11 Ways your body benefits from pregnancy

11 Ways your body benefits from pregnancy

There are many changes that happen to a woman’s body when she is pregnant. These changes are both physical and emotional, in that the structure of the body changes as well as the hormonal release and balance. Some changes are semi-permanent, for instance the pelvis structure never quite goes back to its original shape. Other changes only last during the pregnancy, such as swelling in the feet and ankles.

While many of the changes that occur during pregnancy feel very bad and uncomfortable, there are actually surprising benefits for the body after pregnancy. Some of these benefits are quite unexpected. Nonetheless, it is certainly welcome news in the end to know that there are plenty of lights at the end of the pregnancy tunnel.

Find out some of the ways that the body will thank you for the pregnancy, and how it can benefit even years down the track. These are benefits that pregnant women definitely ought to make the most of.

1. Your sex life gets better:

There is increased blood flow to the pelvic area which makes this region more sensitive. In terms of sex life and libido, things can often get a lot better in the bedroom for women during and after pregnancy.

The hormones in the body, which stay around while breastfeeding encourage the libido and promote sexual desires. This can happen for the whole time of breastfeeding in some cases. Some women even say that the best sex they’ve had is during pregnancy.


2. Healthy eating becomes a habit

and you generally become more health conscious. During pregnancy, eating healthy becomes a real priority, given that you need to sustain the nutrients and protein for a growing baby too.

After focusing on eating healthy and promoting a positive diet and lifestyle for 9 months, this becomes a habit. Once something is done more than twenty times, it is said to become habitual. After pregnancy, it is easier to continue these good things as the body begins to crave them.


3. Menstrual cramps aren’t as bad

when the monthly period returns after pregnancy. For many women, a significant decrease in the severity of cramping each month is felt. In fact, sometimes they disappear completely.

There isn’t much scientific evidence to explain why, but women who experience this won’t be asking for too many answers – they’ll just be grateful!


4. The risk of cancer is lessened

because of hormonal changes. Basically, there is a scientific thought that the risk of breast cancer is increased with exposure to endogenous hormones. These are hormones that are released during menstruation.

Since pregnancy stops menstruation, there is significantly less exposure to endogenous hormones for a long period of time. Of course, there are other factors that weigh into breast cancer, but this is one factor decreased.


5. The life expectancy increases

after giving birth to children. This is thanks to the placenta, which is an organ that grows during pregnancy and connects to the baby’s umbilical cords, giving it the nutrients it needs to grow and oxygen to breath.

When a woman develops a placenta, it brings forth many antibodies and cells. Then there is a process called micro-chimerism in which these stay in the body and boost the immunity of the woman, therefore increasing her life expectancy.


6. The ovaries become healthier

after conceiving a child. With menstruation each month, the ovarian cells go through a process of division. Throughout this process, they become more susceptible and vulnerable to cancer. Without menstruation during pregnancy, the ovarian cells are given a chance to regain their strength and build up resistance to cancerous cells. This means there is less chance of developing ovarian cancer.

The same type of thing happens for the uterus. Without shedding the uterine lining each month in menstruation, there is a lessened chance of endometrial cancer. It also takes away a lot of monthly stress during the pregnancy times!


7. The taste buds become a lot more receptive

and sensitive to flavours. This means that you are able to taste and sense foods and flavours in a heightened way. The reason for this is the increased flow of estrogen in the body.

Although this estrogen goes away after giving birth, the taste buds get 9 months to indulge in new experiences and you can learn more about your palate.


8. Bodily strength gathers and grows

with pregnancy, as the body develops new strategies to keep the foetus safe. This is an amazing display of evolutionary preservation. As conception occurs, the body starts to create more cells and produce more hormones, which work to create a barrier of defense against disease and illness. This strengthens the body for later in life, as well. Many women experience relief from asthma, psoriasis, and autoimmune diseases throughout pregnancy.

There is also some evidence that suggests women who are pregnant are more likely to get relief from chronic diseases and illness. For instance, the prevalence of Crohn’s diseases, multiple sclerosis, and ulcerative colitis have been known to lessen throughout pregnancy, according to research done at the University College London.


9. It becomes easier to be happier,

according to research done on motherhood. While happiness is a very unique and individual thing, there have been studies that show women with children are happier. They feel a sense of accomplishment and fulfilment.

Of course, this journey isn’t for everyone, and it is totally fine to choose not to have kids. Nonetheless, women who do gain happiness from their children certainly deserve it!


10. The hair benefits

in both terms of growth and shine. This comes back to the increased levels of estrogen now in the body.

The way that estrogen affects the hair is that is gives the cells a longer growth cycle. Therefore, hair now has the chance to grow at a quicker rate and maintain a shine to it.


11. Self esteem levels rise

after the challenge of pregnancy. There is nothing like finding out what you’re capable of like going through pregnancy and giving birth to a child. The emotional, physical, and psychological challenges that present themselves over the course of pregnancy allow women to gain a better understanding of themselves.

With this, they find out their strengths and weakness. A sense of pride is one of the best side effects of pregnancy. After all that, you definitely deserve to give yourself a pat on the back!