9 Best Maternity Photographers in Launceston

As you step into the magical journey of maternity in Launceston, capturing these fleeting moments becomes a cherished desire. Maternity is not just a phase; it’s a celebration of life, love, and the future. That’s why finding a photographer who not only has the skill but also the gentle heart and understanding to work with expectant mothers is crucial.

These photographers know how to make you feel at ease, ensuring that your comfort shines through in every image. They know to capture the beauty, strength, and tenderness of this special time, creating memories that you’ll look back on fondly for years to come.

Let’s delve into the world of top maternity photographers in Launceston, who can encapsulate this incredible chapter of your life with grace and beauty, providing you with images that echo the joy and anticipation of your journey.

Capturing the essence of motherhood with elegance and creativity, Photographique Studio, nestled in Launceston, stands out as a premier destination for maternity photography. Led by Angelica Perrie, an internationally accredited photographer with a flair for detail, the studio offers a bespoke experience, focusing on empowerment and self-celebration. From editorial-inspired portraits to intimate fine art sessions, each moment is meticulously crafted to reflect the client’s unique style and beauty. With a welcoming atmosphere and a keen eye for individuality, Photographique Studio promises a journey of self-discovery and joy, ensuring every expectant mother feels cherished and confident in front of the lens.

Phone: 0418 908 095

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Contact : Angelica Perrie

Specialising in maternity photography in Launceston, this photographer offers a respectful and sensitive approach to capturing the intimate journey of childbirth. With a deep understanding of the birthing process, they maintain a discreet presence, ensuring the comfort and privacy of the mother. Utilising natural light to preserve the serene atmosphere, they adeptly document the profound family moments surrounding the arrival of a new baby. Their work is a celebration of the strength and beauty of birthing mothers, capturing the raw emotions and timeless connections that emerge during this transformative experience. Tailoring their approach to each family’s preferences, they create a visual narrative that honours the personal nature of the birth story.

Phone: 0419 253 141

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Contact : Gerry

In Launceston, a maternity photographer captures the essence of expectant mothers with a relaxed and genuine approach. They specialise in creating natural, candid images that reflect the unique bond between parents and their unborn child. Avoiding staged poses and artificial settings, they focus on authentic interactions, capturing the beauty of pregnancy in a way that feels true to each family’s story. The photographer recommends scheduling maternity sessions between 30-36 weeks, aligning with significant events like baby showers for a memorable experience. Emphasising ongoing relationships, they offer continued sessions to document your family’s growth, capturing the profound changes and milestones of the first year. This approach ensures a series of images that truly represent the journey of parenthood.

Phone: 0418 780 009

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Contact : Samantha Kuruvita

Discover a Launceston-based maternity photographer who brings personal passion and professional expertise to capture the journey of motherhood. Specialising in pregnancy, newborn, and cake smash photography, they offer a unique experience in their Prospect studio. Maternity sessions are tailored to celebrate this special time, including professional hair and makeup, and a selection of elegant gowns for expectant mothers. The studio provides a warm and inviting environment, with the option for outdoor sessions to capture the natural beauty of expectant mothers. Partners and children are encouraged to join, making it a family affair. With a focus on safety and continuous learning, this photographer ensures a comfortable and memorable experience for capturing the miracle of new life.

Phone: 0439 984 559

Social: TK's Photography

Contact : Tanya

Meghann Maguire Photography in Launceston offers a unique approach to maternity photography, capturing the essence of motherhood with a deep respect for the individual journey of each woman. Meghann’s passion for storytelling through photography shines as she documents the natural and intimate moments of motherhood. With a background in capturing the spontaneity of weddings, she brings the same authenticity to maternity sessions, emphasising the beauty and confidence of expectant mothers. Her work is not just about taking pictures; it’s about preserving the profound love and stories of families, providing a heartfelt and meaningful record of this significant life stage. Meghann’s dedication to creating stress-free, genuine experiences allows mothers to cherish their maternity moments forever.

Phone: 0419 274 317

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Contact : Meghann Maguire

Embark on a journey to capture your maternity moments with a photographer who celebrates individuality and cherishes the significance of these memories. With over 30 years of experience across Australia, this Launceston-based photographer specialises in creating heartfelt maternity, family, and newborn portraits. Her commitment to safety and expertise is evident, as she holds qualifications in newborn photography and first aid. She ensures a secure, comforting environment, prioritising the well-being of you and your baby. The serene studio in South Gladstone provides the perfect backdrop for capturing your precious moments, promising a peaceful and personalised photography experience.

Social: Rebecca Coverdale Photography

Contact : Rebecca Coverdale

Established in 2013, this Launceston-based maternity photography studio has been creating enchanting family memories for over a decade. Specialising in capturing the essence of maternity, their style favours long flowing dresses and a natural, earthy colour palette to complement their beautiful natural locations and editing style. Offering a complimentary ‘Client Wardrobe’ with over 400 exquisite pieces, they ensure expectant mothers look and feel their best, without the stress of outfit selection. Their approach is to celebrate the beauty of pregnancy with soft, ethereal, and feminine imagery, providing a comfortable and enjoyable experience. The studio’s commitment to capturing these special moments makes it a cherished choice for many families.

Phone: 0400 611 584

Social: Kirby Nesbit Photography

Contact : Kirby Nesbit

With a warm and welcoming approach, a Lilydale-based photographer, just a stone’s throw from Launceston, specialises in maternity, newborn, and baby photography. Embracing the beauty and individuality of each expectant mother, sessions are thoughtfully held in a cosy studio or amidst stunning outdoor settings. This photographer’s dedication is evident in their commitment to safety and professional development, ensuring peace of mind for all clients. Through a lens of love and expertise, they capture the fleeting moments of pregnancy, offering a treasure trove of memories that families can cherish forever. Engaging with clients on a personal level, they create not just photos, but experiences filled with joy and genuine connection.

Social: Mel Julin Photograph

Contact : Mel Julin

Immortalise the enchanting journey of motherhood with a Launceston-based photographer who excels in capturing the essence of family, maternity, newborns, and celebratory cake smashes. Offering both studio and picturesque outdoor location shoots, they provide a versatile and personal photography experience. Specialising in maternity photography, they create stunning, heartfelt images that celebrate the unique beauty of expectant mothers. Their approach is tailored to each family, ensuring that every session reflects the individuality and emotion of this special time. With a focus on creating lasting memories, they invite families to collaborate in crafting sessions that will be cherished for generations. Their dedication to capturing life’s precious moments makes them a standout choice for those seeking to preserve their maternity journey in Launceston.

Phone: 0418 781 089

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Contact : Nicole

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Your journey through maternity is a unique and fleeting experience, filled with moments of joy, anticipation, and profound transformation. It’s a time that deserves to be captured with sensitivity and a gentle touch, which is why choosing the right photographer in Launceston is so essential.

The photographers we’ve highlighted understand the nuances of maternity photography. They possess the empathy and expertise needed to create a comfortable environment for you, ensuring that each photo reflects the beauty and emotion of this special time in your life.

As you look forward to welcoming your new addition, remember that these images will be a treasure trove of memories for years to come. They will remind you of the strength, beauty, and love that define your maternity journey.

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