When your newborn baby is born, everything can become a blur. It can be a whirlwind of feeds, nappies, confusion and overwhelming joy, that all passes by in an instant. The only way to capture this time forever is to organise the perfect newborn portrait shoot.

Newborn photography comes in a variety of styles, and something different will appeal to each family. When you look through the galleries of the very skilled and artistic newborn photographers from Mackay, you will see the amazing range on offer. You will probably also know which style speaks most to you.

For images of love and wonder, of magic and possibility, of cheekiness and fun, you are guaranteed to find the photographer that is perfect for you.

Top Ten Newborn Photographers in Rockhampton

Jessica has the most wonderful gallery of newborn images to look through – you will think how will you choose just one style for your own precious baby shots? Don’t worry about this – she knows what she is doing and will guide you through different set ups and ideas to craft exactly what you always envisioned. For natural, innocent and magical baby portraits.

Location: Parkhurst, Qld

Style: Natural and magical

Newborn Session Price: For all details contact via Facebook Messenger

Photographer : Jessica Hansen

As a mother, Tiffany understands how precious this time is in your newborn’s life – and how fast this time can go. As an artist, she understands how to capture the tiny details, wonderful emotion and unique personality in her beautiful shots. You will be delighted and surprised by the products she creates. If you want to go all mushy, you must check out her beautiful gallery.

Location: Yeppoon, Qld

Style: Artistic and magical

Newborn Session Price: For all pricing details contact 0431 059 337

Photographer : Tiffany Jade

Timantha from CMZ Photography knows that newborn life is so precious and every day is a gift. She excels in amazing images to be cherished forever, whether they are enlarged as artwork for your home or given as a beautiful and personal gift. The life, emotion,and love in her crisp, clear images are perfect, and she has a particular gift for capturing all the personality of your little one, even just a few days old.

Location: North Rockhamptom, Qld

Style: Traditional and emotive

Newborn Session Price: Session including 5 digital images starts at $300. For all packaging details contact 0400 797 142

Photographer : Timantha

Colleen, the lovely and talented artist behind the camera of Charlee Photography has won awards for her incomparable work. Renowned in Queensland and across Australia, the life, personality,and story in every moment in perfectly framed with her lens. Her styled and themed shoots are the ideal way to showcase your beautiful little sleepy baby for eternity.

Location: Frenchville, Qld

Style: Styled and stunning

Newborn Session Price: 0414 707 927

Photographer : Colleen

Kelly has an eye for an enchanting or emotion-filled moment, and she captures them all. Her range of portraits includes maternity, family,and child, but we are especially fond of her classical and supercute newborn images. Muted with heavenly colours and filled with love and wonder, you can see in every shot all of the joy you feel at this special time.

Location: Rockhampton, Qld

Style: Simple, muted and emotive

Newborn Session Price: For all pricing details contact 0429 882 626

Photographer : Kelly Hutton

While reviewing the gorgeous work from Kellie Guinane I was tempted to go back and have a baby all over again (even though my three are already near school age!). Her precious work is just so sublime, so detailed and so pure! Kellie’s use of props and colour is inspired and will capture the unique personality of your special little person. When you want a work of newborn art (like the one you yourself created!) talk to Kellie.

Location: Rockhampton, Qld

Style: Classical, simple and pure

Newborn Session Price: Package including session, boutique mini media folio and 20 digital images starts at $550. For more details contact 0401 759 372

Photographer : Kellie Guinane

Heidi from Soul Prints Photography brings out the real life and true feeling behind every shot. Not overly styled, her work is simple and lovely, and full of hidden details such as the creases in baby skin and the soft downiness of their faces. If you are looking for newborn portraits that are natural and innocent, yet artistic, and with an amazing focus on detail, this is the photographer for you.

Location: Frenchville, Qld

Style: Natural and detailed

Newborn Session Price: Session and 12 prints for $200. For additional package details contact 0450 211 808

Photographer : Heidi

Lydia from Gotcha! specialises in all of the greatest moments of childhood, from the simple and precious newborn days, to the cheeky adventure of family life and sibling fun. She excels in capturing the personality of every little person in the frame, but we are particularly in love with her newborn work.

Location: Broadbeach, Qld

Style: Childlike and natural

Newborn Session Price: For all details contact 07 5564 6666

Photographer : Lydia

There is a world of experience and a lifetime of possibility hidden within every image from this divine studio. Her range of newborn images is as varied as the babies in them, with one overarching theme – the singularly precious child. From natural and muted, to coloured and magical, she has a great eye and a talented hand for crafting a beautiful shot.

Location: Rockhampton, Qld

Style: Natural and classical

Newborn Session Price: Session and 30+ digital images from $475. For all details contact 0417 207 372

Photographer : Naomi Hoare

Angela provides exceptional photography sessions in your own home – you won’t believe how good your place can look! She has a special touch with tiny humans at the sleepiest and cuddliest, and crafts magical portraits whether they just of your baby or with the family. Full of creativity and innocence, the images she creates for you will delight.

Location: Mackay, Queensland

Style: Innocent yet creative

Newborn Session Price: For all details contact 0409 829 208

Photographer : Angela Mallison

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It is best to choose your newborn photographer in the earlier stages of your pregnancy, as the best book out months in advance. Choose now and you won’t be disappointed – and you will forever be glad that you did this!


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