Best Baby Rice Cereal of the Year 2019

Best Baby Rice Cereal of the Year 2019

BabyInfo brings you the mother and baby products of the year 2019: Buying baby products can be a tough decision for some parents. For most mothers, it is a case of trial and error, using one product and switching to another one after a couple of months. This voting system will help new mums make a better buying decision.

Best baby rice cereal for babies aged 4+ months: The taste, quantity, price, presence of essential nutrients etc. can make it a confusing choice for new mums. Here’s a chance for Australian mothers to vote for the best baby rice cereal in Australia and help other new mums make a better decision on their baby rice cereal brand choice. The baby rice cereal brands that have made it to the top 3 on our list are:

#1 Nestle Cerelac Infant Rice Cereal

nestle cerelac infant rice cereal

In inspecting the ingredients, mum can see that this particular rice cereal contains two key components you should be looking for – Iron and Bifidus. Read more…

#2 Farex Baby Rice Cereal

Farex Baby Rice Cereal

As a mother of two who has purchased a variety of rice cereals for personal use, it’s impossible to pick just one cereal as the ultimate “best.” Several reputable baby brands produce high-quality, healthy, and affordable rice baby cereals. One such baby cereal that is deserving of a recommendation is Heinz Wattie’s Farex Baby Rice Cereal. Read more…

#3 Rafferty’s Garden Organic Baby Rice Cereal

Rafferty's Garden Organic Baby Rice Cereal

I started my first baby with Rafferty’s Garden Rice Cereal when he was six months old. I thought it was his first solid food but I found out that my mother had already given him wedges one day when she took him out for lunch. So apparently rice cereal makes a good second first solid food as well. Read more…


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