Best Cake Smash Photographers in Australia

Australian Capital Territory

New South Wales


Top 10 Cake Smash Photographers in Brisbane (2020)

A professional cake smash has to have the experience and creative eye to capture the most joyful moments in a baby’s life. Celebrating special moments is a wonderful way a family can get together but capturing these fleeting moments will forever keep those memories alive...

10 Amazing Cake Smash Photographers Gold Coast

Children grow up quickly. One minute you have a newborn, and the next thing you know, you have a child heading off to school. The little moments of those first few years will bring you great joy, and it’s essential to take lots of pictures...

South Australia

Top 10 Cake Smash Photographers in Adelaide (2020)

There are so many fleeting moments with your baby and fun milestones seem to fly by so quickly. To capture and remember these memories before they are gone forever, it pays to find a professional cake smash photographer to create a fun-filled experience that will...


Top 10 Cake Smash Photographers in Hobart (2020)

Cake smash photoshoots are carried out to commemorate your baby’s 1st birthday. So if your kid’s birthday is approaching and you want to do something memorable then a cake smash session is what you need. However, there is no hard and fast rule to book...


Top 10 Cake Smash Photographers in Melbourne

A baby’s first birthdays are exciting fun and deserve a memorable experience that will give them the thrill and delight of discovering what it’s like to smash up their personal birthday cake. Capturing those precious minutes filled with absolute joy and excitement needs the skills...

Western Australia

Top 10 Cake Smash Photographers in Perth (2020)

One of the best ways to commemorate a baby’s first birthday or special milestone is through a bright and colourful cake smash experience. Finding a professional cake smash photographer will ensure everyone gets an incredible experience with someone who has the expertise and creative eye...