Sudocrem Healing Cream Review

Sudocrem Healing Cream Review

Nappy rash is just one of those things that you will have to learn to live with if you are the parent of a little baby.

Nappies are an amazing thing and make your life better in so many ways.

First of all there isn’t wee and poop all over your house, your baby and yourself, which has to be a plus.

But by their very nature, nappies hold all this yukky stuff in one place, and that is smushed up against your baby’s little tush.

The chemical properties and basically just wetness of baby urine and excrement reacts with the skin and causes a rash.

The longer the nappy stays on and the more spots where the nappy rubs against the skin makes nappy rash worse.

If babies have bad reactions to what they are eating, if they are teething, if they have any viruses or infections, or if they have sensitive skin then their likelihood of nappy rash is increased.

There are a few things more heartbreaking that watching your baby in pain and not being able to stop their tears.

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My first born had eczema and I had no idea what to do to soothe it or stop him from scratching and making it worse.

He had very sensitive skin and reacted badly to most normal products, even those designed for babies’ tender skin.

So I was always on the lookout for a better product.

You can help to reduce nappy rash in a number of ways:

  • Change nappies more often, and make sure that cute little bum is dry before putting the next one on
  • Use higher quality nappies which are softer and more absorbent
  • Don’t fasten nappies so tight that they cause spots of friction and stop the skin from being able to dry and breathe
  • Teach your baby to use a potty from day one. This option is awesome for the environment but is seriously hard work. Not favoured by many parents.
  • Use a great nappy rash cream

Today we are going to review probably the oldest school nappy cream you’ll find on the market today: Sudocrem

Invented in Ireland in 1931, this thick white goo acts as a barrier cream on your baby’s skin, protecting it from the moisture held in a wet nappy.

It both stops nappy rash from happening and can be used as a gentle treatment if bubs has already has developed a skin condition.

The little grey tub and basic big print logo looks like it hasn’t been changed in decades.

But it seems right now that everything old is cool again, and we are all searching for the best home remedies that our mums and nannas used.

Fragrance free, gentle on all sorts of sensitive skin and lasts forever, there’s not much to criticise about Sudocrem.

There are quite a lot of options when it comes to nappy rash cream, and most of the popular ones will be kind to your little one’s bottom and will generally work fine.

In this area there are some very good regulations protecting what can go on the market, and parents can trust that any of the competitor’s products will be okay.

But Sudocrem is better.

Let’s break down why.



This cream is cool and soft and extremely good on sensitive skin. It feels quite lovely and your baby will love it.

It is soothing on skin that is already sore and cracked and will protect as well as heal.

You will also find it has a thousand other uses, and you can put it on cuts and abrasions, as well as your own sore nipples or even dry lips.



There may be one or two competitors’ products that are cheaper, but generally Sudocrem is still an awesome price.

There are a number of different sizes that you can buy, including a little tube that goes well in your nappy bag, and a tub that will become a solid staple on your change table.

Brand Strength


As I mentioned above, Sudocrem has been protecting tiny bums for generations.

It was probably on your bum and your parents’ bums (ok, I promise not to mention your parents’ bums again).

The quality hasn’t changed the same as the packaging hasn’t changed and people really trust the product.

And there’s excellent reasons for this. Because it is trustworthy.

Value for Money


This cream is cheap and cheerful and you need so little of it that one tub will last you months.

I’ve even found that one tub I didn’t finish on my first baby I used on my second baby two years later (I’m not necessarily recommending this is hygienic however).

What it lacks in fancy packaging and advertising, it puts into giving you an excellent and dependable product for an awesome price.

Ease of Use


This cream is thick and gooey, and creates an excellent barrier on your baby’s skin.

But because it works so well, it will also stick to your fingers, get under your fingernails and glom onto any part of your clothes that it touches.

You will probably find this not too much of a bother if like me and a lot of mums you are also covered in spit up and leaky breastmilk, and your own bad smell from not showering for two days.

But if you are a very neat person, you may like other creams more.



Sudocrem is simply a wonderful product.

As I’ve said it may not be the easiest to use, or have the prettiest packaging, but it is reliable, great value for money and so good on babies and sensitive skin.

It will really give you peace of mind, and that’s pretty much the best you can ask of a baby product, now isn’t it.

Practical stuff

Key Competitors: Am-o-lin, Lucas Papaw Ointment, Curash, Daktozin, Bepanthen Where to find them: Coles, Woolworths, IGA Supermarkets, Target, Big W, Baby Bunting Retail price: $17.99 for 250g

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How much does it cost?

Retail price: $17.99 for 250g

Where to buy?

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