Solidea Recovery Shorts Review

Solidea Recovery Shorts Review

When you stop and think about the amazing journey that was pregnancy, it is no wonder that many women need some recovery time.

From the physical changes that happen to the body to the emotional rollercoaster ridden throughout those 9 months, pregnancy is undeniably exhausting.

And at the end of all the waiting time and bodily changes, you still have to push and scream through hours of labor until the precious baby is born.

All of this that happens to the body, from conception to delivery, takes an enormous toll.

One of the hardest parts of recovering from pregnancy is that you can’t actually rest the way your body needs, given that there is a newborn baby to tend to.

The body needs a lot of muscular support to allow full recovery.

Whilst bed rest would be the best way to get this, it just isn’t possible amongst the hectic schedule of a new mother.

In fact, getting enough sleep each night is going to be a challenge enough.

Therefore, sometimes it helps your body to give some extra support to heal from the muscle strain of pregnancy, labour, and delivery.

One great way to provide this support in the first postpartum weeks is by investing in Solidea recovery shorts.

There are a few different recovery shorts options on the market, so let’s take a look at what they actually are and what they do, and why Solidea is a good choice for your postpartum recovery.

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What are recovery shorts?

Put plainly, recovery shorts are lightweight shorts that are worn as undergarments to support the body after carrying a child and giving birth.

Solidea recovery shorts are medical grade and therefore provide medical compression to aid post-childbirth recovery.

Solidea recovery shorts are made in Italy from quality fabric.

They have a patented 3D wave fabric that makes them lightweight and bearable to wear all day long.

The last thing you want after childbirth is a pair of uncomfortable shorts!

The shorts are thick yet discreet, and tight yet breathable. They just have the right amount of comfort level to be worn for long periods and not feel like your thighs are totally compressed.

Even better, you can wear any type of pants or skirts over them and they aren’t noticeable at all.

How do recovery shorts work?

There are many elements that come together to provide the medical grade recovery support of Solidea recovery shorts.

Firstly, they are worn high on the waist to offer support to key areas of the body affected by pregnancy and delivery.

These areas include the lower back, pelvis, abdominal muscles (DRAM), and pelvic floor.

The reason these areas are in need of support is because they are prone to muscular complications after labor and delivery.

Therefore, wearing these shorts helps to prevent any unnecessary muscle damage or tearing.

After all, you don’t want a strained muscle in your body when you’ve got a newborn to take care of.

Furthermore, the fabric of Solidea shorts contributes to the medical grade standing.

The fabric they are made of is actually designed to minimise swelling.

This is really important, as you will have noticed that throughout pregnancy your body swells a lot.

This is due to water retention in the body as a result of hormonal changes.

Solidea recovery shorts helps to ease the swelling and reduce the impact of it after giving birth, as the hormones change again.

The shorts also regulate the body temperature, meaning you don’t get too hot or cold while wearing them.

The stimulated support to the core muscles helps you stand upright and not slouch while nursing your baby.

And best of all, the shorts helps you get that pre-baby body back on track in less time. That is good news for new mums!

What makes Solidea stand out against competitors?

First and foremost, Solidea recovery shorts are medical grade, unlike some of the competitors on the market.

This means that they are actively recommended by obstetricians and physiotherapists.

Solidea recovery shorts have balanced uniform compression which refocuses and retrains the muscles.

This prevents the muscles from healing after childbirth in a less effective way.

It also prevents joint fatigue while relieving stress and pain.

Furthermore, the silver ions technology is a fresh and modern solution to bacteria, odour, and microbial build up so they stay fresh and less smelly for longer.

Are they really worth the money?

With a price tag of $129, it can be worth asking if these recovery shorts are really worth it, especially when there are cheaper competitors on the market.

Just remember that Solidea recovery shorts are medical grade compression garments, whereas others are not.

The main reason these shorts are so worthwhile is that they eliminate a whole lot of extra stress of recovering from pregnancy.

The entire process from conception to delivery has taken a greater toll on your body than you may have realised.

If you have prior muscle or joint issues, your doctor or midwife may even suggest these shorts as a solution.

They are excellent for providing muscle relief, core support, and removing toxins and water retention in a comfortable way.

Solidea recovery shorts are not to be worn during pregnancy, but can be up to two months after giving birth.

They come in a range of discrete sizes and colours, such as black or tan, and are comfortable and breathable to wear under your everyday clothing.

Because the fabric they are made of is designed to repel odours and bacterial build up, you can wear them multiple times without washing, meaning you only need to invest in one pair.

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