Travelling Overseas With Your Baby

Travelling Overseas With Your Baby

Travelling with family is super exciting – all the sightseeing, exotic foods and culture is enough to convince you to book those tickets. But when you’re bringing a newborn along, you might worry about how they’ll cope travelling long distance, on the go and in a foreign country where everything is so different from home. You’ll probably have a thousand questions running through your mind before leaving like “but what if they cry all the way on the plane?” or “what if the holiday doesn’t feel like a holiday and I don’t get to relax?”

Although you might think it’s impossible to travel long distance with a baby, people do it all the time and some families live on the road with their kids. We’ve put together a few tips to ensure that your time away runs smoothly (and you get time to kickback beside the pool with a refreshing cocktail or two).


When can my baby start travelling?

Your baby can actually travel as young as two days old but it’s probably best to wait a few months as the process will be easier for both you and your little one. This is mainly because babies can suffer from things like colic which makes them uncomfortable and feeding can be an issue as they’re quite unsettled at this early stage.


What to keep in mind when booking hotels

When booking accommodation with an infant and toddlers, you should do your research to pick a hotel that has a good reputation and offers the amenities that you’re looking for. Here are a few things to consider that will make your family holiday enjoyable:

  • Check that the hotel is clean and reputable – you don’t want your child to be in an unsafe environment
  • Make sure the hotel is located in a safe and popular area – avoid dingy looking alleys and secluded properties that can attract the wrong crowd
  • Although it’s good to stay in a popular spot, avoid overly busy and noisy parts of town – the last thing you need is for your baby to wake up because of unwanted noise
  • Look at maps before booking – easy access to public transport and shops is a plus (you may need nappies urgently or medications)
  • Check that the hotel offers a room with a cot
  • Included breakfast is a bonus and will make mornings away easier for your family. You won’t have the stress of walking around trying to find breakfast.
  • Make sure the hotel is child friendly – a lot of modern luxury hotels are adults only
  • Book a hotel with a spa or pool so you can have time to relax while your partner looks after the baby
  • If you can, an apart-hotel or apartment with kitchen facilities is a good choice for long term stays – you’ll be able to cook yourself dinners or lunches if your baby is too unsettled to go out (or if you’re tired).


What to bring with you on holiday?

Here’s a list of a few baby supplies you should consider bringing with you on holiday:

  • Take your own travel cot with a sheet and your baby’s blanket – this is a good idea just in case the hotel doesn’t have a cot – and the familiar scent on the blanket might help to settle your little one.
  • You can buy a carrycot for your travel system stroller
  • Bring along an emergency kit with some medical supplies or remedies you usually use at home
  • Baby monitor
  • Night light – although hotels have lamps
  • Take a few favourite toys and books that you can entertain your baby with
  • Breast pump
  • Rash cream (medical kit – ointments for wind as well)
  • Wipes, disinfecting hand gels, baby wash, baby lotion, nappies
  • Sling for walking without using the pram
  • Bottles, formula milk
  • Changing mat
  • Sunhat and sunscreen


Where should I travel with my baby?

The world is your oyster, and you can honestly travel to any country with a baby. However, if this is your first time travelling and you’re a little worried about venturing to an extreme destination or busy hot spot, there are a few family friendly locations that we can recommend.

1. Tropical island locations like Fiji, Vanuatu and the Maldives

Tropical beachy locations are perfect spots for a family that offer exceptional accommodations that are sometimes all inclusive of food, drink and activities. You can relax at the beach or by the pool with your baby, and take each day as it comes.

2. European getaways

If you want to bask in Europe’s rich culture and history, France, Greece, Italy, Austria, Germany and the UK are great spots for families.

3. Asia

Japan and Singapore are popular tourist attractions that are both very clean and safe to travel to with a baby or child.


What if my baby plays up on holiday?

Unfortunately, this is something that you can’t totally avoid. There will be times when your baby may play up, cry or even get sick. It happens! However, if you’re feeling exhausted and are in need of some down time:

  • Try to keep calm
  • Have your partner take over the caring for a while until you feel better
  • Call a friend or family member back home to talk
  • Take a bath or take some time for yourself
  • Some hotel’s offer a nanny or caring service so you can enjoy a night out with your partner

So if you’ve been eyeing off that getaway for a while, it’s time to finally start planning. Travelling with a baby is not impossible and can be done if you’re well prepared. Do your research and thoroughly look through hotel reviews, photos and maps that will display a list of nearby facilities that will make your trip more enjoyable, relaxing and easy. Also look out for convenient access to shops and public transport.