Best Pregnancy Pillows in Australia

Best Pregnancy Pillows in Australia

Pregnancy might mean big changes for your body, but that doesn’t mean you should be uncomfortable. You can still relax and rest with a pregnancy pillow. There are several different types of maternity pillows on the market that provide comfort throughout your pregnancy. Depending on how far along you are, you can benefit from using a pregnancy pillow for a number of reasons. However, with so many types available, how do you know which maternity pillow is best for you? We researched the best pregnancy pillows available, explaining the shape, size, material, and how to sleep with them. That way, you can find the perfect one for your pregnancy.

What Are Pregnancy Pillows?

Unlike regular bed pillows, pregnancy pillows will adjust to the curves of a pregnancy body, supporting all contours. Various shapes and sizes can help prevent aches and pains as well as accommodate sleep positions.

A good pregnancy pillow improves the alignment of your spine and hips. Relieving pressure while you sleep, maternity pillows can help you wake up with less pain.

Although you can use regular pillows during pregnancy to help your belly, back, or knees, pregnancy pillows are designed to provide extra support, especially in the third trimester. However, if you start having difficulty sleeping, especially changing positions, you can begin using a pregnancy pillow in the second trimester, when your beautiful belly begins to expand.

Types of Pregnancy Pillows

There are two main types of pregnancy pillows: full-body or smaller supports. Full-body options include U-shaped and C-shaped pillows and provide complete support to your head, neck, back, abdomen, and knees. Although big and bulky, body pillows make side sleeping easier during pregnancy, especially if you don’t prefer to sleep on your side. Less in size and often price, J-shaped and wedge pillows fall under the smaller support category.

U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

The U-shaped is the best option if you want extra-large pregnancy pillows that provide full-body support. With head-to-toe support and shaped like the letter U, this pregnancy pillow offers comfort on both sides of your body while sleeping. That way, if you rotate in the night, you don’t have to drag your big pillow along each time. Buy at Amazon Australia.

C-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

This pregnancy pillow resembles the letter C and usually takes up less space than a U-shaped pillow. To sleep on it, you place the pillow behind your back, put your head on the C ‘hook,’ and place the bottom half between your knees. Buy at Amazon Australia.

J-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

Ideal for leg and head support, the J-shaped pregnancy pillow is a popular option. It doesn’t provide back support, but you can put your head on the ‘hook’ of the J, hug the full length of the pillow, and rest your leg on top of the pillow. Buy at Amazon Australia.

Wedge Pregnancy Pillow

This pillow is the smallest of the options (and, as a result, usually less expensive). You won’t receive full-body support, but you can strategically bolster parts of your body. Ideal for the stomach and back, wedge pregnancy pillows are beneficial if you want to save space in your bed but still provide support for one body part at a time. Buy at Amazon Australia.

What to Look for in Quality Pregnancy Pillows?

There are a plethora of pregnancy pillow shapes and styles available. Each can be helpful during pregnancy but offer unique benefits during sleep. So how can you decide which one is right for you? Although it depends on your personal preferences, you should consider the following when shopping for a maternity pillow.


Before you buy a pregnancy pillow, think about how much room on your bed you would like to give up. You might want to discuss this option with your partner as well. While wedge pillows are the size of standard bed pillows, full-body ones, like U-shaped pregnancy pillows, will hug you from the front to the back and take up considerably more space.


Most pregnancy pillows have a dip that cradles your precious bump. However, they still come in different forms to target various areas of the body. A J-shaped pregnancy pillow, for example, curves to tuck under your head and go between your knees, while others are simply parallel to your body. The U-shaped maternity pillow is ideal if you switch sides at night, as you won’t have to move the pillow back and forth as you rotate.


The two main types of pillow materials are cotton and polyester. They are both excellent materials for resting, but a cotton option may be ideal if you run warm at night. The polyester material is less breathable but still comfortable.



Depending on the size of your bump, you may need one or more pregnancy pillows throughout the first, second, or third trimester. Unlike regular pillows, they provide extra support as your body (and baby) grows, helping you prevent aches as you get better rest. Many quality brands create full-body and smaller support options, such as the U-shaped, C-shaped, J-shaped, or wedge pregnancy pillow, so you can stay comfortable as the weeks pass. Even though you are pregnant, you can relax comfortably, thanks to pregnancy pillows. Get ready to wake up rested with less pain as you patiently await your baby’s arrival.

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