How to quickly lose belly fat post pregnancy?

How to quickly lose belly fat post pregnancy?

The most beautiful yet the hardest phase of your life has now ended with good news. Your little angel is in your arms and you are overwhelmed with joy and emotions. Next step is to take care of your baby while keeping yourself fit and healthy.

Pregnancy impacts your body in a variety of ways. It brings a lot of changes in you mentally as well as physically. You might get stressed about lots of things including your own health and body fat more specifically belly fat. And you want to get rid of it immediately possible.

To be fit and healthy again, also to gain your confidence back and enjoy your life well you must bring back your body structure and energy that you had before pregnancy. If you do not take care of reducing this belly fat now then it will go worse after having second baby.

Bringing the body in shape post pregnancy is not that difficult if you follow some basic steps regularly with consistency.

It is highly recommended to keep your health at first priority. Do not practice any hard exercises immediately after pregnancy. It is suggested by many health practitioners to take complete rest at least for 2-4 months after baby’s birth, until then no exercises and no exertion. Here are the simple steps to help you reduce your belly fat.

Eating Healthy

Eating healthy is the first step to fitness. Start eating healthy food such as fresh fruits and vegetables. Eating proper portion of balanced diet will not only help you reduce your weight but it will also help you reduce your belly fat faster.

Many nutritionists also suggest breaking bigger meal into smaller portions and eating after short intervals during the day. It will help you bring in the shape as you were before pregnancy. Breastfeeding moms lose extra pounds quicker than formula feeding moms.

Start walking

A walk is very simple and easy exercise for anyone intended to do exercise. Once you have completed your doctor’s suggested rest period, start walking slowly for 10-15 minutes initially. Slowly as your health permits increase the length of your walk. Do not forget to drink a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated.


Once you feel little energy try doing little stretching. Stretching would help strengthen and tighten your muscles after baby’s birth. Depending on your health condition you can also try some twisting exercises for your upper body.

You would feel very relaxed and active after doing some stretching and twisting exercises. You would feel active and energetic after doing such exercises.

Pelvic Floor Exercises

After your baby’s birth your doctor will suggest you to do some Pelvic floor exercises. There are lots of benefits in practicing these exercises such as it helps improve your control over bladder and bowel function, reduces the chances of prolapse.

Most importantly it helps quicker and better recover post birth after normal delivery or surgery. It also helps increase your sensation for intercourse post pregnancy. You would feel more energetic and confident after practicing these exercises regularly.

Pelvic floor muscles are beneficial for both men and women.

Practice tummy specific exercises

After practicing all those steps you must also try doing tummy exercises once your health permits you. You can try variety of tummy exercises to reduce your belly fat, such as crunches, ball exercises etc. Start from basic and slowly increase the intensity, speed and duration. These exercises are very beneficial for your body.

Try Simple ab exercises such as slowly contracting abs and bring your pelvis to your head. This is an easy and simple exercise and can help you tone your belly faster.

Helpful Tips for the mother

  • Your health comes always first so remember to consult your doctor before starting any exercises after baby’s birth.
  • Do not push yourself too hard.
  • Start with the basic and slowly bring the change as your body will take its time to adapt to it.
  • Try to find some exercise partner as it will make your practice enjoyable and stress-free.
  • Discuss with your doctor to attend belly specific exercise classes.
  • Joining proper pelvic exercise classes will help you do them properly and achieve the required goals much quicker.


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