning appointments available for booking in order to assess which package will be the best fit for clients; this depends on whether clients are looking for a simple package of digital images for perusal or are in the market for wall art that will bring back memories of this photo shoot for years to come.

Phone: 03 6223 1155

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Contact : Dean Zanzo

For baby photography that keeps a living record of the most photogenic moments of early childhood, check out Eternal Memories Photography in Hobart. The most popular package with Eternal Memories Photography is a “Maternity and Newborn Package” for $1200, which comes with a maternity photo session, a newborn photo session, a canvas wall art, and 30 high resolution images delivered via a USB flash drive and in a private online gallery. Standalone prices for baby photography start at $450, which entitles clients to a preparation guide, three hours of photography services, a variety of props, backdrops, outfits, and wraps for the baby, and up to 20 high resolution digital images delivered through an online gallery. 

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Contact : Setina

KAPture LIFE Photography is one of the most skilled baby photography companies in and around the greater Hobart metropolitan area. As the owners of KAPture LIFE Photography write, “A newborn session is centered around capturing…beauty and newness,” and there is nothing newer than a newborn baby, wrestling around in all their snuggly glory. To capture newborns in that perfect innocent state, KAPture LIFE Photography is a must-stop service for Hobart-local parents. With a list of previous clients that demonstrates a practiced expertise in the craft of baby photography, and a list of testimonials that shows a clear professionalism and passion for the craft, KAPture LIFE Photography is an ideal choice for Hobart-based baby photography services.

Phone: 0419 508 458

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Contact : Kathryn Arkley

When evaluating baby photographers in the greater Hobart metropolitan area, Pineapple Patch Image Hobart stands apart from the rest. This baby photography company is owned and operated by Hill, who has been accredited by the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers and who has collected a vast array of props and setups for photography services. Clients are entitled to use of complimentary accessories, props, fabrics, maternity gowns, and clothing for babies; clients can also bring in their own props and clothing to make for a truly personal photographic experience with Pineapple Patch Image Hobart.

Phone: 0416 917 567

Social: Pineapple Patch Image Hobart

Contact : Hill and Winnie

Contact : Louise Zoko

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We hope that you have enjoyed getting to read through this list of the very best baby photographers in the greater Hobart metropolitan area! If there were any professional photography outlets on this list that particularly struck your fancy, we hope that you take the time to reach out and establish a line of communication. After all, appointments tend to book up pretty fast and you wouldn’t want to miss out on capturing your new baby at the perfect time to get that snuggly, snoozy, yawny look and feel to the resulting photographs. So with all that said, we wish you all of the luck in the world as you go about securing the services of one of these tried and true professional photographers!

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