9 Best Baby Photographers in Adelaide

A professional baby photographer has the all-important job of beautifully capturing precious moments of time in a baby’s life. From newborns quietly napping to babies celebrating special milestones in their life, every minute seems to hold a new expression and discovery that should be treasured.

To preserve all of those special memories before they are gone, choose a trusted name in the industry to handle each baby with absolute care, but also provide incredible photos that will be cherished forever.

For nearly 20 years, the professional team at Impressions Photography Studio have been capturing all of the wonderful moments in a newborn’s and baby’s life. Having photographed hundreds of babies to celebrate all of their milestones, everyone is sure to get the best service at all times.

With an aim to provide total price transparency, all of their clients can rest assured that there are no hidden fees for their exceptional service. With a large and comfortable open plan studio, everyone can feel relaxed and at home before their session.

Prices: Packages from $475. Check out more pricing details here.

Address: Medindie, SA

Phone: 08 8410 8388

Social: Impressions Photography Studio

Contact : Impressions Photography Studio

With experience photographing newborns and babies for over 10 years, Melissa has the patience and expertise to handle babies with utmost care. With multiple awards for her quality and style, it’s no wonder she is a popular name for family photography.

Capturing all of those precious fleeting moments for a family is what she enjoys most and seeing happy faces when the final prints are revealed is truly a satisfying result.

Prices: Sessions $200, Packages customisable. Check out more pricing details here.

Address: Mawson Lakes, SA

Phone: 0414 893 056

Social: Melissa Alagich Photography

Contact : Melissa Alagich Photography

An international multi award-winning photographer, Jennifer White is known for using light, colour, and texture to beautifully enhance all of her client’s photos.

With experience safely handling hundreds of newborns and babies, everyone will rest assured their children are in good hands. With an extensive prop collection for photography sessions, every photo can be beautifully tailored to suit everyone’s individual style.

Prices: Packages from $495. Check out more pricing details here.

Address: Happy Valley, SA

Phone: 0413 373 058

Social: Jennifer White Photography

Contact : Jennifer White Photography

Step into the world of cherished moments with Sonia Lee Photography, a beacon of expertise in baby, newborn, and maternity photography in Adelaide, South Australia. Renowned as one of Adelaide’s esteemed top 10 baby and newborn photographers, Sonia brings over two decades of mastery to every session. Her inviting studio in Flinders Park is a haven where calm and relaxation define each photographic experience, ensuring an atmosphere where every family member feels at ease. Sonia’s artistry lies in creating simple yet exquisite portraits, capturing the essence of timeless beauty that you’ll proudly display in your home, treasuring those precious moments for a lifetime. With over 20 years of honed skills, Sonia’s attention to detail ensures portraits that evoke emotions and celebrate the beauty of infancy and new beginnings.

Address: Flinders Park, SA

Phone: 0418 806 972

Social: Sonia Lee Photography

Contact : Sonia Lee

For the past several years, Kate has been photographing newborns and babies in a natural minimalist way. Giving centre stage to all of those beautiful rolls, grins, and sleepy looks, she aims to capture each moment in the most natural way possible.

Keeping sessions simple and pure, she provides clients with the style and expertise of a professional master photographer who has won several awards in her quality and style.

Prices: Packages customisable. Check out more pricing details here.

Address: Torrens Park, SA

Phone: 0419 809 570

Social: Kate & Co

Contact : Kate & Co Family Photographers

Specialising in newborn and baby photography, Lisa of Adelaide Newborn Photography is a professional photographer who has trained under some of the top names in the business and worked with babies for the past 10 years.

Always learning the best practices to pose and handle newborns, she has a valid Caring for Kids first aid certificate and ensures she is always fully immunised to keep everyone safe.

Prices: Packages from $695. Check out more pricing details here.

Address: Adelaide, SA

Phone: 0401 861 886

Social: Adelaide Newborn Photography

Contact : Lisa

For the past 10 years, Agata Ferrante has built a name and reputation for stunning natural organic photography styles that beautifully highlight a baby’s individual personality.

The award-winning professional photographer has a bright and relaxing bohemian-style studio to make everyone comfortable for their session. Also, a practicing registered nurse, parents will rest assured to know their children are handled with utmost care.

Package Prices: Packages from $500. Check out more pricing details here.

Address: Parkside, SA

Phone: 0423 384 962

Social: Agata's Photography

Contact : Agata Ferrante

For over 9 years, Janet has been photographing beautiful moments in a family’s life, from sleepy newborns to smiling babies, she loves every moment capturing all those cuties.

Fully accredited and wit experience working with hundreds of babies, every clients is sure to be in great hands. Knowing how to pose and setup the perfect shot, Janet also provides lots of props to help enhance the look and style of the photos.

Package Prices: Packages from $295. Check out more pricing details here.

Address: Mawson Lakes, SA

Phone: 0423 026 060

Social: Adelaide Baby Photos

Contact : Janet Coelho

With well over 12 years of experience photographing babies and newborns, the team at Cocoon Photography Studio know exactly what it takes to get those truly adorable shots.

With backgrounds in childcare and being a mum to two children, Anita and Tracy have the skills and experience to perfectly pose newborns and get babies to have fun during their sessions.

Prices: Packages from $590. Check out more pricing details here.

Address: Adelaide, SA

Phone: 0407 606 875

Social: Cocoon Photography Studio

Contact : Anita

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From the moment they are born, babies change and develop so quickly, that each passing day quickly becomes a fleeting memory that you wish you can keep forever. By trusting a professional baby photographer to capture some of these precious times, you can hold on to these memories and happily look back on them for many years to come.

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