Ways father can bond with baby

Ways father can bond with baby

It’s said that when a baby cries, only a mother can understand their need. A bond between mother and baby is considered a very precious and unique bond. Every mother loves this connection with their angel, and feels incredibly special. Similarly, almost every dad wants to be as close to their baby as their mum. For men, it’s not always easy to find a way to become top of the list when their baby is in need.

For bub, both parents are important – a family unit that provides love, attention, warmth and shelter is the most important thing. While a mother gives so much love and care, so do fathers too. As your child grows, fathers will become both excellent friends and protectors of your baby.

Here are some of the helpful tips that you can use to get closer to your baby.

Eye contact

If your baby is formula-fed, try feeding them in a position where they can look directly into your eyes. This creates a connection between you and your baby, similar to breastfeeding mothers, who keep their babies close to their chest and maintain eye contact. This position gives bub comfort and a sense of being safe. Babies try to communicate through different gestures while keeping eye contact with you.


Make your baby laugh

This is the best way to strengthening your bond with your baby. Try to play with baby and make them happy as much as possible. When they’re younger, babies tend to take naps frequently, so don’t have as much time to play. During these short bursts of activity, play games such as peek-a-boo or simulating flying games by lifting them in the air. Don’t forget to smile a lot while talking to them, as this helps them to associate smiles with fun and play. Read more on how to entertain babies here.


Minding a crying baby

Babies do cry – that’s completely normal – but they always have some reason, either big or small. Some dads cannot tolerate a crying baby, and leave it to mum to try to handle.

Do not get scared or irritated if your baby starts crying. Getting annoyed and handing an irritable bub to mum is not the wisest idea, either. Don’t panic – just try to soothe and calm your baby down instead.

You can try different tactics to help baby calm down, such as making funny faces to make them laugh, singing a lullaby, walking while carrying your baby, and hugging them. Talking to them in a soothing voice also works. Soon, bub will come to recognise that you, alongside mum, are able to make them smile. They would get to know you more and would stop getting any strange vibes from you. Baby would know that you can also listen to their needs, just like their mum. They will start trusting you, understanding that you would not make them angry or cry. Spending happy time with the baby will give you warmth and energy too.


Taking care of your baby at night

The mother of your child has delivered recently, and she needs to be taken care of as well. She needs rest and pampering. For new mothers, it becomes even more difficult to even think for themselves in those first few months if there is no one to help them. They remain busy with the baby throughout the day and night. You can get closer to your baby while helping mum, by giving her a break at night.

Store breastmilk in bottles and refrigerate them for night feeding in case your baby is breastfed. If your baby is formula-fed, then you can make milk at night. When your baby wakes up at night, mum will likely try to get up, but you can give her the confidence that you can take care of baby while she is sleeping. If bub’s cries wake them up, try to help them sleep again if it’s not your baby’s feeding time yet. Otherwise, feed them with milk bottle and your baby will fall themselves.It’s a fantastic opportunity to spend completely private time with your baby.


Put bub to sleep

Putting bub down to sleep is not an easy task, but with patience and little effort you can master it. Try to make baby sleep as per their schedule. Make baby’s bed properly and ensure it’s safe for the baby.

Take baby in your arms and rock them back and forth slowly, to emulate the feeling of a cradle. Your baby should soon fall asleep if they do not have any health or other issues.

Put your baby carefully in the crib and cover them properly as per weather and room temperature.

While you’re doing these tasks, you’ll come to realise just how cute and innocent your little creation is – especially how very adorable bub is while making cute faces while sleeping. The way your baby holds your hand gives you an amazing feeling, knowing that you’re the dad of such a cute little angel. Read about 6 expert strategies to put your baby to sleep here.


Treating baby well

Although your baby cannot talk, nor understand much what you say at this stage, they do understand your tone of voice. You should never scream at bub, or be rude to them or to anyone in front of them.

Being impolite to your child or to anyone else – especially to their mother in front of them – would create a terrible impression of you, and a feeling of fear in the baby. It also creates a distance between you and your baby. Although everyone deserves respect, treating your baby specifically with respect is very important to creating a strong bond between you. Your baby would not be scared to grow closer to you as they age. By treating baby well, you would teach them to be a well-mannered person when they grow up.

Helpful Tips(s)

You can try babywearing as you venture about town. Take them to the park and talk and play with them there. Your baby would enjoy being with you in the fresh air.

Babies do get tired, as well. You can try giving your baby a relaxing gentle massage.

Please note: consult your medical practitioner first to learn the proper technique, to prevent possibly injury to your child.

Babies require regular nappy changes all through the day. Try to take on this duty as much as possible.