GAIA Natural Baby Moisturiser Review

GAIA Natural Baby Moisturiser Review

There is nothing like the softness of a baby’s skin.

That sweet smelling, soft feeling, smoothness that comes with a newborn is something that so many people, young and old, revel in.

It is hard to resist the delight when cuddling a newborn baby.

However, this softness isn’t immune to the outside the world.

In fact, the conditions of just living outside of the womb after 9 glorious month in that protective bubble are like kryptonite to a baby’s soft skin.

A bit of a chill in the air or too much heat in the summer can dry out a newborn baby’s skin and take it on the journey to flakiness that we are all too familiar with as adults.

Fortunately, where nature fails to retain the softness of a baby’s skin, science takes over.

There are many products available to restore the moisture to a baby’s skin and prevent flaky and dry skin.

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What is Gaia Natural Baby Moisturiser?

One of the most reliable products on the market is Gaia Natural Baby Moisturiser.

As the name suggests, this is made from organic and natural ingredients, making it pleasing for a newborn’s sensitive skin.

The key ingredients in this product are shea butter and evening primrose oil. Both of these are organically sourced.

The combination of these two ingredients as well as organic wheat germ oil means that the baby’s skin can be kept softer and smoother for longer.

What’s more, as well as these ingredients, there are delightful natural odours in the Gaia Natural Baby Moisturiser.

These are derived from a hint of lavender and chamomile.

Not on do these make the baby’s skin smell even more beautiful than imaginable, but also releases a soothing and calming vibe into the atmosphere.

What better way to appease an upset baby than by rubbing some natural moisturiser into the skin and inhaling organic scents as well.

One of the most appealing things about this product to so many caring and concerned parents content is the fact that this product is free from mineral oils, sorbolene, lanolin, and petrochemicals.

This means that there are no harmful substances being absorbed into the baby’s skin when Gaia Natural Baby Moisturiser is applied.

What does Gaia Natural Baby Moisturiser actually do?

Even better, Gaia Natural Baby Moisturiser has a dual purpose.

It is best purchased during pregnancy, before the baby is even born, because it is an excellent solution to rub onto the pregnant belly.

The skin during pregnancy can become dry and flaky itself, so this is quite a soothing option to rub over the belly.

Again, those essential oil smells will be inhaled with delight as the trimesters progress.

Then, once the baby is out in the world, it is safe and reliable to rub on all parts of the body.

This moisturiser is also highly recommended as a nappy solution as it is soft, sensitive, and smells great for baby’s bottom.

Where can I buy Gaia Natural Baby Moisturiser?

Another great thing about this product is that it is so easy and accessible to buy. It is also extremely affordable.

The product is available from Chemist Warehouse, both in store and online.

While the RRP is normally about $11.50, from Chemist Warehouse a bottle of 250ml Gaia Natural Baby Moisturiser is just $9.99.

This is highly affordable and can be bought in bulk, as having some bottles of this delight stored away will certainly come in handy.

Of course, it can be a tough decision knowing what moisturiser is best to buy for a newborn baby.

With so many available online, including well known brands such as Johnson & Johnson and Palmers and the like, it is no wonder that such as a simple thing as moisturiser becomes overwhelming.

What makes Gaia Natural Baby Moisturiser stand out?

When it comes to a natural and organic product, Gaia is certainly a brand to trust.

All their products and ingredients are certified, using only naturally derived and organic oils.

What’s more, the products are made on shore in Australia, meaning their environmental impact in terms of shipping is lessened, and there are no ethical dilemmas around the company.

Finally, the products are tailored to sensitive skin and really do take into account the needs of a newborn baby’s skin.

Is Gaia Natural Baby Moisturiser good value for money?

Perhaps the only downside of Gaia Natural Baby Moisturiser is the value for money concern.

Granted, a 250 ml bottle can seem rather small for a seemingly high price.

Certainly, there are other products on the market that offer more volume for a lower price, or the same price.

The difference lies in the quality of the product. Gaia Natural Baby Moisturiser is one that is quality over quantity.

The fact that the products are all naturally derived and organic mean that they have a longer lasting effect.

This means that the product won’t need to be used as much.

For example, using Gaia Natural Baby Moisturiser just three times a week is the same as using another product on a daily basis.

This is how the product can stretch further for the price than you might originally think.

More information about Gaia Natural Baby Moisturiser

Last but not least, Gaia was created by a mother herself.

Started in 2002 when a woman named Michelle couldn’t find a moisturising solution for her son’s sensitive skin, after he developed eczema at just 8 weeks, she created her own product.

This means that the products are developed from real life experience and understand the real life importance of caring for a baby’s skin.

After all, there is no touch like a mother’s touch, and Gaia Natural Baby Moisturiser certainly has that mum’s touch!

How much does it cost?

RRP $11.50

Where to buy?

Get discounted price at Amazon Australia