Safe Vaccines in Pregnancy

Safe Vaccines in Pregnancy

Not all vaccines are safe in pregnancy. However, there are a few vaccines which must be used during pregnancy to prevent diseases which may be transmitted from the mother to the baby.

What is a Vaccine?

A vaccine, is an antigen (a germ) injected into the body to help prevent us

from infectious diseases.

This antigen is used in two forms, killed or live. The live antigens are very few in quantity so that they are harmless if injected but helpful in preventing disease in future by forming antibodies (fighters) against them.

Why do we administer vaccines in a pregnant woman?

In pregnancy, vaccines are important to be given to the pregnant women to prevent diseases in mother and the baby who may be exposed inside the uterus or during delivery, but only the killed ones are safe to give.

Types of vaccines which are considered safe during pregnancy


Influenza is a condition which affects a lot of people throughout the year. It is transmitted via inhalation of air droplets of an infected person.

This vaccine is mostly given to all pregnant women during flu season.

Hepatitis A & B

Hepatitis A is a condition which can transmitted via the faeces of an infected person. Hepatitis B, on the other hand, is transmitted via blood, birth and intercourse.

This vaccine must be given to all exposed and unexposed pregnant women.


Pneumonia is a chest infection. It is transmitted via inhalation of air droplets. If not treated, this infection might spread to other organs of the body.

This vaccine is required only for high risk women.

Meningitis & Typhoid

Meningitis and typhoid are two of the most aggressive diseases known to man. Meningitis and typhoid are transmitted via air droplets and faeces of an infected person respectively.

This vaccine is reserved for high risk women.

Note: These are just a few safe vaccines and should only be administered by a registered nurse or under a doctor’s supervision.