Best Nursing Pads of the Year 2019

Best Nursing Pads of the Year 2019

We have selected the top of the shelf Nursing Pads in Australia and now is a chance for Australian mothers to choose the best nursing pads brand they would recommend other breastfeeding mothers to use. The choice should be made considering the one you have used in the past yourself and were satisfied with the brand of nursing as far as quality, quantity and price are concerned. The 4 nursing pads in the competition are:

#1 Philips Avent Breast Pads

Philips avent breast pads_a_1556959666

#2 Pigeon Breast Pads Honeycomb

pigeon breast pads honeycomb babyinfo_a_1556959677

With how effective and comfortable Pigeon’s Breast Pads Honeycomb are, they completely deserve the award given to them: the Australian Mother & Baby Magazine Awards 2017 Finalist, in Breast Pads. Read more…

#3 Johnson’s Ultraform Nursing Pads

johnsons nursing pads babyinfo_a_1556959714

Endorsed by the Australian Breastfeeding Association, and used and recommended by moms around the world, including this mum, the quality of Johnson’s Ultraform Nursing Pads is essentially guaranteed. Read more…

#4 Rite AID Nursing Pads


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