Top 10 Christening Photographers in Sydney

Stavros & Dragana, a dynamic duo in Sydney, share a passion for capturing life’s beautiful moments. At Wizard Art Photography, they weave stories through their lens, specialising in christening, wedding, maternity, baby, family, and event photography. With a blend of creativity, authenticity, and emotion, they craft imagery that stands the test of time. Their love for exploration drives them to seek out new places and fascinating people, ensuring every moment is beautifully captured and cherished for a lifetime. Trust Wizard Art Photography to evoke emotions and leave a lasting impression with their narrative power through photography.

Address: Blacktown, NSW 2148

Phone: 0413 928 077

Social: Wizard Art Photography

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Contact : Dragana Zakis

Discover the art of capturing precious moments with Fuss Photography & Film, Sydney’s premier Christening Photographers. Led by the talented Tass Voulalis, our team specializes in creating lasting memories for your family through high-quality photography and videography services. With a keen eye for detail, we capture genuine and candid moments, from tender interactions to joyous expressions. Our professionalism extends to comprehensive coverage of the ceremony, stunning portraits, and artistic compositions. Elevate your Christening memories with our cinematic videography, ensuring a comprehensive collection of moments to revisit. Trust Fuss Photography for exclusive wedding, christening, portrait, and commercial photography, providing exceptional service both in our studio and on location Sydney, across Australia, and overseas.

Address: Sydney, NSW

Phone: 0402 327 355

Social: Fuss Photography

Contact : Tass

Meet Euphoria Photography, a Sydney-based team dedicated to capturing the special and unique moments of Christenings and Baptisms. With a passion for storytelling through their lens, they understand the significance of these cherished events in your family’s life. Euphoria Photography prides itself on delivering natural and unposed photographs that reflect the genuine emotions shared with family and friends. Committed to building a good relationship with their clients, they ensure a friendly and polite approach, creating an atmosphere where clients feel at ease and look amazing in their photographs. With a fine art philosophy, Euphoria Photography crafts magical storylines for each client, documenting fleeting moments and preserving memories for future generations. Their easy-going, creative, and fun style, coupled with competitive pricing, makes them an excellent choice for capturing your family’s joyous moments.

Address: Bexley, NSW

Phone: 0405 220 933

Social: Euphoria Photography

Contact : Euphoria Photography Team

Introducing La Lente Photography, led by the skilled freelance photographer Paul D’Ambra in Sydney. A departure from clichés, Paul’s story is one of transformation – from battling anxiety and depression to pursuing his passion for photography. Specializing in a natural and candid style, La Lente offers professional services in Christening Photography, Family Events, Business, Cars, and Corporate Events. Paul’s journey, rooted in a teenage hobby, has evolved into a business capturing moments at events, motorsports, and for local businesses. Embrace a unique and genuine approach to photography with La Lente, where every click tells a story, and every image reflects Paul’s dedication to his craft.

Address: Maroubra, NSW

Phone: 0414 442 440

Social: La Lente Photography

Contact : Paul D’Ambra

Meet Anna Murray, the creative force behind Anna Murray Photography in Sydney. Originally from the Crimean peninsula, Anna’s childhood experiences with her reporter mother ignited her passion for photography. After studying in the US, she settled in Kiev, where her skills flourished. Now residing in Sydney for the past seven years, Anna has captured countless life events, from proposals to christenings, across the city. Her amazing journey has led to lasting connections with families, turning clients into friends. Anna’s photography reflects her gratitude to her supportive family, who inspire and critique her work. With a unique blend of international experiences, Anna Murray Photography brings a personal touch to every cherished moment.

Address: Randwick, NSW

Phone: 0447 267 089

Social: Anna Murray Photography

Contact : Anna

Sevenish Photography, led by the passionate Sarah, is your go-to choice for capturing the precious moments of your little one’s christening in Sydney. Fueled by coffee and inspired by a childhood on Canada’s west coast, Sarah brings a unique touch to her photography. With a family of four in Sydney, including two young boys, she understands the significance of preserving memories. Sevenish Photography offers a luxury photography experience, ensuring authentic, beautiful, and timeless portraits that become cherished family heirlooms. Sarah’s dedication to capturing the essence of childhood joy makes Sevenish Photography the perfect choice for your christening memories, creating treasures to be cherished for generations.

Address: Sydney, NSW

Social: Sevenish Photography

Contact : Sarah

My Eye Photography, led by the talented Nicolle and her dedicated team, specializes in capturing the joyous moments that mark life’s significant milestones. Based in Concord, they excel in Christening Photography in Sydney and surrounding areas. With over 10 years of experience, Nicolle’s journey from a photography diploma to working with industry leaders has shaped the success of My Eye Photography. The team, comprising Maria, Hendra, and Christine, possesses a keen eye for detail and excels in both adult and child photography. Offering professional services in both photography and videography, My Eye Photography ensures that your child’s baptism or christening is documented with precision and care. Contact them to turn your cherished moments into timeless memories.

Address: Concord, NSW

Phone: 0431 765 458

Social: My Eye Photography

Contact : Nicolle

Ozphotovideo Studio, founded by a talented group of professional photographers and videographers in Sydney, specializes in transforming special occasions into lasting memories. With a focus on weddings, they extend their expertise to birthdays, christenings, and various special events. The team at Ozphotovideo Studio, comprising both male and female photographers, combines top-notch equipment with exceptional shooting skills to ensure that every moment is not just memorable but enchanting. Offering customized packages to suit individual tastes and styles, they capture the essence of your family’s joyous moments, turning them into cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

Address: 19/244 Horsley Rd, Milperra NSW 2214

Phone: 0406 544 158

Social: Ozphotovideo Studio

Contact : Ozphotovideo Studio Team

Blossom Brook Studio, based in Sydney, is your go-to destination for capturing the essence of your baby’s most significant milestones – christening, baptism, and the first birthday. Specializing in professional and candid photography, their expert team ensures your precious memories are preserved for years to come. Offering a comprehensive Christening Photoshoot Plan, they cover every moment from getting ready at home to the church ceremony and reception. The creation of fine art photography is their forte, revealing the shape of your love as babies enter your life. Located in North Ryde, Sydney, Blossom Brook Studio provides a warm and welcoming space designed for families, making your photoshoot experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Address: North Ryde, NSW

Phone: 0401 683 131

Social: Blossom Brook Studio

Contact : Blossom Brook Studio Team

Valent Lau Photography, based in Sydney, is your trusted partner in preserving the essence of your cherished moments through professional photography and video services. Specializing in a range of celebrations, including birthdays, christenings, baptisms, bar or bat mitzvahs, and graduations, Valent Lau Photography captures the unique atmosphere and intricate details that make each event special. Led by Valent, a passionate photographer, the team focuses on genuine moments, steering away from staged perfection. The mission is to tell your story authentically, creating images that amateur photographers can’t replicate. Choose Valent Lau Photography for a relaxed and real approach to celebrate your life’s precious milestones.

Address: Sydney, NSW

Phone: 0434 194 202

Social: Valent Lau Photography

Contact : Valent Lau

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