8 Steps to Prepare for your Baby Shower

8 Steps to Prepare for your Baby Shower

Getting ready to bring a new life into the world is an exciting time. No doubt, you want to share this excitement, anticipation, and joy with your loved ones. Many people choose to do this in the form a baby shower.

A baby shower is a ceremony, party, or gathering depending on your personal preference. It can include guests bringing gifts, speeches, games, and anything else that you, as the host and mother-to-be, desires.

Although it takes considerable planning and organising, a baby shower need not be a stressful time. This is more of a chance to get some friends and family together to celebrate the precious new baby that is preparing to enter the world. And since this might be your last chance to have a baby-free party, you deserve to enjoy every minute!

To help get yourself organised and ready for a baby shower, the first step to take is to enlist the assistance of friends and family. They want nothing more than to be involved in the planning, so be sure to make the most of their support. Any chance to put your feet up after 6 months or more of pregnancy needs to be taken, especially when getting ready for a party!

Here are some nifty ideas and checklists to help you and your friends and family prepare for one special baby shower. Whether you have it in the morning, afternoon, or evening, be sure to sit back and enjoy the love flowing in for your soon-to-be bundle of baby joy.

#1 Choose a host


If you’re feeling brave and prepared as a mum-to-be, you might also want to put on your hosting hat. If you’d rather offload the pressure onto someone else, no doubt your BFF, a favourite aunt, or a trusted sister will be up for hosting the day. This is really a personal choice and what works best for you as an individual.

#2 Set a budget


Like any party, someone needs to put some money down. So, are you and your partner going to fund the whole day? Or are you going to set that money aside for baby’s future education and get everyone to chip in.

Many people ask their guests to pay $20-$50 per head, depending where the party is held and what is on offer. This is a reasonable request and your family and friends will most likely be happy to donate.

#3 Choose a venue


After you’ve made some calculated decisions about the budget, or during the budgeting stage, you will need to select a venue. Are you going to have something low-key at home? Will you get a caterer in, or are you and your mates going to do the cooking and prepare the food? Perhaps everyone will be responsible for bringing a plate of food to share. This can be a good way to keep the costs low.

Would you rather get the girls together somewhere else? Perhaps a favourite cafe or restaurant? If the weather is going to be nice, you might consider having a picnic or a gathering at the local park. The choice is completely yours as to where your soon-to-be-born baby shall be celebrated!

#4 Select the date


Obviously, you need to choose a date before the baby is born! Most people have their baby shower a month or two before the baby is born. Remember, by this time you will be feeling very huge and bloated in pregnancy! Try to find a weekend that is relaxing and free of stress for you.

Don’t forget to consult with your guests, both family and friends, about when will work best for them. Consider people who might need to travel a long distance to join in the festivities. Once you’ve set the date, make sure people have an invitation and firm reminder of what day it is on!

#5 Choose a theme


Again, this is something that will come down to personal taste and preference. A theme can be fun and enjoyable, giving the party an extra twist. Why not consider something along the lines of a garden shower, or spring chickens, or something else that is baby-related. Now is a good time to get some inspiration on Pinterest!

#6 Prepare some games


Like the theme, party games can be a good way to get guests up and about and interacting with one another. There are many fun baby-themed games to play, such as ‘spit the dummy’ and ‘dress the baby doll the fastest’.

Again, Pinterest and other websites will be loaded with inspiration for these. Don’t forget to chat to any of your mum-friends who have also had baby showers to get an idea of what games they loved at theirs.

With any games, be sure to stock up on materials needed. This will need to be factored into your budget. If you’re going to have prizes for the winner of each game, be sure to head to the $2 store and grab plenty of goodies.

#7 Prepare thank you notes and goody bags


As a thank you and a token of appreciation for your guests, get together some cute handwritten notes and a goody bag. Just like a good old lolly bag back in the days of childhood parties, everyone loves a take-home from a get together.

It is best to have these sorted and organised a week or two before. By this point, you will have a good idea of who is attending the party once everyone has sent their RSVP. It is a lovely touch and a nice gesture to show how grateful for you are for their love and support.

#8 Assign a photographer


Naturally, you will want plenty of photos of the day. If you have the budget for it, consider hiring a professional photographer. Otherwise, get one of your good and reliable friends (ideally one with a nice camera!) to be in charge of the happy-snaps throughout the day. These are memories that you will cherish all throughout your child’s life.