iBaby Video Monitor M6S Review

iBaby Video Monitor M6S Review

Once upon a time if you wanted to check on your sleeping baby you had to get up and make the trek to their bedroom; archaic, I know! But for parents of newborns or anyone with a sick or needy baby, this could mean constant visits to check in.

Audio baby monitors have been around for decades are have allowed parents to listen in and get an idea if something is wrong. But digital technology has trumped this more recently, with dedicated video monitors for your little one you can keep an eye as well as an ear on them, even when you are away from home.

You can monitor your precious bundle with a home security system of course, but the latest generation of baby monitors offers many more features tailored specifically to caring for and nurturing your baby rather than just watching him.

Baby monitors are mostly designed to watch your baby in real time, so they work to comprehensively assess how your baby is right now and alert you if anything is wrong. Most will have one camera angle on the cot, and while they should all be supported with night vision, most won’t be especially high resolution (but will be sufficient for your needs). They usually don’t record or store much video footage if any.

However, you will get some lovely features, including those that check temperature and humidity in the room, those that provide two-way audio, so you can talk to your baby, and also those that play lullabies and holograms to help send them off to dreamland.

Today we are reviewing the iBaby Monitor M6S, which is a lovely reasonably priced gadget that ticks many of the above boxes.

iBaby Monitor M6S – Quick Overview

Full features – this baby monitor offers all of the basic features you might need plus some awesome extras the others don’t have. Includes two-way audio, high-quality video day and night, temperature and humidity checks as well as the capacity to play soothing music for your baby.

Almost 360 degrees pan and tilt – using your smart device you can pan and tilt the camera to see the entire room

Motion and Sound Captured Video – unlike other cameras, this model records 15-second clips of video when triggered by a motion or sound incident, with the capacity to store up to 100 clips


This monitor is generally one of the best regarded on the market. It offers all of the basic features that you could want in a video monitor system for your baby but throws in some lovely extras as well.

Described as a ‘tilted snowman’, this is a unique looking model that is really quite cute and won’t look weird in your nursery décor.


· Motion and sound alerts
· Viewable through smart devices
· 1080p camera with night vision
· Two-way audio allows you to listen or speak to your baby
· Temperature and humidity sensors
· Plays pre-programmed lullabies as well as your own music
· Mechanical pan and tilt to allow you to see more of the room (great if you’re searching for a wandering toddler)
· Motion and sound activated recording
· Works through an easy to use app
· Up to 4 users can access the feed

The image quality is excellent in both day and night feeds, with clear colours and crisp resolution. All features can be accessed through the app and are very responsive.

The tilt and pan movement of the camera is virtually silent and won’t bother your baby.

It is easy to install, set-up and use.

Potential drawbacks

The item RRPs at around $180 however with savvy online shopping you can find it as low as $120. (We have also seen it as high as $400 so definitely shop around!) At full price, it is at the higher end of baby video monitors, but it is worth the money.

This monitor can be seen and controlled from an app on Android or iOS mobile systems but doesn’t provide any access from the web.

Price of Product and Similar Products

RRP around $180

While the cheapest baby monitors with video capacity seem to retail as low as $70, you probably won’t get a decent one for less than $100. The iBaby is on the middle to upper end of monitors in terms of price, but is very good value for money, especially if you shop around for a good deal.

Similar products include:

Netgear Arlo Baby 1080p HD Monitoring Camera: RRP $129

Infant Optics DXR-8:  RRP $169

Behind the Brand and Manufacturer

iBaby Labs have been making digital baby products since 2011 and are excellent at what they do. Based in the US and selling to over 35 countries, this is a company highly reviewed and well trusted by parents.

They have released several generations of the video monitor and just keep going from strength to strength. This model is top rated and has been award-winning.

The company also makes audio and room condition monitors, which are little works of art to look at and go well in any beautiful baby room.

They design their products to not only look good and work well but to be very easy to use, which will make a stressed parent’s life easier rather than adding new challenges.

Review Summary and Thoughts

Although not the cheapest baby video monitor around, this one really is the best value for money. It offers everything you need in a monitoring system but some extras that the others don’t, including camera pan and tilt to cover the whole room and motion- and sound-activated recording.

You can watch your baby from wherever you are as well as listen to him and talk to him. You can monitor the conditions of the room and are alerted if there are any noise, movement or condition changes that you need to know about. You can play lullabies as well as your own choice of music.

Everything is accessed through the easy to use app which works with all common smart devices.

High quality and convenient to use, we recommend this monitor.

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