Bellamys Organic Baby Rice Cereal Review

Bellamys Organic Baby Rice Cereal Review

Giving birth to a bundle of joy sets your life on a whole new mission.

Each month brings with it something new and exciting (or terrifying) to figure out along the way.

Babies do not come with a manual in any way, but thankfully there are many great products and information available to give you a helping hand at different points.

For the first 4-5 months of your baby’s life, they will most likely happily be drinking breastmilk.

This is natural, organic, and easy to find since you produce it right in front of you (literally!).

Sometimes, babies might need some feeding assistance from formula, but this is whole different story.

For the most part, breastmilk will be the go to.

However, this can’t always be the case.

Soon enough, you need to start the transition from breast milk to solid food.

This doesn’t mean going from breastfeeding one day to serving up some cooked carrots the next.

Rather, it needs to be a process that you ease your baby into.

A great product available to start this journey to solid food is Bellamy’s Organic Baby Rice Cereal.

From around the age of 4 months, give or take some time depending on your baby’s individual needs, they might start indicating that they are ready to try something different on their palate.

The first transitional period should involve a mixture of breastfeeding and small amounts of solid foods.

Bellamy’s Organic Baby Rice Cereal is a good option to go with since they are simple, natural, and organic.

The best part of it, they can be mixed with breastmilk, meaning the flavour will be familiar to your baby.

When can my baby eat it?

As babies progress in those first important few months of life, they start to transition from just breast feeding to a combination of breast milk and solid foods.

This really is a transition period and something that takes a lot of time, depending on the baby’s appetite.

It is quite an adjustment period for a baby to start having something solid in their mouth.

Remember, up until now, they have only consumed the amniotic water in the womb and mum’s breast milk!

However, at around 4 months old, the transition really kicks into gear.

This is a good time to introduce Bellamy’s Organic Baby Rice Cereal.

Since it is such a simple mixture, it is a good starting point.

The texture isn’t too overwhelming and is can be made quite moist, almost resembling breast milk.

In fact, you can mix the rice cereal with breastmilk, or water.

This way, the taste won’t be off putting for the baby. As your baby starts to get used to the new flavours and textures in their mouth, you can mix Bellamy’s Organic Baby Rice Cereal with apple puree or something similar.

This helps to speed up the transitional period.

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What are they made of?

There is really just one made ingredient in Bellamy’s Organic Baby Rice Cereal, and that is a simple cereal made of soft rice flakes.

There are just mild flavours that aren’t overly scented or sweetened at all, keeping it organic and natural.

There are no added sugars, salts, flavours, or additives, which is perfect for the baby’s pure palate.

There is some added iron in Bellamy’s Organic Baby Rice Cereal.

This is to help keep the blood flow and haemoglobin development in a good condition for the baby during this feeding transition.

As for preparing Bellamy’s Organic Baby Rice Cereal, it is really simple.

You just need to add some water or breast milk to the mixture. This can be made as thin or thick as you like.

It is really up to you and your judgement on the day.

Later on, after 5 or 6 months you can start adding other flavours such as apple puree for more interest to your baby.

Just remember to steer clear of sugars and additives as this isn’t a healthy option.

How healthy are they?

The ingredients of Bellamy’s Organic Baby Rice Cereal are really natural and organic.

It is made of 99% organic rice, which is just a pure and simple way to introduce your baby to solids.

There is also some organic vegetable oil, mineral vitamin, Vitamin C, and a rosemary extract to create a light and mild flavour.

All in all, Bellamy’s Organic Baby Rice Cereal is a really healthy way to get your baby consuming something more than breastmilk and start the journey on to solid foods.

One packet of Bellamy’s Organic Baby Rice Cereal has 17 servings available, based on 1 tablespoon of dry cereal to 2 tablespoons of water or breastmilk.

This makes it not only a healthy option, but also one that is great value for money, with each packet costing just $3.95.

How does it compare on the market?

Naturally, the transition from breastfeeding to solid foods is a journey that requires lots of options.

Bellamy’s Organic Baby Rice Cereal is just one option available on the market.

There are many other choices around too, if you’re looking for some variety.

However, Bellamy’s Organic Baby Rice Cereal does offer great value for money and the health benefits of no additives or sugar.

This is one of the main things to look out for when checking the ingredients of any competitors.

So, let’s look at the nutritional value of a few similar products.

These figures are based on an average serving of 47 grams, for Bellamy’s Organic Rice Cereal. In Bellamy’s Organic Baby Rice Cereal, there are 17 servings of this amount, and a similar number for the competitors.




Bellamy’s Organic Baby Rice Cereal (47g serving size) Rafferty’s Garden Food (74g serving size) Farex Baby Food Rice Cereal (45g serving size)
Energy 117kj 236kj 75kj
Protein 0.5g 1.3g 0.3g
Fat 0.3g 0.5g 0.2g
Dietary Fibre 0.2g / /
Sodium 0.3mg 0mg 1mg
Iron 1.7mg / /
Vitamin C 2mg / /

Where to buy?

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