Huggies Newborn Nappies Review

Huggies Newborn Nappies Review

When you are welcoming a new baby there are about a billion decisions you need to make.

There’s big stuff like naming them, or choosing if you or your husband gets to keep their career while the other stays home with the baby.

There are also lots and lots of small decisions; do you get a baby monitor, do you give your baby a dummy, and also, what nappies do you use?

There is always the debate between whether you are going with disposables or whether you will be a cloth nappy parent.

Cloth nappies have come very far these days, and are much more absorbent than they used to be, easier to put on and look a lot more funky.

But they are very time consuming with all the washing and drying, and are not great for the environment in terms of your use of water and power.

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Also they are much more expensive upfront, but once you have your basic supply you don’t need to buy more.

Disposables are much more convenient than cloth nappies; quicker, easier, less messy and around 400% more absorbent (I made that figure up, but it feels true).

They create a poopload of landfill however so are the less eco-friendly option, and because you are continually buying them and throwing them away, over time they are more expensive than the cloth options.

As a mother, I recommend making the nappy choice that keeps you the most sane.

I tried cloth nappies and decided that I didn’t want such a large portion of my life to be spent dealing in faeces, so I switched to disposables and never looked back.

But once you’ve decided on disposable nappies, how do you decide which brand to go with?

There are a few different brands available in supermarkets, and if you look online, there are also more nappy options included ones made from recycled materials which you can get delivered to your door.

Today we are going to investigate Huggies, which are generally the upper end of the supermarket nappy.

If you are about to give birth to your first baby, the newborn Huggies are a bit of a godsend really.

They are comfortable for your baby, give a bare minimum of nappy rash, are extra absorbent, and fit really well.

As a bonus there is a wee indicator on the front, which is super handy for first time parents to tell if the nappy needs changing without having to open it up and see.

They are also pretty excellent at trapping the dreaded ‘poonami’ or ‘number three’ which is when your precious angel poops so hard and so much that it explodes right up their back and has been known to get in their hair.

Huggies nappies are quite strong, easy to put on and get off, and will with stand a lot of malarking about from tough little toddlers.

They are kind of idiot proof (or parent-who-hasn’t-slept-in-three-days proof), and clearly tell you which is the front and the back.

This may not sound like guidance that the regular grown-up should need, but trust me, it helps a lot.

You can pull the tab open to check bub’s bum, and then seal them up again if they don’t yet need to be changed.

The cheaper brands often don’t have this feature, and in fact some have quite weak tabs that I’ve been known to rip completely off the nappy while trying to put it on my baby, wasting the entire nappy.

One more handy feature is that when you remove a soiled nappy it rolls up perfectly and seals again, holding everything in, which makes it much more pleasant in the bin.

Cheaper disposables don’t have this feature and they can unravel in the bin, with poop going everywhere.

They are more absorbent than cheaper supermarket brands.

My advice would be to buy the newborn Huggies till your baby moves up to the next size, then just invest in Huggies for overnight, because you can almost always get away with just one nappy for the whole night then.

The cheaper ones might be more suitable for the daytime and will set you back a bit less.



The Huggies are generally considered to be the most comfortable.

They fit well, hold everything in and usually don’t cause much nappy rash. They will keep up very well with active babies.



These are the BMW of supermarket nappies.

You will pay around 45 cents a nappy for Huggies, compared to around 20 cents per nappy for the cheaper brands (Babylove, Comfy Bots).

But if you look for them on special you can get yourself a bargain reasonably often.

Brand Strength


Huggies nappies are well known and extremely reliable.

If you buy these, you and your baby will be happy.

They are easy to use and will fail you as little as a nappy can.

Value for Money


When you have babies weeing and pooping all day long, especially if you have more than one, you will find a cheaper brand to be better value for money.

Huggies are not ridiculously expensive however and always reliable, giving you peace of mind which may be worth paying that little bit extra for.

Especially in the middle of a poonami in the middle of night.

Ease of Use


These are the easiest nappies I ever used.

Adults can work them out without too much pain in their frontal lobes, and you can get them on squirming babies pretty easily, and what’s even better, they stay on.

When you are done, wrap up the soiled nappy in a neat little package and dispose of it with confidence.



Overall these are great nappies, and if you are a new parent or only have one baby, I would highly recommend them.

If you have more children and are going through A LOT of nappies you may find it more economical to go with a cheaper brand during the day, and just rely on Huggies for nighttime.

They are great quality, reliable and always gentle on your baby’s bum.

Where to buy?

Amazon Australia

How much does it cost?

Ultimate Newborn nappies upto 5kg – Bulk Pack (54 Pack): $16
Ultimate Newborn nappies upto 5kg – Jumbo (108 Pack): $33