One of the most special moments that occurs in life is a baby being born. There are endless emotions that roll with the first few months of a newborn baby’s life. In fact, there are so many moments that the minutes, days, and hours can so quickly blur into one.

As time moves so rapidly in these first few months, it can be frustrating and overwhelming. As you’re so filled with love and amazement by this little baby before you, it is understandable that you don’t want to forget a single moment.

A great way to capture the love, adoration, and happiness that your new baby has brought into your life is to get professional photos done. There are many excellent photographers who specialise in capturing the essence of a newborn baby and preserving memories forever.

Don’t miss a memory waiting to be caught in a beautiful way. Here are some great newborn photographers around the Byron Bay and Far North Coast area.

Sarah Rickard Photography

A mother of 3 boys herself, Sarah Rickard understands just how important capturing the precious moments. She is a well educated and skillful photographer with a keen eye for picking up a newborn’s energy.

She works with both posed styles and natural lighting, encouraging the parents to bring a touch of themselves to the photo shoots. Sarah makes her clients feel comfortable and at ease to catch lovely candid shots. The sessions take between 2-4 hours.

Location: Lismore, home studio

Style: Posed and natural lights

Newborn session price: Not mentioned

Email: [email protected]

Contact : Sarah Rickard

My Lense Photography Studio

In a comfortable studio a short drive from Byron Bay, My Lense Photography captures the treasures of a newborn’s funny pout, tiny fingers, and long eyelashes. The studio has many props and comfort things for your baby to settle in nicely, including a bathroom and air conditioning.

Sessions here are around 4 hours long and can be done in a range of styles. It is up to you and your precious baby to drive the session and have authentic and genuine feels captured throughout. There are also photography deals including maternity shoots and newborn shoots available.

Location: Byron Bay

Style: Natural or with props and costumes

Newborn session price: $1299

Contact : My Lense Photography Studio

Milina Opsenica

Offering lovely photography for weddings, couples, families, and maternity shoots, Milinia has a knack for finding a natural angle to freeze a baby’s essence in time. She is as much of a photographer as she is a storyteller, aiming to bring those words and feelings you can’t express to life through a photo.

Milinia offers her photo shoots at your home or a location of choice. She chats with her clients before the photo shoot in order to get to know what they’re looking for. This helps to keep the session personalised and unique to you.

Location: Byron Bay and Gold Coast

Style: Natural and organic

Newborn session price: $900

Contact : Milina Opsenica

Lana Bell Photography

With a background in graphic design and an empathetic heart, Lana Bell has a talent for finding the moments worth snapping and preserving. She has a boutique studio which offers newborn photo shoots as well as toddlers, families, and even the birthing day.

All her sessions included digital photos and prints to make sure that you walk away with plenty of memories. There are also gorgeous photo albums and gifts available. She recommends newborn sessions to take place 1-2 weeks in your home after giving birth.

Location: Byron Bay and surrounding areas by booking

Style: Up to the client

Newborn session price: $1300

Contact : Lana Bell

Rose Dadon Photography

Since 2007, Rose has been capturing precious maternity and newborn moments. Providing high quality images, Rose focuses on making special memories for her clients and ensuring that they get the experience they want.

According to Rose, the best time for a newborn session is from 3-14 days. This is the time when your newborn is sleepy and gorgeous and restful. The sessions last for about 3-4 hours with plenty of time for feeding and changes.

Location: Byron Bay

Style: Client focused

Newborn session price: $200 without prints

Contact : Rose Dadon

Chris McQueen Images

With newborn photography sessions either at your home or in the studio, Chris is flexible and accommodating to client needs. There are also flexible payment plans on offer to help make this precious service more affordable to more people.

Chris works with a range of styles, encouraging the parents to choose if they bring props and objects or keep things natural. She only does one booking a day to ensure that you get plenty of time and space with your newborn to bring out the true essence of the moment.

Location: Byron Bay, Ballina, Lismore, and surrounding areas

Style: Up to the client

Newborn session price: $260 studio session

Contact : Chris McQueen Images

Vanilla Bloom

Before becoming a photographer and starting Vanilla Bloom, Melanie was a mum herself. She loves helping new mums and parents to capture those precious moments that you don’t want to let slip through your fingers. Her love for the pure perfection of a newborn drives her timeless and soft style.

Melanie runs her newborn sessions for babies between 6 to 10 days in order to capture the most natural poses. The sessions take place in a purpose built studio and run for 2-4 hours, with time provided for baby changes and feeds as needed.

Location: Ballina Heights

Style: Simple and timeless

Newborn session price: Starting from $800

Contact : Melanie

Deb Boots

Based out of Brisbane and Sydney, Deb Boots is a lifestyle photographer with a keen eye for newborn moments. Her style is driven by finding a sense of familial belonging in her photos and uses angles and light to create a holistic sense of the photo shoot.

Her newborn photos and lifestyle photography sessions last up to 3 hours and can be done on any location. They can be bought in conjunction with a maternity shoot for a slight discount.

Location: Around Sydney and Brisbane

Style: Holistic belonging

Newborn session price: $450

Contact : Deb Boots

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TWO Maternity and Newborn Photographers in Byron Bay Region


Love Her Wild Photo

 A mother, educator, and lover of photographer, Lauren runs Love her Wild Photo Studio. Her inspiration very much comes from her own daughter so she understands the passion that new parents have from a personal place.

Her newborn sessions are 2-3 hours in length, accommodating plenty of time to help settle the baby in and allow space for feeds and changes. The newborn package comes with a maternity shoot included which makes it great value to capture the starts of parenthood.

Location: Byron Bay

Style: Natural and organic

Newborn session price: $1800


The Maternity Photographer

 The eyes behind the lense at The Maternity Photographer belong to Julia Wheeler. She believes in telling a story of her clients as she takes photos. Her style focuses on using natural lighting and movement.

Her newborn packages include a 1 hour session in your home. She uses her fresh and spontaneous style to capture intimate moments shared between parents and newborn in a comfortable and relaxed environment.

Location: Around Byron Bay

Style: Fresh and spontaneous

Newborn session price: $599 weekdays, $659 weekends


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