Top 10 Cake Smash Photographers in Canberra

As you watch your little one start exploring the world one tiny step or crawl at a time, you can’t help but want to treasure these wonderful moments for years to come.

Who wouldn’t want to look back at those beautiful little rosy cheeks as your precious baby smiles with joy? And what better way to capture their joy if not as they’re enjoying a super fun cake smash and getting covered in yummy goodness on their birthday?

Because it’s no secret that cake smash photography is worth trying out with your little treasure, here are the top 10 cake smash photographers in Canberra:

Delivering high-resolution photos through a light photography style, Mel Hill Photography is an accredited photographer that can make your baby’s birthday special through a cake smash photography experience.

They operate in a beautiful natural light studio, where your little one can have all the fun smashing their yummy cake. Beyond this, their cake smash session includes individual baby photos, family portraits, as well as pictures in an adorable little bathtub once your baby has had a go at smashing the cake!

Phone: 0422 285 313

Social: Mel Hill Photography

Contact : Mel Hill

At Moments Photography Canberra, Janet is a fully accredited photographer who has won several awards and is passionate about watching families grow. She specialises in all family photography, as well as cake smash photography.

As a trustworthy photographer who is professional, flexible, and offers an intimate studio for her shoots, Janet can turn your cake smash dreams true. And, as a mother of two, there’s no doubt that this photographer can get your baby to have the best birthday experience!

Phone: 0427 369 115

Social: Moments Photography Canberra

Contact : Janet

Codie Murray is a family photographer who is accredited and highly experienced when it comes to working with little ones, offering sessions that are nothing but fun & relaxed.

She provides a tailor-made experience that suits your style, as well as props and outfits to make the most out of your fun-packed shoot. Her cake smash packages are all inclusive, including cakes, balloons & bubble baths, and, as a mom, she knows how to steal your little treasure’s most infectious grins!

Phone: 0421 354 268

Social: Codie Murray Photography

Contact : Codie Murray

As an accredited photographer specializing in all kinds of family photography, My Precious Moments Photography is a trustworthy choice for your baby’s special day. As an accredited photographer with its custom studio designed to make the most out of any shoot, this choice will deliver above and beyond your cake smash expectations.

With considerable experience, delightful props to choose from, and high-end equipment to capture the smallest details, this photographer will help you celebrate your baby’s birthday with fun & style!

Phone: 0413 204 142

Social: My Precious Moments Photography

Contact : My Precious Moments Photography Team

As another one of our top 10 cake smash photographers in Canberra, Jill at LoJo Photography delivers an experience that is fun, feels comfortable, and captures the most beautiful memories. She is accredited and specialises in newborn and child photography, such as the exciting cake smash experience.

She operates out of her professional home studio, and provides various backdrops, props, and outfits to make your little one feel best and have fun on their special birthday!

Phone: 0404 887 297

Social: LoJo Photography

Contact : Jill Dolby

At Xi Photography, Xixi is an accredited professional photographer of many years’ experience who specialises in family photography, as well as cake smash sessions for your baby. She provides sessions either outdoors or in her custom studio and is great at working with little ones.

Offering backdrops, props, as well as a water or milk bath once your little treasure has finished having fun with the cake, Xixi delivers high-resolution photographs that will make you remember your baby’s special day forever.

Social: By Xi Photography

Contact : Xixi

Hayley is a specialist when it comes to family photography. She is highly experienced, accredited, and passionate about capturing the most natural and special of moments.

Offering sessions either outdoors or in her homely custom studio, and providing an amazing tailor-made service, Hayley Carberry Photography will exceed your cake smash expectations.

And, thanks to a choice of backdrops, props, alongside an excellent attention to detail, your little one’s special cake smash birthday experience will be captured in all its glory!

Phone: 0414 768 146

Social: Hayley Carberry Photography

Contact : Hayley Carberry

Kirative Images is a multi-award winning photographer that is highly trusted with newborn & child photography, such as cake smash sessions. Offering professional images taken on high-end equipment and in a safe & comfortable environment, this choice is one of the best when it comes to cake smash photography in Canberra.

They provide over 30 themes, a cake, theme-matched outfits, as well as a fun water or milk bubble bath to bring you baby’s birthday that special & exciting feel!

Phone: 0439 911 032

Social: Kirative Images

Contact : Kira

Belle Photography is a high-end choice when it comes to cake smash photographers. Belle is not just a photographer, but a qualified artist as well, meaning her shoots will have that creative edge you may be seeking.

She is highly experienced in working with children, provides you with all the information you need prior to the shoot, and offers an all-inclusive package with cake, props, outfits… all going towards creating a cake smash experience your baby won’t stop smiling about!

Social: Belle Photography

Contact : Belle Photography Team

Contact : Tess Godkin Photography

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Now that you’ve had a chance to go through this comprehensive review of the best Cake Smash Photographers in Canberra, it should come as no surprise that one of these high-end professional photographers have your mind made up.

Once you’ve decided on your top choice, set the date for your baby’s magical & delicious cake smash birthday shoot, and started thinking about your photoshoot theme, all that’s left to do is get in touch with one of these experienced photographers.

After that… get ready to stand back and watch your baby turn into an adorable little cake-covered mess!

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