Best Baby Lotion of the Year 2019

Best Baby Lotion of the Year 2019

Here’s a chance for Australian mothers to vote for the best baby lotion (baby skin moisturising) brand in Australia and help other new mums make a better choice on their baby lotion brand choice. The baby lotion brands that have made it to the top 4 in our list are:

#1 GAIA Natural Baby Moisturiser

gaia baby lotion babyinfo_a_1556948589

One of the most reliable products on the market is Gaia Natural Baby Moisturiser. As the name suggests, this is made from organic and natural ingredients, making it pleasing for a newborn’s sensitive skin. The key ingredients in this product are shea butter and evening primrose oil.  Read more…

#2 ThankYou Baby Lotion

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#3 Johnson’s Baby Lotion

johnsons baby lotion babyinfo_a_1556948629

Johnson’s are a traditional, supermarket, no-fuss kind of brand. The list of ingredients includes a bunch of stuff that you can’t recognise, so if you are more a natural-products-only kind of mum you may want to look for something else. Their products are well tested however, both by the company and Australian standards, and by millions of customers, so most people find they can trust in this lotion. Read more…

#4 La Clinica Organic for Baby Soothing Lotion

la clinical organic for baby babyinfo_a_1556948718

Organic For Baby Soothing lotion contains Spring Water and organic extracts of Chamomile and Calendula. Other ingredients include: Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Rose Hip and Boswellia. La Clinica don’t use any potentially harmful ingredients such as petro-chemicals or parabens in their products. Read more here…

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