Johnsons Baby Lotion Review

Johnsons Baby Lotion Review

There is always a new baby lotion on the market

The baby lotion market is becoming more and more competitive.

It seems that every second mumprenuer is sitting at home, creating their own all-natural, environmentally friendly lotions and potions perfect for your little angel.

Ingredients like charcoal and coffee are being touted as the next best thing for baby skin.

But do you really need anything this fancy?

Some parents like to use the most natural or high quality products for their babies, and don’t mind paying a little bit extra to do so.

It is only natural to want the very best for your children.

But you might be happy to find out that you can still get great products for less that are wonderful on infant skin, and that won’t put too much stress on cash-strapped parents.

Johnson’s range has been around for generations

Johnson’s brand products for babies is a range as old as time, almost.

In fact most hospitals still tend to use these products on their newborns.

Even people who have no inclination to ever have babies know that this is the reliable stuff you give as a gift to new parents.

Johnson’s make baby oil, baby wash, baby lotion, the famous ‘no more tears’ shampoo and a wonderful product called bedtime baby bath which smells like lavender.

Their very first product was the old school Johnson’s baby powder, which to be honest, really has little purpose given all the other products they now produce.

Many parent of a newborn has received a bottle of the baby talcum powder and had no idea what to do with it, then just donated it unopened to another new parent.

Today we are reviewing the Johnson’s baby lotion, a soft velvety cream that comes in a very familiar pink bottle, with a scent that will literally take you back to when you were a tiny baby.

When and why should you use baby lotion?

Babies’ skin loses moisture twice as fast as an adult, made worse by the fact that you are constantly having to wash and wipe her after accidents.

Baby lotion is recommended twice a day, especially after a bath. It is ideal for baby massage time and can be used any time your baby’s skin feels dry.

Most babies love being gently rubbed all over, and it can be a really calm bonding moment between you and your child.

Johnson’s are a traditional, supermarket, no-fuss kind of brand.

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The list of ingredients includes a bunch of stuff that you can’t recognise, so if you are more a natural-products-only kind of mum you may want to look for something else.

Their products are well tested however, both by the company and Australian standards, and by millions of customers, so most people find they can trust in this lotion.

Let’s break it down a little bit and see just whether old school is still cool.

How does it feel?


This baby lotion is light, soft and absorbs really well into your baby’s skin, without leaving it greasy or sticky.

Your hands will benefit the added bonus of being moisturised themselves several times a day as well. It really feels lovely.



The price is extremely reasonable, and cheaper than most competitors.

There are certainly fancier products around, with ingredients like organic beeswax, goat’s milk, and natural oats, but you can’t really go past Johnson’s for the price.

Brand Strength


Johnson’s has been making high quality baby products since the 1890’s, and are a trusted name.

They have recently changed the formula of a lot of their products following requests from the public.

Reportedly this was to ensure reduction of preservatives and parabens in the ingredients, and to lower the environmental impact of their production process, and seems to be having a good impact.

Value for Money


Generic brand lotions are the only cheaper option really in baby speciality moisturisers, but of course cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean better value.

Johnson’s baby lotion is really great value for money; a high quality product for a very reasonable price.

A bottle will last you quite a while because you don’t need too much with each application and it will absorb well into your little one’s skin.

Most people find it keeps your baby well moisturised and will only be needed once a day or even less.

Ease of Use


This lotion is just wonderful to use.

It really is as light and non-greasy as it is described. It goes on easy, leaves no mess and is absorbed really well into your baby’s skin.

Any left over will be beautifully soaked up by your own hands, or could even be popped on your face.

You don’t need to use much each time.

If you have a hectic life with multiple small people in your house then you just want things as easy as can be, and Johnson’s certainly give you that.

For almost every baby, this is really the easiest stuff to use, with a few important exceptions.

It is not really recommended for babies with bad eczema or very sensitive skin and can cause flare ups.

It is extremely gentle lotion, but even when created specifically for baby skin, it is still a bit harsh for the those with real problem skin, as are all of Johnson’s baby products.

If your baby suffers from such a problem you are better off with products designed for eczema such as Hamiltons, QV or MooGoo.

You could also try using olive oil as a moisturiser for a particularly itchy baby; it works well if you don’t mind bubs smelling like roast chicken.



It really is hard to go wrong with Johnson’s; it has stood the test of time for very good reason.

It is a lovely product for your baby, easy to use and great value for money.

When life with a tiny baby is so stressful, it is nice to have something you can rely on like this little pink bottle.


Where to buy?

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