Top 10 Baby Photographers in Sydney

Photographs not only serve as physical reminders of the precious moments in our lives, but also as emotional reminders. With that said, most would agree that having a baby is one of these precious moments, which must be captured and savoured by professional photographers, and not just anyone. Below, you’ll find a list of expert Baby photographers in Sydney; select the one that’s right for you and capture those priceless moments!

From the second your little baby arrives in your arms, you want to pause that moment forever. Thanks to Linda G Photography, you can capture these fleeting moments and cherish them forever. From newborn sessions to sitting up, Linda has experience with babies of all ages. This mum is a baby-led photographer, which means your baby is her boss. This award-winning photographer will work with you; a session can range in hours depending on your little one. Take all the time you need to change, feed, or cuddle your bundle of joy at her stunning home studio. Feel free to use the various flowers, blankets, stuffies, and more — all in an assortment of colours.

Phone: 0414 183 980

Social: Linda G Photography

Contact : Linda

Melody, the creative force behind Aido Photography, believes in freezing moments to cherish forever. With a passion for storytelling, she captures the essence of family life with natural ease. From the tiniest fingers to the joyful laughter, Melody’s lens immortalises the journey of parenthood. Traversing the globe and earning accolades as a top wedding photographer, Melody’s heart remains rooted in the heartfelt messages of her clients. Aido Photography is more than just a name; it’s a testament to the love for her two daughters and the artistry that flows through every frame.

Address: Sydney, NSW

Phone: 0422 797 886

Social: Aido Photography

Contact : Melody Chen

Samantha Bryce Photography specialises in everything BABY! Making you feel at home in the comfort of her West Hoxton Studio; you will have all the creature comforts of home while you watch your little have the time of their life as they have their beautiful little personalities captured forever in photographic memories. Getting the “real” smiles is what it’s all about.

Phone: 0419 017 176

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Contact : Samantha Bryce

When looking for baby photographers in Sydney, you have to trust they are talented professionals who care. Elle, a mother of two, not only has years of trained experience, but she will care for your lovable babies as though they were her own! She knows how important this photo session is to you and promises to capture the precious moments you desire. A range of packages is available, from newborn or milestone to cake smashing. The welcoming studio is minutes from Parramatta, and you can enjoy full use of props, outfits, bonnets, and more. Enjoy high-resolution images via digital download or USB from First Moments Photography. Other fine art photography products are also available.

Phone: 0468 466 555

Social: First Moments Photography

Milestone Session for 6-9 month babies


Contact : Elle

Time stands still with Howe Studios’ children’s photography, freezing candid moments of joy, playfulness, and sibling bonds. Natalie Howe, an acclaimed photographer, immortalises the distinctive characters of your children. Create lasting mementos of their innocence, from spontaneous play to posed portraits. Natalie’s extensive experience and award-winning talent ensure a treasured album capturing the essence of childhood. From playful antics to loving interactions, preserve the beauty and uniqueness of your children with Howe Studios.

Phone: 0407 014 118

Social: Howe Studios

Contact : Natalie Howe

When it comes to baby photography, Bree Hulme Photography stands out for her simplistic, minimalist approach, capturing beauty in natural moments that resonate deeply.

Bree’s approach to baby portraiture focuses on the simplicity and beauty of natural laughs and smiles, love, light, and the emotional connections within your family. Eschewing elaborate setups, Bree’s images highlight your baby’s unique essence and the moments that shape your family. Each photo is characterised by gentle, fresh tones and luxurious textures that are timeless in their beauty. With an eye for capturing the precious details of your baby at every age.

Bree Hulme Photography offers simplicity, beauty and natural interactions, where every frame captures your beautiful family, your journey, your connection, your love.

Simple, beautiful, natural.

Address: Cromer, NSW

Phone: 0423 707 835

Social: Bree Hulme Photography

Baby Portrait Session & Moments Collection


Baby Portrait Session & Memories Collection


Newborn Baby Portrait Session & Moments Collection


Newborn Baby Portrait Session & Memories Collection


Contact : Bree Hulme

Meet the heart and soul behind the lens at one of Sydney’s most beloved baby photography businesses, Sarah Mei Photography. Specialising in maternity, newborn, and family photography across the Greater Sydney Region, Sarah Mei captures the essence of each family with her unique approach. Shunning forced smiles and awkward poses, she focuses on the genuine, in-between moments, using natural light to illuminate every day into the extraordinary. Sarah’s dedication extends beyond the camera; she offers a curated client wardrobe to ease the stress of session prep. Her aim is to craft galleries that families will treasure, making her service not just a session, but a cherished experience. With a passion for creating artistic, timeless images, Sarah Mei Photography stands out as a top choice for capturing life’s most precious moments.

Social: Sarah Mei Photography

Contact : Sarah Mei Marshall

Discover the artistry and passion that define the Sydney-based studio led by Marie Ramos, a photographer and mother whose life’s work is capturing the fleeting moments of infancy and early childhood. Since 2007, Marie has dedicated herself to creating not just photographs but timeless keepsakes with her unique Baby Imprint products. Her studio offers a special blend of photography and handmade ceramic tiles, all designed to celebrate your baby’s early years. With a focus on creating lasting memories, Marie and her team ensure that every piece, from studio portraits to custom box-framed ceramic tiles, is a testament to the love and care families share. This dedication makes Marie Ramos’ studio a standout choice for parents seeking to immortalise the precious moments of their children’s lives.

Phone: 02 9418 8703

Social: Marie Ramos Photography

Contact : Marie Ramos

At Blossom Brook Studio, you can get utmost transparency and excellent results, all together. They work without any hidden charges and keep your informed about their plans every step of the way. With a professional and customer friendly team, you can enjoy modern and vintage-style photographs, whatever you desire. They ensure the safety and well-being of your baby and aim to deliver the highest standards of hygiene during the shoot. 

Phone: 0401 683 131

Social: Blossom Brook Studio

Contact : Sabrina Sun

Apolonia Photographie Studio is a Sydney-based baby photography company. Patience is the name of the game when it comes to baby photography, and the photographers on staff at this excellent photography company understand and value the crucial importance of patience in the process of securing photos of small children. Baby photography is no small feat, which is why it is all the more impressive that Apolonia Photographie Studio can so effortlessly and effectively rally babies for photo shoots that express and evoke the natural beauty, innocence, and transience of youth. For baby photography services delivered to the highest standard of excellence, check out Apolonia Photographie Studio for any and all baby photography needs in and around Sydney.

Phone: 0457 306 406

Social: Apolonia Photographie Studio

Contact : Marie Hardman

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Professional baby photographers are extremely skilled when it comes to babies. Their top priority is their safety and they plan to be extra gentle and this is why hiring them is a good decision. Not only do you get your baby’s picture taken but some of them even frame it for you whereas some provide you with a complete bundle of albums as a keepsake. So put your mind at ease and hire these baby photographers today! 

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