Those first few weeks after your baby is born will become a hazy blur in the years to come. One of the most special and precious times of your family’s life so often disappears in a haze of feeding, nappies, and lack of sleep.

Newborn parents are tired and bleary-eyed, but they know they want to cherish. The best way to capture and hold this time forever and in exactly the way you want to remember it is to choose your newborn photographer before the baby is born and the hazy blur begins.

We have collected our list of the best newborn photographers in Newcastle so you can make this important choice with confidence and ease, and then get in one last nap while you still can.

Here are the Editor’s Choice Top 10 Newborn Photographers in Newcastle

Bite Me Photography

This uniquely named boutique studio specialises in creating the sessions and images that you dream of. With patience, warmth,and fun, here they capture naturally beautiful and intimate images that really tell your family’s own personal story. This organic, friendly and relaxed atmosphere of this studio has made Bite Me one of Newcastle’s leading newborn photographers.

Location: Speers Point, NSW

Style: Different, fun and inspired

Newborn Session Price: Session fee starts at $200 which includes $100 credit towards printing. For more details contact 0411 611 372

Contact : Bite Me Photography

Bella Rouge Photography

Bella Rouge specialise in just stunning, styled newborn baby images that will set your heart alight. In natural and soft tones and capturing the innocence of this special time of their lives, you will go all gooey (and make your friends without babies all clucky) with the range of adorable photos produced in this studio.

Location: Fletcher, Newcastle

Style: Soft, innocent and beautifully styled

Newborn Session Price: Newborn session package starts at $650 and includes styling session, 15 high res digital edited images, black and white images of all shots and a box of 15 printed 5×7 images. For more details and to book contact 0401 335 690

Contact : Bella Rouge Photography

SMIK PIX Photography

At Smik Pix Photography they make magic and art come to life and cradle your beautiful baby within them. With an eye for styling and colour, Amanda’s motto is that ‘you can remember it but you can never recapture it’. With this photographer’s help, you won’t have to try to recapture it – you will have it forever.

Location: Fletcher, NSW

Style: Unique and creative

Newborn Session Price: Session fee of $200 including 2-4 hours of styled photography and 1 8×12 print. For more details contact 0402 113 979

Contact : Amanda

Zen Life Photography

Tonya from Zen Life is an award-winning newborn photography, who also captures incredibly emotive and loving maternity and family shots as well. She is always looking for new inspiring and creative ways to get the very best images of your newborn baby that will last a lifetime.

Location: Adamstown Heights, NSW

Style: Emotive, natural and lovely

Newborn Session Price: $200 session fee with a comprehensive package valued at $620. For more information contact 0401 313 137

Contact : Tonya

Lauren Jones Photography

Lauren takes stunning photos with an accomplished use of the entire colour palette, as well as beautiful images in black and white. Her photos are filled with laughter and emotion, capturing the essence of one of the most important and irreplaceable times of your lives. Trust her to capture the precious details and let you treasure them always.

Location: Nelson’s Bay, NSW

Style: Vibrant and emotive

Newborn Session Price: Session package from $799 including photography and styling, 30 edited digital images and $100 credit towards printing. For more details contact 0410 508 517.

Contact : Lauren Jones

Alisha Lay Photography

If you want newborn photos that are simple, natural, beautiful, artistic, personal and emotive, then this photography studio is the one for you. Not known for heavily styled baby pictures but instead for just special and real imagery, Alisha’s gentle style will put parents at ease.

Location: Redhead, NSW

Style: Simple and artistic

Newborn Session Price: Packages from $400 including session, 15 digital images and 18 different sized prints.

Contact : Alisha Lay

Hello Charlie Photography

This lovely boutique studio specialises in capturing the most precious moments of your life. With attention to detail and an eye for those exceptional little touches that no one else sees, the crisp, clear and colourful images of your baby will surprise and delight. From their comfortable yet magical studio in Lambton, you will get stress-free images to last a lifetime.

Location: Lambton, NSW

Style: Whimsical and natural

Newborn Session Price: Newborn packages from $729 with images and prints included. For more details contact 0402 050 357

Contact : Hello Charlie Photography

Kylie James Photography

Kylie has turned a lifelong passion for photography into her own successful studio specialising in newborns, babies,and natural lifestyle photography. With a style that is natural, fresh and simplistic, her inspiration is drawn from anything raw, pure and earthy.

Location: Warner’s Bay, NSW

Style: Natural, fresh and simplistic

Newborn Session Price: Newborn package includes session, 25+ edited digital images and 1 8×10 print. For prices contact 0400 518 161

Contact : Kylie James

Natural Newborn Photography

At Natural Newborn Photography they do just what they say; create newborn photos that are filled with life, love and natural elements. Here the images capture the sweet beauty of your tiny baby and connect him or her within the loveliness of nature such as greenery, water or lush and vibrant petals.

Location: Charlestown, NSW

Style: Natural elements and colours

Newborn Session Price: Session fee is $200 with images additional. Newborn sessions can include herbal bath for the little one, and even professional hair and make-up for mum in the shots.

Contact : Natural Newborn Photography


Raimee Carroll Photography

Raimee Carroll Photography

Raimee takes the natural and innocent beauty of your tiny angel and creates gorgeous yet realistic images you will love. Not overly styled but capturing all of the emotion, love and just unique wonder of this time of your newborn’s life. Raimee has taken hundreds of beautiful bonny babies and made them lasting works of art.

Location: Hamilton, NSW

Style: Natural and baby-led

Newborn Session Price: Mini sessions start from $300 including 5 digital images for your own use. For more details contact 0408 964 777


Don’t hesitate to book your perfect photographer now. When your baby grows so fast you will be so thankful that you made the right choice now.


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