Life is full of wonderful moments that seem to pass too quickly. From the moment of conception to giving birth, those 9 months are filled with endless emotions and overwhelming feels. Finally, a newborn baby is born and nothing has ever felt as important as that.

The first few weeks of a newborn baby’s life are precious and unforgettable. However, they also blur together with fatigue, confusion, and a sense of life-changing wonder. It is totally understandable that the first few weeks of new parenthood can pass by and the amazing moments can feel like they are slipping away.

To make sure you remember these incredible moments in the first two or three weeks of bringing your baby home, it is worth freezing time with photographs. Newborn photography is something special. It captures the essence of the innocence of life. It makes sure you always have these gorgeous moments to reflect upon.

Find a great newborn photographer around the Port Macquarie / Far North Coast area to ensure you don’t lose a second of reflection. These photos are memories for life and will make sure you never forget what it was like to love and cherish your newborn baby.

Leanne Haywood Photography

With a passion for capturing special moments for newborns, Leanne loves helping new parents create gorgeous memories with their precious bundle of joy. She is a mother of one herself so comes to this field with a personal sense of empathy and understanding.

Leanne allows her clients to drive the way the photo shoot goes. She gets to know you on a personal level and help create an atmosphere to make you a bubs feel at home. The sessions run for 2-4 hours, allowing plenty of time for feeds, changes, and lots of love and cuddles.

Location: Port Macquarie

Style: Natural and client-led

Newborn session price: $349

Contact : Leanne Haywood

Photography By Melissa Lee

From snapping photos as a hobby over 10 years ago to professionally bringing important moments to life, Melissa has a variety of styles to please her clients. She focuses on maternity, wedding, and newborn sessions to capture those precious moments of love and happiness.

Melissa offers photo shoots either at her studio of in your home, depending where you and your newborn baby feel most comfortable. She allows 2-3 hours per client so that you’ve got a good amount of time to settle in and work with your newborn’s changing and feeding schedule. She focuses on making sure everyone is comfortable in the right energy before getting behind the camera.

Location: Wauchope

Style: Natural and comfortable

Newborn session price: $400-$700 depending on package

Contact : Melissa Lee

Simply Splendid

With a keen eye for natural beauty, this studio specialises in newborn, maternity, and wedding photos amongst others. The studio is well equipped with props and costumes, such as stylish baskets and hats for newborns to wear during the photo shoot.

There are plenty of things to help bring out the style you are looking for with your newborn shoot. Simply Splendid offers a range of packages, including a combined maternity and newborn shoot to get the best value for your precious moments.

Location: Port Macquarie

Style: Natural or with props and backgrounds

Newborn session price: $300-$500 depending on package

Contact : Simply Splendid

Anne Johnston Photography

Anne first developed her interest in photography when she was just 13 years old. Since then, she has explored many photography techniques and captured many amazing moments. With her own successful studio now after years of hard work, Anne offers newborn and pregnancy photo packages.

The newborn sessions are best taken up between 7-14 days after bringing your little one home. She runs indoor or outdoor sessions and makes the most of natural textures and lights. Patience is one of Anne’s best skills and she will do everything she can to make sure you and bubs are settled for the shoot.

Location: Port Macquarie and surrounding areas

Style: Natural indoor or outdoor

Newborn session price: $220

Contact : Anne Johnston

Verity Woods Photography

As she loves watching new mums hug and hold their precious baby, Verity Woods is a passionate newborn photographer. She is happy to photograph at her home studio, outdoors in a gorgeous location, or in your home. It is more about where you and your baby feel most comfortable and content for the photo shoot.

Verity offers maternity and newborn packages so that she can capture mum’s special moments from bump to bubs. She prefers to see newborn clients within the first 12 days to capture the sleepy and pure essence of the baby best. Siblings are also welcome at newborn sessions.

Location: Port Macquarie

Style: Posed or holding

Newborn session price: $420

Contact : Verity Woods

Natalie O’Donnell Photography

A talented family and newborn photographer, Natalie uses lighting, layering, and textures to enhance and capture amazing moments. Her style focuses on laying textural props such as baskets or blankets to create visuals that pop.

Natalie is highly requested in the local Port Macquarie area for her newborn photography. She is a natural with babies and can create an ambience that brings out your personality, vibe, and character using her attentive eye to detail.

Location: Port Macquarie

Style: Posed with props or natural

Newborn session price: Not mentioned on website

Contact : Natalie O’Donnell

Jordan Leigh Photography

Capturing the miracle of the early days of a baby’s life, Jordan loves doing sessions between 4-14 days of a newborn’s life. Her sessions do go up to 8 weeks but it is harder to get a good sleepy pose at this age.

Jordan is accommodating to time and sensitive to client needs. For this reason, she offers a range of sessions, starting with mini sessions that last just 10 minutes. Other sessions can run up to 2 hours depending on what you’re looking for. It is a pressure-free environment and up to you as the client to choose.

Location: Port Macquarie and surrounds

Style: Depending on client

Newborn session price: $85-$350

Contact : Jordan Leigh

The Photography Hub

The newborn photographer here is Linda who has over 10 years experience bringing gorgeous newborn moments to life. The packages on offer are simple and affordable, making sure your newborn bub is captured in a true essence and natural ambiance.

Appointments are taken at short notice or in advance. They recommend getting a session done within the first 2 weeks of bringing your baby into the world. The studio is all about client-led comfort so you are welcome to wear what you like, bring what you like, and have siblings present if desired.

Location: Newcastle, Forster, Port Macquarie

Style: Natural, organic, client focused

Newborn session price: Enquire on website

Contact : The Photography Hub

TLC Photography

Tammy Clarke is the artistic talent behind TLC Photography. She has a natural eye for detail and uses natural lighting to make sure precious memories don’t slip away. Her style is based around storytelling so she’ll make sure to get know you, your newborn baby, and the pregnancy journey you’ve been through to make sure the photos are personalised.

As well as newborn sessions, Tammy also does maternity if you want to document that whole journey to becoming a mother. She offers a range of newborn sessions, including in the hospital, a lifestyle in-home session, or a studio session with poses.

Location: Port Macquarie

Style: At-home lifestyle or studio posed

Newborn session price: $275

Contact : Tammy Clarke

To capture your newborn bub at its most dreamy stage, Sassy Lane photography recommends booking a session within the first two weeks. The newborn photographer at the studio is Katie who has years of experiencing getting the right lighting and angle to bring out your baby’s true essence.

The sessions run for around 2 hours. The studio suggests bringing your baby in warm, comfortable clothes and to give them a good feed to fill up their belly before the shoot. Clients are welcome to bring special headbands, toys, or other accessories for a personal touch.

Location: Port Macquarie

Style: Natural, held, or posed

Newborn session price: $390-$520 plus optional extras

Contact : Sassy Lane


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