BabyLove Nappies Review

BabyLove Nappies Review

When you are the parent of tiny children, for a period of at least five years disposable nappies will become both the bane and the miracle of your hectic life.

You will despise them because there is literally an unending stream of them.

And also because they cost you thousands of dollars and they are full of poop.

You will love them though because without them, there would just be an unending stream of poop, and I think you know which reality you prefer.

So now that you know you will love them, how do you go about making sure you choose the right ones? Isn’t there about a billion to select from?

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When you are a brand new parent how exactly do you choose which disposable nappy to use?

The vast majority of us will get our nappies from the local supermarket, or perhaps department stores like Target or Big W, or large baby stores like Babies’R’Us or Baby Bunting when there are specials.

We will buy a lot of nappies however and generally want to make sure that we get value for money, and something that will be good for our little ones’ buns.

The most well known brand in Australia is probably Huggies, which generally retail at around 45 cents per nappy.

The next well known brand would be BabyLove.

Then there is a step down again to the generic supermarket options from Coles, Woolworths and Aldi.

Or alternatively you can go a bit greener, more organic or socially aware, though generally more expensive, and try Naty by Nature BabyCare or Thank You brands.

In our last review we talked about Huggies, today the brand we are covering is BabyLove.

BabyLove is like a reliable family car. It’s pretty cheap and easy to run, generally dependable but will have some kind of irregular mechanical mishaps, fairly boring to look at, low maintenance and fuss free.

And what’s good in a family car can be just as good in a nappy. Remember we are talking about something we capture wees and poos in.

They don’t need to be fancy, they just need to do their job.

BabyLove aren’t fancy. But they are very good.

I found BabyLove nappies to be an excellent day nappy when your changes are on high rotation.

They are easy to put on and take off, are comfortable for your baby, will move and grow with him, are mostly leak free and give minimal nappy rash.

They don’t hold as much as a Huggies, but this is fine for during the day.

If your baby sleeps through the night you may want to invest in something a bit more absorbent to last you until morning.

The best thing about BabyLove is the value for money.

They are very good and hardly ever let you down, but they cost about 2/3 the price of the Huggies, which really adds up when your baby is wearing over 3000 nappies a year.

And if you have more than one baby (ooh, lucky you!) then going with the less fussy BabyLove is suddenly starting to make a lot of sense.



BabyLoves are not quite as soft and spongy as the Huggies, so will be less comfortable if worn for a very long time.

But nappies are not generally worn for a very long time, so over the period of a few hours, these are perfectly comfortable enough.

They don’t leave marks on your baby’s skin and give minimal, if any, nappy rash.



Great price at around 30 cents each.

These are not the cheapest on the market, with the generic supermarket brands costing around 15 cents each, but they are better quality than the supermarket brands and will last longer, so the price balances out over time.

Where To Buy

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Brand Strength


Not as well known as the Huggies, but BabyLove is fast becoming a solid household name in nappies.

If you didn’t have babies you probably wouldn’t have heard of them, but if you don’t have babies why are you reading this article about nappies anyway?

If you look at large scale surveys of best brands in this field, BabyLove are a strong contender and are quickly becoming very popular.

Value for Money


These have the greatest value for money of any nappies I’ve ever used.

They are very reasonably priced but still tough and dependable and pretty long lasting.

You will be essentially problem free when you turn to BabyLove as your nappy option.

Ease of Use


I must admit the Huggies nappies are a tad easier to use than these ones, but if you find that you are not a complete dolt then you might not actually need to have your nappies all foolproof and simplified.

For first timers you may want to go with Huggies, but as soon as you know what you are doing, switch to BabyLove and settle in for the long haul.



They are a really great all round nappy.

I must admit there are cuter looking ones around, but these are nappies not handbags.

There are more absorbent options if you were looking for something to give you a full night’s sleep without having to get up to change bubs.

But for high rotation, hardcore nappy use, you can’t go wrong with the BabyLove quality, convenience and value.

When you start toilet-training your youngest child you might initially rejoice because the stream of nappies has finally ended.

But now you have entered the phase of your life known as ‘being bellowed at from the toilet to come and wipe a dirty little butt, or else deal with continually poop stains in tiny pairs of underpants’ phase.

And you will miss the nappies then, trust me.

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