Ultimate Sleep Pregnancy Pillow Total Body Support Review

Ultimate Sleep Pregnancy Pillow Total Body Support Review

Getting a good night’s sleep is the stuff that dreams are made – quite literally.

There is science backing the fact that a good night’s sleep does leave you feeling more refreshed, energetic, and positive.

Plus, there are endless anecdotes that support this sentiment.

During pregnancy, a good night’s sleep is like a mirage in the desert.

It is something you so desperately desire but it so hard to come across.

From the changes happening in the body to the difficulty of finding the right sleeping position, pregnancy and sleep do not snuggle up kindly together.

This is ironic and frustrating as sleeping well is fundamental to your mental, physical, and emotional health during pregnancy.

It is a time in your life where your body really does need a solid 7 or 8 hours of sleep to recuperate and support the changes that are going on, not to mention the new life that is growing inside of you.

So, what can you do about getting a good night’s sleep?

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It is safe to say that sleeping pills are out of the question and there is only so much that a cup of chamomile tea can do each night (beyond making you need to pee even more than before!).

A handy solution on the market is the Ultimate Sleep Pregnancy Pillow.

This is no ordinary pillow.

Rather, it is a pillow designed to support the bodily changes that pregnancy brings with it.

So many pregnant women start to wonder as their stomach protrudes before their eyes just how they are going to get comfortable in any position.

The Ultimate Sleep Pregnancy Pillow is a good answer to these ponderings.

This review will take a closer look to some of the features that makes the Ultimate Sleep Pregnancy Pillow stand out, and how it can help support your sleeping patterns during pregnancy.

What is so great about it?

The design of the Ultimate Sleep Pregnancy Pillow is really the key thing that makes it so great.

It is made so that it supports the whole entire pregnant body, which sounds very appealing for many pregnant women.

When you think of a pillow, you think of something small and cushioning for the neck.

Well, the Ultimate Sleep Pregnancy Pillow takes the concept of pillow to the next level and it made to be the size of your whole body.

In this way, the Ultimate Sleep Pregnancy Pillow offers support from the shoulders to the ankles and everywhere in between.

What exactly does it support?

If you’re still struggling to imagine how a pillow can support your whole body, you better start believing it.

The Ultimate Sleep Pregnancy Pillow  offers neck and shoulder support at the top end. Here it is cushioning and comforting, just like a standard pillow.

Next, this pillow is like a giant hug, as it also supports the back, whichever side you are laying on.

If you are laying on your right side, then the left side offers support to the baby bump, and vice versa.

The design of the pillow, as it is like one big whole body hug, basically prevents you from rolling onto your back.

This is handy in pregnancy, as it is helpful for the back to have some real rest time. In fact, it is even better for the blood flow around the body for you to lay on your right side.

The Ultimate Sleep Pregnancy Pillow ensures that you stay on your right side throughout the night, without losing feeling in any part of your body.

Finally, the Ultimate Sleep Pregnancy Pillow is raised at the end, where your swollen ankles end up.

Due to water retention in the body during pregnancy, the ankles do noticeably swell and this can be highly uncomfortable.

Elevation is the best cure, which the Ultimate Sleep Pregnancy Pillow offers at the end.

So it really is designed to please the whole pregnant body.

What are the benefits of it?

Aside from a good night’s sleep, the Ultimate Sleep Pregnancy Pillow offers many other benefits throughout pregnancy.

First of all, it is highly recommended for women suffering from pelvic or back pain, which can commonly happen as the body changes to support the growing uterus.

Basically, because the pillow is so versatile and offers whole body support, it enables the muscles and joints to relax in a way that an ordinary bed cannot.

Also, the Ultimate Sleep Pregnancy Pillow works if you are laying on your back or side, on a bed or a couch, so it can be used at any time of day in any position.

This means it is at your disposal anytime to relax those achy muscles and joints.

What is it made of?

There is a whole lot of comfort going on with the Ultimate Sleep Pregnancy Pillow.

This is much due to the combination of materials used to make it.

The 60/40 blend of polyethylene and polyester ball fibres make up a wonderfully comfortable and support pillow.

The Ultimate Sleep Pregnancy Pillow is highly durable and long lasting. Even with frequently washing, it has an excellent lasting loft.

All Ultimate Sleep Pregnancy Pillow casing and cover materials are certified by the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1.

This means that you are guaranteed to be getting good value for money.

Furthermore, the Ultimate Sleep Pregnancy Pillow is made in a sustainable high quality facility where they don’t skimp on resources or comfort at the final result.

How does it compare on the market?

Pregnancy sleep pillows do seem to be popping up more and more.

They are highly functional and practical, taking away a lot of muscle strain during pregnancy.

So, what makes the Ultimate Sleep Pregnancy Pillow stand out on the market.

Let’s see how it compare to some other similar products available.



Ultimate Sleep Pregnancy Pillow

Lucky 7 Pregnancy Pillow

Belly Bean Maternity Pillow


$279 (online price)



Value for money





Full body, wraps around body and supports ankles

¾ size, does not wrap around whole body

For stomach support only

How much does it cost?


Where to buy?

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