Diagnosing Pregnancy

Diagnosing Pregnancy

The two methods used to diagnose whether a woman is pregnant or not are as follows:

Signs and Symptoms Analysis

Pregnancy is a very sensitive time in a woman’s life. Therefore, it is always a good idea to visit your doctor as soon as you encounter any of the signs and symptoms of pregnancy.

The doctor will properly be able to analyse these signs and symptoms for possible pregnancy.

The table below lists the possible signs and symptoms of pregnancy:

Early Signs of Pregnancy Probable signs of pregnancy Definite signs of pregnancy


Breast Tenderness




Skin Pigmentation



Belly slightly enlarged

Uterine contractions sensed by the mother

Foetal movement


Enlarged uterus

Foetal heart sounds

Foetal movements


Learn more about the signs and symptoms of pregnancy here.

Pregnancy Tests

Perform the different pregnancy tests and observe results for the possibility of pregnancy.

There are a few different types of pregnancy tests:


Test Name

 Positive for Pregnancy  Negative for Pregnancy

 Pregnancy Stick Test



Two Pink Lines result on the stick


One Pink Line Result on the stick

 Blood Test  High B-hcG  

Low B-hcG


 Sonogram  Foetus Visible in sonogram result


 Foetus not visible in sonogram result.

It is by the combination of these two methods that we can finally arrive at a conclusion and to confirm if a woman is a pregnant or not.