La Clinica Organic For Baby Soothing Lotion Review

La Clinica Organic For Baby Soothing Lotion Review

Safe and Soothing Lotion for Beautiful Baby Skin

The skin is our largest organ, and it has a big job to do as the first line of defence for our body from the outside world.

There’s nothing quite like the smooth soft skin of a new baby; but because baby’s skin is constantly developing, it’s very vulnerable and sensitive.

Choosing the right lotion to help care for your baby’s skin is very important.

The best product for your baby will depend on their type of skin, and your personal preferences.

Lotions absorb into the skin quickly and provide valuable protection and moisture.

Always check the ingredients to ensure there are no nasty chemicals in the product that may aggravate your baby’s skin.

Organic for baby soothing lotion by La Clinica, is specially formulated to soothe and smooth skin, and treat any inflamed or irritated areas with safe and effective organic ingredients.

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About Organic for baby soothing lotion, and how to use

Many healthcare professionals advise against using lotions on newborn baby’s for the first month, as their delicate skin may be prone to irritation.

When you begin using lotions, patch test a small area first before applying liberally to ensure there’s no adverse reactions.

Apply a generous amount on baby’s skin, avoiding the eye area, after baths, during a lovely baby massage, and before bed to support your little one’s young skin.

Organic For Baby Soothing lotion contains Spring Water and organic extracts of Chamomile and Calendula.

Other ingredients include:

Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Rose Hip and Boswellia.  La Clinica don’t use any potentially harmful ingredients such as petro-chemicals or parabens in their products.

This Australian made product will leave your babies skin feeling soft, supple and nourished.

Quick Features: What Stands Out?

· Australian made
· No Mineral Oil or nasty chemicals
· Made with certified organic ingredients
· Treats irritated and inflamed skin
· Keeps skin moisturised, nourished and soft

About the Company

La Clinica for skin and body was formed in 1995 and is 100% Australian owned and operated.

They have a certified manufacturing facility in Melbourne Victoria, and produce a range of different skincare products for all ages.

They also supply skin care therapists, doctors, and training facilities with professional “practitioner only” treatments.

The company has a focus on wellbeing and environmental factors, aiming to reduce their carbon footprint.

They do not test their products on animals, and pride themselves on combining their world-class formulas with the best Australian standards.

They are a trusted Australian brand, whose philosophy holds consumer health and safety as a priority.

My Personal Experience with La Clinica Organic For Baby Soothing Lotion

Like most new Mums I couldn’t wait for those beautiful bonding moments of baby massages, and applying lotion to my baby’s perfect skin.

I followed advice and avoided oils and lotions on my newborn for the first few weeks.

We live in a very warm seaside climate, so there’s quite a lot of exposure to the sun and sea air.

Within four weeks, my baby’s skin was appearing quite dry, so I applied a popular baby lotion after his bath, not giving much thought to the ingredients.

To my horror, his skin became red and blotchy in places, as he appeared to have a reaction to the lotion.

I gently sponged his skin with a warm cloth and within a few hours it had settled down.

I left it another week before trying another lotion, this time I decided to test an organic product and chose Organic For Baby Soothing Lotion.

I tested a small area and there was no reaction. I applied the lotion liberally, and my little boys skin was just perfect.


Now I could start the beautiful baby massages.

It turned out he hated being massaged, so that didn’t last long. (My second baby loved it, so I eventually got my moment!)

At around six months my second little boy developed a light rash around his mouth area, the Organic For Baby Soothing Lotion does wonders to settle it down.

This product is the perfect fit for my babies and comes highly recommended. But as always, every baby is different.

The most important thing, is to test lotions on a small area before applying all over the body.


· Australian owned and operated
· Certified organic ingredients
· Good value for money for an organic product
· Settles down inflammations and rashes
· Gentle on sensitive skin
· Leaves skin smooth, soft and hydrated


· No cons here, we love it.
· Organic for baby soothing lotion price
· 250ml lotion retails for around $9.50 in the major supermarkets which may be a bit over priced

Where to buy

Coles and Woolworths supermarkets, Amcal, Chemists Warehouse, and most major chemists.You can also order it from the La Clinica website for $12

Get discounted price at: Amazon Australia

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How much does it cost?

RRP $12 (Get discounted price in stores)