Huggies Baby Wipes Review

Huggies Baby Wipes Review

Before you have babies, you’d be excused for thinking that baby wipes are just for messy baby bottoms.

But they are actually a miracle product, that can do anything, and that no organised person should be without.

But I’m getting a little ahead of myself.

When you have a baby, there’s a couple of things you absolutely have to have. Baby wipes is one of these.

Whether you decide to go with cloth nappies or disposables, or you are that brave soul who decides to potty train from birth, you will need something easy and handy to wipe your baby’s tush.

It is possible to make your own reusable wipes, which may be great for the environment, but I certainly don’t expect any first-time mum (or any mum of a newborn for that matter) to have that level of organisation.

Some amazing alternate uses for baby wipes

Clever mums definitely don’t stop carrying around baby wipes just because their children are no longer babies.

Here are some great alternate uses for this miracle product.

· Cleaning faces and hands (especially when you are dropping your child off at a school which is strictly a nut-free zone, and you discover he’s still covered in this morning’s peanut butter toast)
· Cleaning toilet seats, or any public seats really
· Giving a dirty food court table a once over before you eat your lunch
· Wiping some serious stains out of adult clothing, especially of light coloured outfits, including oil based stains
· Removing stains from carpet
· Removing makeup
· Patting yourself down after a trip to the gym
· Cleaning the dashboard in your car

Disposable baby wipes are the easy go to for a parent’s sanity, and highly recommended. But how do you know which brand to use?

Today we are reviewing the Huggies brand baby wipes.

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We’ve previously talked about the Huggies brand nappies, and the excellent strength of the brand name.

Everybody knows Huggies, and quite often they are the first brand you go to when your tiny one is born.

You probably figure that they are this popular for a reason, and all of the customers who keep coming back must be satisfied.

Huggies baby wipes are a good and reliable product.

They come in a couple of varieties, all of which are free from alcohol, soap and parabens.

The varieties include Fragrance Free, Cucumber and Aloe, Coconut, and Sensitive Skin.

They are designed to be thick, soft and absorbent, and are thoroughly dermatologically tested.

They are specifically designed to soothe and moisturise baby skin while hygienically cleaning and protecting that cute little butt.

Let’s break it down.



These wipes are definitely lovely and soft, and very kind to a baby butt.

They reduce the likelihood of nappy rash, and will get even dry crusted poop off gently and efficiently.

Something else to consider is not just how they feel on baby, but given how often your own hands are all over them, how they feel for you.

I found Huggies wipes to be soft and gentle on my hands also, and kept them nicely moisturised.


The Huggies wipes are reasonably priced.

There are cheaper options, and there are more expensive options, with Huggies falling in the upper-middle range.

However with baby wipes you do get what you pay for, so if you go cheaper, you will get a lesser product.

The more expensive brands tend to be so for a specific reason, and are either more environmentally friendly, or better for sensitive skin, made of bamboo etc.

But if you just want something reliable knowing that you will go through a lot of them and don’t want to break the bank, Huggies are an excellent choice.

Brand Strength

Huggies is of course a highly trusted brand.

The product is excellent quality and you can trust that they are tested to the required standards.

You generally know what you are getting with Huggies.

Value for Money

For a high quality product, these wipes are very nicely priced. If you look around you can often get them in special, particularly if you buy them in bulk.

As I’ve said, there are cheaper wipes, however I found these to be generally inferior products, and harder to use.

And you will use wipes so often that you will want to choose a brand you are happy with.

Ease of Use

When you are using baby wipes, there are a couple of factors that will sway your opinion, and these may surprise you.

The Huggies wipes are soft and clean and wipe a baby bottom beautifully.

You also will like their size and toughness, as if a baby wipe is too thin, easily torn or on the small side you are more likely to get poop on your hands.

These definitely keep your fingers clean, even when you are wiping up the excessive side effects of a level 5 poonami.

They also don’t tear when you are pulling them out of the dispenser, which is another annoying trait of cheaper brands.

The only drawback of these wipes I found was they were quite moist, and a little bit too wet for my children.

My babies (like many babies) suffer from chronic eczema, and leaving their bottoms wet is a big no-no.

Although Huggies do have a sensitive skin option, I found them still not quite sensitive enough for my kids, mostly because of the moisture content.

However if your children don’t have problem skin I highly recommend them.


Huggies wipes are a great product, and will generally make you very happy.

Because when you are the parent of a newborn, things like good baby wipes make you happy.

It’s part of your growth as a person into someone who appreciates the smaller things in life (and anything that makes your life easier).

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Retail price: $5 for 80 pack

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