Cherub Baby Clip n Sip Silicone Lid Kit Review

Cherub Baby Clip n Sip Silicone Lid Kit Review

Being a parent, as you will all know, is like juggling a billion balls and trying to make sure none of them land!

It’s a busy, full on role and any new parent will know the nightmare of getting out of the house, only to realise you forgot that one essential thing you need – now!

Feeding your baby when you’re out and about can seem daunting at first, but there are plenty of ways, and nifty little products, to make sure you’re prepared and ready to deal with any scenario – making life so much easier and stress-free!

The Clip ‘N Sip universal straw spout and teat lid is one such product that can really help busy parents when you’re on the go.

It’s been designed to make any cup, carton or bottle, baby or toddler friendly.

Now any drinking vessel you find can be made baby safe and ready to use – perfect!

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It comes with a non-spill teat for babies, a non-spill straw for toddlers and the premise is easy – you simply stretch the soft silicone lid over the cup or bottle you want to use and then your baby is good to go!

It’s a great transition feeder and handy to keep one in your bag for when you and baby are on the go.

Why should I get one?

Quite simply, it just makes life easier.

It’s small and lightweight to fit handily into any handbag or baby bag and can save you having to pack your full bottle kit when you’re heading out.

It’s small enough to be tucked away, ready to use just in case you forget that one thing you need – or if something happens to the bottle lid/straw you were hoping to use on your bottles or flasks (like small hands dropping them onto a dubious looking floor!).

It’s a great backup to have and can be handy to pack in a bag when handing baby over to the grandparents or relatives for the day too.

Other positives include:

· Durability – the strong silicone material means that the lid should easily stand the test of time! With the addition of both a teat and a straw, you can comfortably use this product with your baby from 0 to 5 years old.
· Flexibility – The softer silicone material makes the lid ideal for almost any cup or bottle, meaning as your child grows you can continue to use it without having to worry about finding suitable drinking vessels!
· Dual-Use – the lid comes with both a non-spill teat for baby and a straw for toddlers.
· Toddler Friendly – the straw is also weighted, meaning your toddler can drink comfortably from any angle – perfect to hand over to them and let them take control!

Sounds too good to be true! Any problems with it?

Not really! It really is just a simple, fun, easy product – purely designed to make life easier!

Some parents have said they struggled with stretching the lid over larger bottles/cups – but that makes sense. It’s soft silicone plastic and very flexible but if you’re looking to fit it over a larger bottle it will take some stretching.

It does fit very comfortably over normal sized bottles and toddler cups so nothing to worry about there, and the more you use it the more flexible it becomes.

The only problem you might experience is finding the lid in mainstream shops – it’s not stocked everywhere just yet but this is changing!

You’ll have no trouble getting your hands on one online though, if you can stretch your parent patience to wait for online delivery!

Sold! How much will it cost me?

At $16.99, it’s not the cheapest product you could find of this nature, but it is one of the few that includes both a teat and straw for longevity of use so the price could actually be well worth your buck.

It’s also sold as a pack of two (I know – double win!) so actually weighing up the price, for two lids, and for how long you’ll no doubt end up using it for – the price isn’t actually all that bad.

Anything else I should know?

The lid is available in four different fun bright colours – green. blue, orange and pink – which your baby or toddler will definitely love!

The price also includes a cleaning brush to help make sure you can keep your product clean for durability.

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How much does it cost?

RRP $16.99

Where to buy?

Amazon Australia