Lansinoh Ultra Thin Stay Dry Nursing Pads Review

Lansinoh Ultra Thin Stay Dry Nursing Pads Review

Expecting mothers can also expect to experience a little leaking from their nipples as their body begins to produce nourishing breast milk.

This is a wonderful and natural occurrence, but for mum it can be a bit of an inconvenience.

No one likes needing to wash out breast milk marks from unwanted leaking.

Every mum’s body will react to her pregnancy differently, and leaking for some can start very early on; much sooner than necessary as you still have quite a ways to go until your newborn comes into the world.

The best way to manage this leaking is with nursing pads.

You may also know them as breast pads or maternity pads, but whatever you call them they are a lifesaver for mums whose breast milks leaks.

This mother of two has experienced everything you could possibly imagine related to motherhood and breastfeeding, which lead to the use of many different nursing pads to find out which brands were suitable.

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One such suitable brand that come highly recommended is Lansinoh® Ultra Thin, Stay Dry Nursing Pads:

Lansinoh® Ultra Thin, Stay Dry Nursing Pads

  • Extremely Absorbent – Ultra Thin, Stay Dry Pads can hold up to 20 times their weight.
  • BLUE LOCK™ Core – The specially designed core evenly disperses absorbed moisture.
  • Waterproof Layer – The waterproof back to the pads prevents leaking into mum’s clothing.
  • Naturally Contoured Design – The design that curves around mum’s nipples is extra thin for discretion and doesn’t bunch up or crinkle when put in place.
  • Soft and Breathable – Super soft pads that allow your nipples to breathe provide maximum comfort.

Ultra Thin, Stay Dry Nursing Pads – How to Use Them

Applying nursing pads is a quick and easy process, so mum doesn’t have to be concerned over some lengthy, complicated endeavor.

It’s as simple as sticking the nursing pad into your bra and having it absorb moisture all day, or all night, long! But here’s a more in-depth analysis of how to properly use your Lansinoh Nursing Pads.

Each Ultra Thin, Stay Dry pad is individually wrapped for hygiene, keeping them all separate, secure, and safe from outside contamination.

When opened, the backs of the pads each have two adhesive strips which you gently press into your bra after ensuring you have the pad aligned properly with your nipple.

With the pad securely attached to your bra and pressed against your nipple, you won’t have to worry about leaking milk getting out and making a mess.

The pads are super absorbent and will draw the moisture away from your body and contain it inside the pad, but if you begin to feel any wetness it’s time to switch out for a new pad.

This means the leaking breast milk is no longer being completely absorbed, and you want a nursing pad to absorb any extra leakage for your own personal health and hygiene.

Lansinoh® Ultra Thin, Stay Dry Nursing Pads – Pricing Guide and Similar Products

As the new and improved version of Lansinoh’s original Stay Dry Nursing Pads, which are a #1 bestseller in the US, Lansinoh®Ultra Thin, Stay Dry Nursing Pads were made to be even better.

But how does this quality affect the price of these nursing pads?

Lansinoh’s Australian-website includes three places where you can buy their Ultra Thin, Stay Dry Nursing Pads: Chemist Warehouse, Amcal, and SuperPharmacy. Based on their prices for the product, a 60-pack of Lansinoh® Ultra Thin, Stay Dry Nursing Pads costs around $15 whereas the smaller 24-pack is around $6 based on where you purchase themfrom.

How do the price and quality of the Lansinoh Nursing Pads compare to other similar products from competitive brands?

Here’s some information on other nursing pads this mum has personally tried to help give you an idea:

  • Pigeon’s Breast Pads Honeycomb – Pigeon Baby’s website sells three pack-sizes of their Breast Pads Honeycomb, nursing pads that utilize a special honeycomb design for absorption and dispersion, with the following prices: 24 at $6.49 and 50 at $10.39.
  • Johnson’s Ultraform Nursing Pads – Johnson’s Ultraform Nursing Pads are endorsed by the Australian Breastfeeding Association, showing their quality and renown, but are priced higher than competitors, with their 24-pack costing around $7.
  • Philips Avent Breast Pads – Philips Avent produces a number of various breast pads, including ones designed to be worn at night, during the day, and rewashable pad, with the pricing varying based on the type.

Compared to the others, the Ultra Thin, Stay Dry Nursing Pads are similarly priced and are of a similar quality; which you purchase is a decision each mum must make for herself based on her own opinions on each brand and how comfortable she finds the various pads to be.

Lansinoh – The History of the Company

Buying any particular product is showing your support for the company that manufactures it and the ideals their business stands for.

When it comes to baby gear, either for baby or mum, it’s especially important to know who you’re dealing with and what your money is going towards.

It’s not enough that you’re getting a quality product; you need to know that the people who make it are good people.

So, lets take a look into Lansinoh’s history to see what their company stands for.

Lansinoh was founded in 1984 as a way to help bring pure alternative products to the market for breastfeeding mums based on the experience of the founder, Resheda Hagen.

Prior to the company’s founding Resheda had become a mother to her first child in Portland, Oregan.

She had difficulties breastfeeding and needed something to help her sensitive, sore nipples, but had a difficult time getting her hands on something effective.

Her struggles are what inspired her to create Lansinoh to make the breastfeeding experience easier on other mums all over the world.

Isn’t it great to hear about how the company started with a mum wanting to help out other expecting and nursing mothers?

It’s truly inspiring!

Our Rating

Price 10/10
Comfort 9/10
Quality 9/10
Absorption 9/10
Brand 10/10
Overall Rating 9.4/10

How much does it cost?

24-pack is around $6

Where to buy?

Direct Chemist Outlet