Pigeon Honeycomb Breast Pads Disposable Review

Pigeon Honeycomb Breast Pads Disposable Review

Breastfeeding is completely natural, and so is mum leaking a little of the milk her body is making in preparation to feed her loving newborn.

Some women can begin leaking very early on in the pregnancy, which is an entirely normal thing to experience!

But while it’s natural and okay, no one wants to deal with the unwanted mess leaking breasts creates.

As a mother of two, leaking breasts are something this mum is all too familiar with, but luckily there is a solution for all us mums out there!

Breast pads, or you may possibly know them as either nursing pads or maternity pads, come into play here to protect your favourite clothing from being ruined when your breasts start leaking.

The idea behind breast pads is extremely simple: they’re a small absorbent, protective pad you place within your bra to soak up the leakage.

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However! Whether or not the product is up to the challenge is anything but simple.

Finding the perfect breast pad out there can be hard with all of the similar items on the markets vying for your money, so here are some tips and recommendations coming from a mum who’s already had to deal with the process of testing out different brands.

When it comes to breast pads, Pigeon’s Breast Pads Honeycomb comes to mind for one to be highly recommended.


Well, here are some of the product highlights.

Pigeon’s Breast Pads Honeycomb Features:

· Breathable Layer – Allows your skin to breathe for additional comfort.
· Gentle on Sensitive Skin – Soft pads are made from materials that are easy on sensitive skin.
· Quick Absorbency – The effective pad quickly absorbs leakage.
· Leak-Proof Coverage– The waterproof layer guarantees the leakage won’t escape the pad.
· Honeycomb Lining – Special Honeycomb design evenly spreads out absorbed moisture.
· Thin and Lightweight – Thin breast pad allows you to wear them discretely.
· Adhesive Strips – Adhesive strips stick to clothing to keep the pads in place all day.
· Comes in 24, 50, and 60 PC Packs

Honeycomb Disposable Breast Pads – How do they Work?

When it comes to using breast pads, well, it’s honestly a very straightforward process.

Mums should get the hang of wearing them in no time, in return saving them the time and effort it would take to clean up after their leaks.

Step one is pretty predictable – remove two of your honeycomb disposable breast pads from the packaging.

One for each breast.

On the back of each of the pads are some handy little adhesive strips.

You’re going to want to remove the plastic covering them so the sticky strips are exposed, although this part can be optional if you don’t need the adhesive to help keep the pads in place.

When putting your honeycomb breast pads inside your bra, make sure you align the centre of the pad with your nipple.

This positioning will assure that any leakage is going directly into the pad without any worry that it will slip out of the side.

If you’re using the adhesive strips, simply press them gently against your bra to ensure they are sticking to the material in the correct position.

And bam, you’re done!

The Breast Pads Honeycomb can absorb up to 20 times its weight and stays dry despite capturing this much leakage.

If your breast pad does start to feel wet, it’s time to switch them out – wearing a wet breast pad can irritate your nipples and no mum wants that.

Pigeon’s Honeycomb Breast Pads – Pricing Guide and Competitors

With how effective and comfortable Pigeon’s Breast Pads Honeycomb are, they completely deserve the award given to them: the Australian Mother & Baby Magazine Awards 2017 Finalist, in Breast Pads.

But the quality of the product is just one factor expecting, and nursing, mums have to consider when buying their breast pads.

Price is a huge factor, so the affordability of the product is very important. It’s good to pay a little extra to ensure you’re getting high quality goods, mum needs to take care of herself and her breasts after all, but mothers have a lot on their plate and a good deal can go a long way to help out.

Pigeon’s website is a great place to buy your Pigeon Breast Pads Honeycomb right at the source, and they even offer free shipping for orders over $65 in Australia.

You can also pick up a pack of Honeycomb Disposable Breast Pads at your favourite local pharmacy, such as Chemist Warehouse.

If Pigeon’s breast pads are out of your price range, or you have another problem with their product or simply prefer a difference brand, that’s quite alright! Pigeon’s Breast Pads Honeycomb is just one of many great breast pad products.

Other nursing pads this mum has tested and can vouch for are competitor brands such as Johnson’s Ultraform Nursing Pads, Lansinoh Nursing Pads, and Philips Avent Breast Pads.

Pigeon’s Honeycomb pattern is what makes their breast pads special and unique, but each of their competitors are also from high-quality, renowned baby and nursing companies as well so their products can give Pigeon a run for their money.

Johnson’s Ultraform Nursing Pads, for example, have a nipple indent in the design that sets them apart from competitors and mums may prefer this over Pigeon’s Honeycomb Pads.

Pigeon – About the Brand

After taking a look at the product, it’s time to dig deeper into who makes these Breast Pads Honeycomb – Pigeon.

Staying informed on the details of the companies providing your baby gear is one of a mother’s many duties, but it’s important to ensure they’re giving you the very best for you and your child while upholding your family values.

Pigeon was established in 1957 and has since grown to become one of the leading manufacturers of baby care products worldwide.

Pigeon was founded in Japan, by Yuichi Nakata, and is still headquartered in Japan today with subsidiaries spreading around the globe.

With the limited technology of the time, Mr. Nakata gathered his own research data and studied the ways in which babies nursed in order to produce the best artificial teats for his baby bottles, and his company continues to have a solid research foundation to this day to provide the best products for their customers.

Final Thoughts on Pigeon’s Breast Pads Honeycomb

With the inconvenience of breast leakage, it’s a great relief to have brands like Pigeon looking out for us mums by continuing to create high quality breast pads and other products to make life a little easier.

Pricing, absorption, and comfort are some of the top factors to keep in mind when considering which breast pads to buy and in this mum’s opinion, Pigeon’s Breast Pads Honeycomb meet all of these criteria with flying colours.

Protect your clothes while being gentle on your breasts with the Disposable Honeycomb Breast Pads.

Our Rating

Price 9/10
Comfort 9/10
Quality 10/10
Absorption 10/10
Brand 9/10
Overall Rating 9.4/10

How much does it cost?

RRP $18.95 (Pigeon Disposable Nursing Pads Ultra Slim 50)

Where to buy?

Get discounted price at Amazon Australia