Nanit Sleep System Video Monitor Review

Nanit Sleep System Video Monitor Review

If you are looking for a video monitoring system for your baby that really does it all, this one is for you.

Baby monitoring has come a long way since the audio monitors of the 1990s which, if television would have us believe, were better at picking up neighbours’ conversations than they were at listening to our babies.

And while it is technically possible to watch your little one through a standard security system, systems designed for the care and attention of tiny babies are much more tailored, with specific features that parents love.

Today’s monitors allow you to not only listen in and speak to your baby as well, they allow you to see them day and night, monitor the room conditions, and even play lullabies if you want. Some are also sound or movement activated – so you don’t have to watch or listen in constantly, and the system will send you alerts if anything happens worth knowing about.

Many come with a video screen or viewing tablet or device, but a good number of them also don’t bother with this anymore, with full viewing access available through an app on your phone or via the web.

The cameras don’t need to be incredible, with only the one room needed to be monitored, although all should offer night vision as standard.

Generally, not many systems will record or store much video long-term (although some do this too), as parents need systems that allow them to know what is happening right now, rather than what may have happened sometime yesterday.

Some of today’s baby video monitors go above and beyond what the others offer, however, and the Nanit system is one of these high achievers. This is the Mercedes Benz of baby monitors – the price isn’t cheap, but you get so many wonderful features for the money. And it is a high-quality system as well.

So much more than just a camera for watching over your precious baby, this is, as it says, a sleep system. This lovely gadget not only allows you to watch and listen to your angel, it enables you to track your baby’s sleeping patterns, which offers valuable insight into their routines, health,and wellbeing.

Nanit Sleep System – Quick Overview

Sleep data system – the biggest drawcard of the Nanit is the ability to collect data about how your baby sleeps so that you can comprehensively monitor their naps and address problems and make adjustments.

High-quality camera – the excellent camera provides crisp and clear pictures in vivid colour during the day and awesome black and white at night

Dimming Night Light – the monitor comes with a lovely warm night light which dims as your baby goes to sleep, but is there if you need if to find anything in the night.


The Nanit Sleep System looks a little different from other baby monitors; it functions as a small white camera which looks down over the cot, similar to a desk lamp. It is attractive and unobtrusive and will fit seamlessly with any nursery décor.


· Web capability
· Elegant design
· Works via an app compatible with Android and iOS devices
· 960p camera with night vision
· Motion and sound based alerts, as well as alerts to changes in the room conditions
· Comprehensive sleep data
· Multiple users can access the camera feed via their phone
· Nightlight

The Nanit has the extra capability of being able to stream to your smart device even if your internet is down. This can offer an extra level of security and peace of mind for worried parents or those of newborns or unsettled sleepers, in that no matter what happens, your feed will continue to stream.

The camera is of excellent quality and provides crisp and clear images both day and night. You can zoom in using the app without losing much clarity.

The real strength of the sleep system, however, is the intelligence it uses to monitor your baby’s sleeping patterns. Parents who have used this system have been so impressed by what the camera picks up, as well as what it ignores, so that irrelevant movement doesn’t interfere with your data.

Sleep data provided includes:

· How long your baby slept
· How efficiently he slept
· When he was visited in the night

For many parents, this kind of information can be so helpful.

Potential Drawbacks

The Nanit does lack a few features that other systems have, most noticeably the inability to talk to your baby. It also doesn’t play lullabies, but this is probably not a problem for many buyers seeing as virtually any other device created by baby companies can play music for your baby.

Because it reaches over the cot it needs to be mounted. The basic system comes with a wall mount, which you obviously need to mount to the wall, and a small travel mount, but you can purchase a floor stand as an optional extra.

Also, the sleep monitoring costs a monthly subscription fee.

Price of Product and Similar Products

RRP around $600, but if you shop well you can find is as low as $480 (which is still admittedly a pretty high price, but it does offer so much more than just a video camera).

Similar products include:

To be honest, there aren’t really similar products out there. There are high-quality video monitors, but not many can compare in terms of the sleep data provided, which allows you to actively improve your baby’s sleep.

Behind the Brand and Manufacturer

Nanitis a brand that specialises in one thing; the sleep system. Backed by partnerships with pediatricians and sleep experts, they tailor their product to study and improve your baby’s sleep behaviour, and make life easier for parents. And what parent doesn’t want that?

Review Summary and Thoughts

This is a very particular kind of baby monitor. You wouldn’t reach for this one if you were just looking for the basics, but if you would benefit from a sleep data system that gives you real-time feedback about how your baby is sleeping, then it is worth the extra price.

A comprehensive baby video monitor that does everything you need a monitor to do, but then so much more…

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