SRC Recovery Shorts Review

SRC Recovery Shorts Review

Of all the journeys that life takes women on, pregnancy is surely the most difficult.

When carrying a child, there is a serious impact on the body. Just about everything in the body undergoes some change as a result of pregnancy, literally from head to toe.

While this is a without a doubt a labour of love, the bodily changes can be quite confronting and hard to deal with for women.

This is particularly true after having given birth.

Once the baby has been born, the body doesn’t just instantly return to how it was before conceiving.

In fact, some of the changes that have occurred in pregnancy can continue to wreak havoc on the body.

Naturally, once there is a baby in the picture, the last thing women want is a strenuous recovery time for their body.

After all, the majority of your attention and devotion should be going towards that new bundle of joy in your life.

Nonetheless, your body does still need attention and support after giving birth.

When you think about it, your body really does need to be in good shape to care for the newborn baby.

Given there will be a lot of lifting, carrying, and bending over to tend to the baby, the last thing you need is any aches and pains across your body as a result of pregnancy.

While having a good stretching regime and doing light exercise will help the muscles recover after giving birth, there is also another handy solution on the market. SRC Health Recovery Shorts are a comfortable, convenient, and discreet way to give your body a little extra support in the post-delivery weeks.

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What do the shorts do?

These lightweight and slim designed shorts are made to speed up the post-delivery recovery for your body.

Their function will help you regain your pre-baby body (to a certain degree), increase stability and mobility around the waist, and also give your abdominal muscles some extra support after everything they’ve been through during labour and delivery.

What’s more, these shorts are specifically designed to suit women who have had any issues during labour and delivery.

If there was any perineal trauma, vaginal tearing, or if the delivery was via a C-section, these shorts are recommended and suitable for use.

How do the shorts work?

The main way that these shorts work is by supporting the abdominal muscles.

Through rehabilitating these muscles, the pelvis and back muscles can strengthen more easily and regain their full function quicker.

Through the compression design of these shorts, your post-delivery recovery will be made much easier.

Basically, the unique SRC garment technology stimulates the muscles and activates a gentle compression movement around the pelvis and abdominals.

Because they are lightweight and flexible, this is done in a natural way with your bodily movements, unlike a rigid corset or something similar.

Furthermore, the compression material also reduces swelling. This is important for the recovery and comfort of the muscles, especially around the abdomen.

This is true for both vaginal and C-section deliveries.

Even better, these shorts are gentle and soft on the skin and are totally safe to wear over a C-section wound.

In fact, they even reduce pain and swelling around the wound area.

Why are these shorts recommended?

SRC Health Recovery Shorts are indeed recommended by health professionals.

They are a cheaper alternative to medical grade recovery shorts of similar design, but they still serve the same function and heed the same results.

These shorts are designed in consultation with obstetrician Dr. Grant Saffer.

This means that they are designed with the natural curves of the female body in mind and are designed to suit the post-delivery shape of the body.

The fabric that the shorts are made from are independently and scientifically tested.

They are designed for comfort and flexibility.

In fact, they can be worn up to 8-10 weeks after giving birth to really ensure the recovery process goes well.

The fabric that has a breathable, comfortable mesh lining will make it easy to wear these shorts without any discomfort for this time.

Are the shorts comfortable and safe?

While it does take a few days to get used to the recovery shorts, they will soon start to feel like just part of your skin.

The SRC Recovery Shorts can safely be worn both through the day and at nighttime while you sleep.

Of course, if there are any issues with discomfort, consulting a doctor is the best option.

When purchasing SRC Recovery Shorts, you will get a full detailed instructional list with advice when and when not to wear the shorts.

For instance, if you have had an perineal tearing and had any stitches, it is noted that you need to the change your maternity pad every two hours.

This can cause sweating and itching, so wearing the shorts for long periods of time is not recommended and they should only be worn through the day time.

How much do the shorts cost?

In terms of cost, the shorts are certainly a worthy investment.

For one pair of shorts, the cost is $189. They come in black or champagne colouring.

The design and colour is subtle and discreet so you can wear any loose fitting clothes over the shorts.

No one will even know that you are wearing them.

Will the shorts come in my size?

Finally, they come in a range of sizes to fit many different shapes and sizes. Ranging from XXXS to 4XL, there are bound to be a pair of SRC Recovery Shorts that fit you just right.

Of course, you need to factor in the size of your post-delivery body, not your standard size before having a baby.

However, there is a comprehensive sizing guide available online to help you make the most informed decision.

If you are looking for a comfortable, convenient, and fast paced recovery after giving birth, these SCR Recovery Shorts are certainly for you.

Whether you want to get active again quicker or just want less pain while caring for your baby, the shorts are designed to suit any purpose and any body type.

The increased comfort levels in adapting to your post-baby body will absolutely make this purchase worthwhile.

Product Rating

Price 8/10
Quality 9.5/10
Brand 9/10
Cleaning/Washing 10/10
Support 10/10
Overall Rating 9.3/10

How much does it cost?

RRP $189

Where can you buy?