Rite Aid Hydrogel Breast Discs Review

Rite Aid Hydrogel Breast Discs Review

Nipple soothing product that actually works

While a natural process, breastfeeding often comes with many ups and downs that can feel anything but natural to Mums and their newborns.

Breastfeeding is an art that has to be learned, and at various stages can be cause for extreme discomfort for Mums.

Sometimes we need a little help throughout our breastfeeding journey to ease the pain of sore, cracked, grazed and very tender nipples.

I’m pleased to recount my experience with Rite Aid Hydrogel Breast Discs.

Rite Aid Hydrogel Breast Discs: How They’re Used

The discs are made of water, glycol and polymer.

They can be stored in the fridge or freezer prior to use for added cooling effect.

Simply remove the disc from the packaging, and peel off the protective covering before applying directly over the nipple.

The dressings cool and soothe the wound area and restore moisture to accelerate natural healing.

They do not adhere to the skin or wounds, reducing possible pain and trauma when removed.

You’re required to wash your nipples in warm water before application, and again upon removal prior to breastfeeding your baby.

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Quick Features:

· Soothes cracked and sore nipples
· Restores skins natural moisture while protecting nipples
· Aids healing of broken skin
· Provides relief from pain of engorgement
· Helps through various stages of the breastfeeding journey
· Hygienically sealed and individually packaged
· Absorbs leakage

 About Rite Aid – The Brand

Rite Aid was developed by private company ToLife Technologies Pty Ltd.

ToLife is a proud Western Australian company that operates globally, specialising in the development and marketing of natural health care products.

The company was founded in 1991, and are focused on the provision of health care products for families, such as head lice treatments, mother care, and first aid products.

Australian Mums will be pleased to know they support numerous children, and community organisations around the country.

Rite Aid Hydrogel Breast Discs – My Personal Experience

Rite Aid Hydrogel Breast Discs were my breastfeeding lifesaver.

Very soothing, effective and comfortable, they’re a must-have for every breastfeeding Mum.

They can also assist new Mums who are not breastfeeding, by supporting you through painful engorgement when your milk comes in.

In the early stages I struggled with the nipple creams that many Mums swear by; but they just weren’t working for me.

I had been using creams such as Marcalan and Lanolin, and both products do provide relief, (particularly if you apply before getting in the shower); but they’re so sticky that I found them difficult and painful to apply.

I also needed a product that would hinder any cracks or wounds from sticking to my normal breast pads.

The creams seemed to result in bits of fluff sticking to my nipples, (yuck)! And, to be honest, I really didn’t want that sticky stuff in my baby’s mouth.

I was introduced to the Hydrogel Breast Discs when my husbandmistook them for my Rite Aid nursing pads and purchased them by accident. I’ve been grateful for his mistake ever since!

No more silent (or not so silent) suffering!

At first I didn’t like the thought of a VERY cold product going onto my VERY sore nipples; but I was willing to try anything.

What a relief!

I couldn’t believe how much the cooling sensation actually helped. They felt amazing and they didn’t stick to my poor nipples.

Once we had gotten over our early hurdles and were feeding comfortably, I still applied the breast discs whenever my breasts would become swollen or engorged due to baby sleeping longer, or general changes in feeding patterns.

The Hydrogel Breast Discs were still with me at the end of my breastfeeding journey, when it came time to wean my little man.

I had a few hard, sore spots that I feared were developinginto mastitis. Through gentle massage and applying my beloved breast discs, all was well in no time and the pain was minimal.


o    They actually work in soothing cracked, sore nipples

o    Relieve sore engorged breasts when milk comes in, or during weaning process

o    Not painful to apply or remove

o    Safe and non-toxic

o    Don’t stick to the skin or wounds

o    Individually packaged, so handy if you’re only having problems on one side.

o    Not thick or bulky, you’re not limited to wearing them only at home


o    Even though they’re non-toxic, according to the instructions you have to wash your nipples with lukewarm water before applying, and before breastfeeding your baby. The product would be perfect if they could be formulated so that it’s safe to feed your baby without washing. Even gently washing sore nipples can be very painful, and it’s not always possible to have a nice warm ‘nipple bath’ when you’re out and about; but overall, that is a very minor con.

Rite Aid Hydrogel pricing

Average price is around $7.50 for 12 pads. They’re not reusable; but if handled carefully can be utilised for the most part of the day.

Where to buy

Coles and Woolworths supermarkets, Chemists Warehouse, Terry White Chemists, Big W, Babies R Us and Toys R Us.

Similar Product in the Market

Medela Hydrogel Pads:The Medela pads employ the exact same technology and work just as well as the Rite Aid Discs. At a cost of $27.95 per pack of 4 discs, they are considerably more expensive than the Rite Aid product.

Lanisoh Soothies Gel Pads:Lanisoh Gel Pads can be reused for up to 72 hours. These pads are suitable for Mums living a vegan lifestyle. They’re made from glycerin and cost $24.50 per pack of 2 gel pads.

How much does it cost?

RRP $7.50 for 12 pads

Where to buy?

Amazon Australia