Congratulations on your upcoming addition to your family! A baby will bring plenty of joy and happiness into your life, especially if you had difficulty getting pregnant or have dreamed about being a mother your entire life. Each new and exciting adventure you go through as a family deserves to be documented in breathtaking photos that showcase your love for each other. 

Hiring a professional birth photographer may make you uncomfortable, but when your birth comes, have full trust in your photographer to only capture what you deem crucial. Check out this list of the top five birth photographers in Gold Coast, QLD, to get started on your search!

Started by Tiarne Carney,  Tiarne Carney Photography specialises in motherhood, birth, and family photography. A passionate photographer, Tiarne enjoys every aspect of her job while assisting clients to achieve stunning photos. A mother herself, Tiarne realises the importance of capturing each fleeting moment of your birth. She works diligently to earn your trust, so you feel comfortable with her presence in the delivery room. Tiarne Carney Photography offers various packages to suit your needs – whether needing birth, family, maternity, newborn photography, or a combination of each. 

Social Media: Tiarne Carney Photography

Style: Emotive, Natural, and Honest

Address: Gold Coast, QLD

Price: $1,850

Contact : Tiarne

Laura Brink, the creative owner of Rewild Her Birth Photography + Film, specialises in birth and motherhood photography and videography. She strives to capture the power and natural beauty of giving birth while remaining behind the scenes. Describing herself as passionate and nurturing, Laura pledges to capture everything you’re comfortable with during your childbirth. Rewild Her Birth Photography + Film offers two packages for your birth story. Whether needing photography, videography, or both, Laura has you covered! A Popular option for expectant mothers, the Heirloom Birth package includes on-call service, friendly support, meetings, full photography and videography coverage, a birth story video, 100+ images in an online gallery, and more.

Social Media: Rewild Her Birth Photography + Film

Style: Authentic, Emotive, Natural, and Timeless

Address: Gold Coast, QLD

Phone: 0447 350 049

Price: $1,900 – $2,400

Contact : Laura

Mel Dixon, the lifestyle photographer behind the lens at  Mel Dixon Photography, specialises in newborn, family, and maternity photography. She strives to create candid images that showcase the love and connection between families. Describing herself as calm and friendly, Mel ensures a comfortable session that’s completely unobtrusive. Mel Dixon Photography offers stunning photography for Fresh 48 sessions, including hospital or in-home coverage, one and a half hours of coverage, ten digital images, ten 5×7 prints, and optional upgrades. 

Social Media: Mel Dixon Photography

Style: Candid, Friendly, and Timeless

Address: Gold Coast, QLD 4210

Price: $480

Contact : Mel

Leila Stead, the owner of We are Lé Mama Photography, describes herself as a passionate photographer with a keen eye for capturing heartfelt moments. She strives to create photos that speak to you with her creative and whimsical editing style. Leila wants every mother to feel beautiful in photographs, especially during birth. We are Le Mama Photography offers a Birth Suite collection that includes a 45-minute consultation, home or hospital birth, ten hours of coverage, timely editing, sixty digital images, and more. 

Social Media: We are Lé Mama Photography

Style: Timeless, Whimsical, and Emotive 

Address: Gold Coast, QLD

Price: $1600

Contact : Leila

A Registered Nurse, Alannah, of Alannah Morton Photography, found her passion for birth photography when her children came into the world. She strives for excellence with every photograph. Capturing a moment in time can be a powerful experience, especially with something as remarkable as giving birth. Specialising in childbirth, family, and Fresh 48 sessions, Alannah utilises her talent for simplistic images to provide stunning finished results. Alannah Morton Photography Kindred Collection includes options for birth, breastfeeding, and Fresh 48 sessions.

Social Media: Alannah Morton Photography

Style: Simplistic, Natural, Emotive 

Address: Gold Coast

Price: $2,200

Contact : Alannah

Ezra and Melissa, the creative husband/wife team with Tupou Photography, have six years of experience in the industry. Melissa decided to specialise in birth photography after having her births photographed. This Queensland birth photographer believes in the importance of capturing each fleeting moment of your childbirth to provide lifelong memories. Describing herself as a storyteller, Melissa captures as much or as little of your childbirth as possible. Melissa and Ezra strive to ensure a comfortable experience on such a momentous day in your life. 

Social Media: Tupou Photography – Instagram

Style: Honest, Unfiltered, and Natural

Address: Coomera QLD 4209

Phone: 0412 797 063

Price: $1,200+

Contact : Melissa

Since finding a newfound passion for birth photography,  Liz Williams has become a go-to choice for Doula services and birth photography in Gold Coast. Offering a friendly service filled with compassion and support, Liz strives to ensure your comfort. Liz offers a base package that can be completely customised to suit your needs. Whether needing a doula, birth photography, or both, Liz invites you to contact her to learn more about her services and set up a meeting to get to know each other. 

Social Media: Liz Williams

Style: Natural

Address: Gold Coast

Phone: 0431 630 451

Price: Contact for a quote

Contact : Liz

Leah Rix, the creative mind behind Ahava Birth, offers birth photography, hypnobirthing, and doula services to expectant mothers in the Gold Coast region. Leah has a knack for remaining unobtrusive while capturing stunning photos of your birth. It will seem as though she isn’t even there! She designed her business to help every woman through childbirth – whether needing a doula, photography, or just someone to talk to. Leah believes in the importance of snapping photos that allow you to travel back in time. Enjoy a friendly and trustworthy service when choosing Leah with Ahava Birth.

Social Media: Ahava Birth

Style: Emotive and Natural

Phone: 0419 297 076

Address: Gold Coast, QLD

Price: Contact for a quote

Contact : Leah

Opened by Rebecca Mitchell after moving to the Gold Coast in 2016, Just Rebecca Photography specialises in birth, maternity, family, wedding, and cake smash photography. Rebecca has twelve years of experience in the photography industry. She stays up-to-date on the latest photography trends to provide a memorable experience for all. Rebecca decided to pursue birth photography after looking back on her births and realising she doesn’t have any photos. Her modern style and stunning images are sure to impress!

Social Media: Just Rebecca Photography

Style: Emotive, Natural, and Modern

Address: Gold Coast, QLD

Phone: 0401 111 750

Price: Contact for a quote

Contact : Rebecca

Rianna Cross, the owner of  Birthspoke Imagery + Film, specialises in birth and motherhood photography. She’s passionate about capturing each special moment of your birth – from the first skin-to-skin contact to cutting the umbilical cord. Rianna sees the beauty in childbirth and translates it into breathtaking images to treasure forever. Offering three packages – The Deluxe Motherhood Story, Your Birthspoke, and The Sweet & Simple, you’re sure to find the perfect option. A popular package for expectant mothers, the Deluxe Motherhood Story includes a meet and greet, on-call service from 37 weeks, photography, videography, 100+ professionally edited photos, a birth film, and more.

Social Media: Birthspoke Imagery + Film 

Style: Emotive, Artistic, and Natural

Address: Gold Coast, QLD

Phone: 0426 161 404

Price: Starting at $1,850

Contact : Rianna

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Whether having your first child, or one of many, You must be feeling thrilled to start this exciting journey. A professional birth photographer can capture all of your emotions into gorgeous photographs. Everything happens quickly after giving birth, so seizing the first time you hold your newborn, that first feeding, and even the first bath will allow you to look back on that day with pride and joy for the remarkable child you brought into the world. Allowing an extra person into the delivery room doesn’t have to be an overwhelming experience with one of the astounding birth photographers in Gold Coast listed above.

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