Medela Swing Maxi Review

Medela Swing Maxi Review

A mother’s breast milk, hands down, beats baby formula any day.

It’s a far more natural sustenance for a newborn that is packed with essential vitamins and nutrients that will help the child develop both physically and mentally.

However breastfeeding can be difficult, as many mothers can attest to. Mothers face the risk of sore nipples, breast infections and improper latch-ons from a hungry baby.

There is the fear that maybe they’re not getting enough milk.
Innovation saves the day, and many mothers’ breasts, by introducing breast pumps.

Now mums who want to breastfeed their precious babies but may have problems breastfeeding them directly have an easy solution that allows them to provide their baby with all the healthy breast milk they require.

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Electric breast pumps can be both a life saver and a time saver, letting you quickly pump the milk needed.

Personal experience, along with raving reviews from friends and family who have also used the product, help point to one particularly excellent electric breast pump – the Medela Maxi Electric Breast Pump.

The Medela Maxi Electric Breast Pump features:

· Single and Double pump options
· 2-Phase Expression technology
· Swiss-designed motor
· PersonalFit breast shield
· Microwave-safe for sterilization
· Simple-to-Use 4 button control with clip
· Easy Assembly/Disassembly
· Compact and Portable

Swing Maxi Breast Pump – How is it Used?

Being a breastfeeding mother of two, and hearing about the Medela Maxi Electric Breast Pump from a number of reliable sources, it was time to look into researching and using the product personally.

With this experience it’s easy to say the Swing Maxi Breast Pump has a number of incredible features that makes using it better than using similar products.

And using it is such an easy task to accomplish!

First step first, mum will want to thoroughly clean and sterilize each individual part of the pump for both mother and baby’s safety.

Thoroughly washing it in the sink, on the top rack or in the cutlery areas in dishwashers, or completely submerging each part and boiling them for five minutes should do the trick.

Cleanliness is very important so you don’t contaminate the pump or the breast milk.

Pump assembly comes next – but make sure everything has dried first!

Setting up the pump takes nearly no time at all, with all of the pieces coming together for a quick and easy setup, a great attribute for the pump to have with how busy a mum’s schedule can be!

Included with your Medela Electric Breast Pump is a mains adapter. At this point it’s time to plug it in.

Or, instead, the pump can be operated by battery power – simply insert 6 AAA Micro 1.5 V batteries into the electric pump controller to power the device.

At this point the pump is ready for use!

The PersonalFit breast shield makes for such a comfortable fit and is so gentle on the breasts.

And when pumping, the remote has easy-to-use controls that you can use to easily adjust the vacuum to optimize your comfort: better comfort = a better milk flow!

On top of that, to stimulate mom’s flow of milk, Medela’s Swing Maxi Breast Pump utilizes a special 2-Phase Expression technology to simulate the natural sucking experience of a baby at its mother’s breast.

It’s an all-around easy process to setup and use the Medela Maxi Electric Breast Pump – both the single and double pump versions – with a great, optimal breast milk output.

The Electric Breast Pump – Pricing Guide and Competitors

Moms need to get the most out of their money.

Raising a child is a pricey endeavor after all and you want to give them the best while choosing what’s best for your wallet.

Well, the Medela Maxi Electric Breast Pump is just that!

Depending on region, a number of retailers carry Medela’s high-quality breastfeeding products, including the Swing Maxi Breast Pump.

Most well-known chemist outlets like Priceline Pharmacy, Slade Pharmacies, and Chemist Warehouse carry their products, along with most other local Australian pharmacies.

Even online sellers carry the Medela Maxi Electric Breast Pump, including Chemist Warehouse which is Australia’s #1 Online Pharmacy.

For pricing, the exact price may vary depending on which location is selling it.

It’s recommended that you check around at the retailers in your area to see who is offering the best deals at the time.

Moms may consider alternatives to the Medela Maxi Electric Breast Pump, such as the Electric Breast Pump Pro from Pigeon or the Calypso Electric Breastpump, which is completely fine! Every woman is different and may find she prefers a particular breast pump over another.

However, when it comes to quality craftsmanship, effective pumping, and affordable pricing, moms should definitely consider the Medela Maxi Electric Breast Pump as it is certainly one of the top products on the market!

The Medela Company – About the Manufacturer

All mothers have a right to be critical when choosing what products to buy and who to buy from.

Mums want what’s best for their children, after all.

When it comes to the Medela Maxi Electric Breast Pump, some people may wonder who exactly Medela is as a company.

Well wonder no more because here’s the scoop on the manufacturer of the Swing Maxi Pump.

Medela is a Switzerland-based company centered around breastfeeding products, founded all the way back in 1961 by Ollie Larsson – a mother!

Her son, Michael, helped to expand the company into what it is today, investing in medical vacuum technology to provide women with the best breast pumps for optimal milk flow along with creating designs for customer comfort.

Moms can be relieved at how family-oriented the company is and how well-made their quality breastfeeding products are, like the Medela Maxi Electric Breast Pump.

The company strives to provide its customers with the most efficient pumps on the market and you can rest assured that that is exactly what you will be getting.

Final Thoughts on the Medela Maxi Electric Breast Pump

Breastfeeding is a beautiful experience that allows a mother to create a genuine bond with her loving newborn.

Providing her child with this vital nutrition is incomparable to anything else in the world.

With how important breastfeeding is between a mother and child, it’s very important to go with quality products.

Quality is worth paying a little extra to ensure the best for both mother and child, a personal belief held dear as a mother.

Pricing, quality, efficiency, and so many incredible features come together in the Swing Maxi Electric Pump, making it a highly recommended item that’s advisable to be used by all breastfeeding mums.

Product Rating:

· Price – 8/10
· Comfort – 10/10
· Quality – 9/10
· Milk Expression – 9/10
· Brand – 10/10
· Assembly/Cleaning – 8/10

How much does it cost?

The RRP for the product is: $449. However, it is sold at a much discounted price at retails stores.

Where to buy?

Get a discounted price at: Amazon Australia