Top 10 jobs for new mothers and stay at home mums

Top 10 jobs for new mothers and stay at home mums

For new mothers and current stay at home mums, working full-time and away from home is probably not an option.

However, if you’re feeling bored during pregnancy or during the moments that your baby is sleeping, at childcare, at kindergarten or with other family members, there are a selection of mummy-friendly jobs that will have you feeling motivated in no time.

1. Beauty advisor

If you’re into all things make-up it’s actually quite easy to become a self-employed beauty advisor that works for a business like Arbonne. These opportunities are great if you already have a beauty background, but they’re open to all levels of experience, even beginners.

You’ll generally organise parties at homes and sell products, with a commission going directly to your account.

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2. Jewellery consultant

Similar to a beauty advisor, a jewellery consultant aims to sell as many products as possible to earn commissions and free products. You can actually earn an impressive income from the comfort of your own home and by sourcing new contacts for potential parties at their properties.

Fifth Avenue Collection is an example of a successful jewellery company that’s internationally renowned.

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3. Writer


This is a popular option that many mothers are opting for. The best part about writing is that you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to the style and genre you choose, especially as more jobs become electronic.

Here are a few writing professions for a mother with little or no experience:

  • Start a blog based on pregnancy, motherhood and other topics of interest
  • Review products online
  • Work for an online creative agency
  • Copywriting and content creation
  • Theatre, art, event and restaurant reviews
  • Review books
  • Tutor English students online
  • Help students with academic essay writing
  • Surveys

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4. Nail technician and beauty consultant


If you’ve trained and worked as a nail technician before becoming pregnant, consider installing a home studio that will allow you to continue your job at home and in your own time. However, there are risks associated with chemical exposure of nail products that have been said to affect an unborn baby.

Do your research and look into safe handling and nail practices. Otherwise, there are organic and non-toxic products you can use instead.

Other beauty professions:

  • Make-up artist
  • Eye lash extensions
  • Body and facial waxing
  • Hairdressing
  • Hairstyling
  • Eyebrow threading

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5. Masseuse


Working as a masseuse at home is similar to a nail or beauty technician, as you can create a home studio to attend to clients whenever you can. You can study a course as well before becoming pregnant so you’re well prepared.

Luckily, working as a masseuse is a safe option while pregnant as you can use organic and non-toxic essential oils and products that won’t harm your baby. However, it’s best to consider the time spent on your feet and the strength you’ll need, especially if you’ll be working as a sports masseuse.

What else can I work on in this field?

  • Facials
  • Foot baths
  • Hot stone massage
  • Detoxifying body wraps
  • Aromatherapy massage
  • Acupuncture (requires a separate qualification)

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6. Mystery shopper


Mystery shopping is becoming a popular job for stay at home mums as it offers flexibility and on-going casual work. It usually pays a casual rate, or in vouchers that can be used for food shopping or at department stores.

It’s a fairly easy job that requires workers to attend a specific shop and go about the routine as normal, judging service, quality of products, layout, cleanliness of the store, and the overall experience.

The results are usually logged and detailed online and then you’re paid. Bring your kids along if they’re at home with you too!

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7. Pamphlet deliverer


As a pamphlet deliverer you’ll be responsible for walking or driving around your area and delivering pamphlets, brochures or other materials for businesses. You can be hired by an agency that gives you jobs, or you can source work independently by contacting local businesses – real estate industries are fond of this.

The pay isn’t huge, but it’s a little something that will keep you busy at the same time. Walking in your local area is a great way to exercise while pregnant too, but set limitations so you don’t over exert yourself.

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8. EBay seller


This may sound like an odd one, but many stay at home mums have actually started an actual career and business by selling items on eBay. Declutter your home by selling some old items that you no longer use, or set up a specific online shop like a vintage store filled with second-hand clothing, designer items or artwork.

You can also use:

  • Etsy
  • Facebook groups
  • Carousel
  • Other online selling platforms
  • Markets
  • Garage sales

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9. Photographer and artist


If you’ve always possessed a creative streak but haven’t had the guts to pursue a career in the arts, now may be the time. If you’re an experienced photographer, it will be easy to start off, but as a beginner you may need a little training on what cameras are best and their functions.

However, working as an artist (painter, sculptor, textile artist, digital artist or jewellery designer), is easier to kick off. Art is very therapeutic and a good option for stay at home or pregnant mothers.

Here’s what to consider if you want to pursue an artistic career:

  • Decide on what genre or niche you want to focus on (some people get carried away and try to take on different art forms all at once)
  • Write a plan on what you want to create
  • Research artists or work that you like to influence your style
  • Spend money on quality materials like paint brushes, canvases or other bits and pieces
  • Try and source second hand fabrics for textile artistry
  • Look into selling your artwork online or at local markets
  • Promote your artwork on social media – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or your own website
  • Think about the prices of your art work and if you’d like to organise an exhibition
  • Read about different materials and techniques or attend art classes if you can

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10. Babysitting or pet sitting


Babysitting is definitely a smart option to consider while pregnant and will give you the experience you need before having a baby. You can ask potential clients if you can look after their children at your own home, which is also great if you already have kids so they can all play and stay entertained.

Otherwise, pet sitting has become a very popular occupation that can potentially pay quite well. If you’re worried whether pets are safe while pregnant, you can read more by viewing our article on pet safety while pregnant.

Find babysitting Jobs here:


There’s no reason to believe that your career is completely over when you discover that you’re pregnant, as there are a number of jobs available that will still bring in a small, or surprisingly impressive income.

Likewise, you can stay busy and possibly find a new passion for something you never considered before.