Karicare Plus Infant Formula Stage 1 Review

Karicare Plus Infant Formula Stage 1 Review

Which formula is best for your baby?

Which formula is best? If I had the answer to that question, I would be a wealthy lady!

No doubt breastfeeding is best for baby; but it doesn’t always go according to plan.

Breastfeeding can be tough.

Some babies don’t latch properly; some Mums just can’t produce enough milk, sometimes Mums have to return to work quite soon after having their baby.

Whatever the scenario, no Mum should ever beat themselves up over the need to formula feed their baby; but unfortunately many of us do.

Thank goodness we’re not in the late 1800’s when there was no breast milk substitute to save the day if we struggled.

Now our biggest concern is choosing the right formula for our little cherubs, and that can certainly be a challenge.

This is my experience with Karicare+ Infant Formula.

Karicare+ Infant Formula: How to use

Karicare+ Infant Formula is suitable for babies from birth to six months of age.

Some parents utilise formula as a supplement when they feel breast milk is not satisfying their baby, others may be exclusively formula feeding their baby. Karicare+ Infant Formula is suitable for both situations.

When preparing bottles for formula, always wash your hands and ensure the bottles and teats are sterilised.

Add cool boiled water to the bottle, measuring the correct ml amount for the baby’s age, and recommended number of feeds per day ratio.

Following the feeding guide of the formula, measure the appropriate number of level scoops of formula, and add to the water.

Shake well, and test the temperature of the milk.

It should be served at body temperature, so it shouldn’t feel warm nor cold on your wrist.

Don’t store prepared formula milk, use it immediately, and discard any remaining milk after the feed.

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About the Company

Karicare is a product of DanoneNutricia of Group Danone.

The company is one of the worlds largest health food companies.

The Karicare story began over 100 years ago when New Zealand born founder Sir Truby King, developed a system of scientifically feeding baby calves at a farming order to save them.

He deduced that at least half of all human infant deaths in the first 12 months may be preventable, if there was an alternative to breastfeeding.

In 1707 he began experimenting with milk formula. By 1912 his formula was saving the lives of 1,000 babies per year in New Zealand.

The milk range was distributed in New Zealand, Australia and Asia by Douglas Pharmaceuticals.

Nutricia acquired the Karicare products from Douglas Pharmaceuticals in 1996 and became part of the Danone group in 2007.

The company has gone from strength to strength, acquiring Sutton Groups’spray dryer, Gardians,and blending, can-forming, and packing facilities in New Zealand in 2014.

While a largely trusted brand, they have fallen under some scrutiny in the past, particularly after a Formula recall event in 2013.

Karicare + Infant formula – My Personal Experience

My beautiful friend first introduced me to Karicare Infant formula, as I struggled to breastfeed my first baby.

He wasn’t latching properly, and was very unsettled.

My friend, who used Karicare for all her three babies, rushed some formula over to me in the middle of the night to help me in my plight.

Following 50ml of Karicare, my little boy was settled, satisfied, happy, and we all had a great sleep. So began our journey into mixed feeding.

After a few days of formula supplementing when we were struggling, my little boy seemed to have tummy pains and was very gassy.

He was also suffering reflux. My GP suggested he may be getting too much lactose, and to try various formulas.

For what seemed like forever, we experimented with different products, finally settling on NAN Pro Gold.

This process went over a couple of months, and I’m sure his gas and reflux improvement was probably a result of us falling into a better breastfeeding routine, rather than the type of Formula.

Because it seemed to work for us, we’ve stuck with NAN ever since, my second child was exclusively breastfed for six months, and adjusted to the formula with no problems at all; but if any issues did present, I would have no hesitation in trying Karicare again.

Every baby is different. Every formula is different.

There’s no definitive answer for the question of which is best (that would be too easy).

It’s a matter of trialling different products to find the formula that works for your little human.


  • Karicare have a care line on their website to offer support.
  • Contains key ingredients to nourish baby including fish oil
  • Suitable for baby from birth
  • Handy Built-in “formula leveller” in the tin


  • Contains possible allergens: Dairy, Fish, Milk, Soy, Whey, and Lactose.
  • Like all Formula’s some babies can become constipated, gassy or suffer reflux

Karicare + Infant Formula pricing

Priced at around $20 per tin.

Where to buy

Coles and Woolworths supermarkets, Amcal, Chemists Warehouse, and most major chemists.

Similar products:

S-26 Original Newborn Baby Formula: This formula retails from $16.99 – $20 so is similar in price. However, S-26 makes almost 10ml more formula per scoop. E.g. 60ml water to 1 scoop of formula compared to 50ml water to 1 scoop of formula of the Karicare. Therefore, it’s probably better value for money.

Nan Pro Gold Baby Formula Stage 1: Nan Pro Gold is a whey dominant cows milk formula from Nestle. Retailing at $22 – $25.95. Measurements are three scoops per 90ml of water for approx. 6 feeds per day for a 0-1 week old baby. This product is therefore on the more costly side.

Blackmores Newborn Formula: Retail price varies from $19.99 at Chemist Warehouse, to $29.99 on Blackmores online store; which is quite a jump! Both Soy Lecithin and Milk Solids are present in this formula, so it may be a good alternative if you find milk based formulas are presenting a problem for your baby.

A2 Platinum Premium Infant Formula: This formula is a2 milk focused. It contains the a2 form of beta-casein protein and not the a1. Similar to Karicare, the newborn feeding guide suggests one level scoop of formula per 50ml of water, over 5-6 feeds per day. However, they suggest from 5 days – 4 weeks old, babies will need 6-8 feeds per day of 100ml bottles with two scoops of formula, I’m no expert; but that seems like quite a lot! Retailing between $33.95 – $34.99, it’s on the pricey side; but if it works for your baby, then it’s worth it.

How much does it cost?

Priced at around $20 per tin.

Where to buy?

Get discounted price at Amazon Australia