Toys that help Toddlers grow

Toys that help Toddlers grow

Choosing the toys that positively reinforce your little one’s development is really important at this stage of his life.

So, what should we look for while buying a toy for our babies?

It’s easy to find toys, however, finding the right ones that are safe, entertaining and educational at the same time is the real challenge. These toys should also have some characteristics that can help in improving the physical and mental growth of your child is very crucial.

There are toys that provide physical activity, stimulate to improve attention span, encourage your child’s imaginations and creative thinking skills, reinforce coordination and balance, improve sensory and motor skills.

Toys that are musical, colourful, can move and are bigger with no danger of choking, are usually preferable.

Here are five best toys I would choose for my toddler:

Activity cubes


Activity cubes is a very common choice for most babies of the toddler age. This age is all about exploring everything around and activity cubes are a perfect choice. This toy perfectly matches the toddler’s energy and curiosity levels.

Modern activity cubes have music, light, sounds, phrases and many other different activities that not only keep your baby engaged in exploration but are also excellent for stimulating the sensory and motor development of your little one.

It helps in improving the hand-eye coordination. It is a source of learning as well as entertainment for your little one.

Sit to stand walker


Sit to stand walker is yet another amazing toy for toddlers. The walker has numerous benefits for your growing toddler and helps your child to learn to walk.

Your little one can be playing on his own and still be learning. With the modern stand walkers, your toddler not only learns to walk but at the same time, also learns counting, reading, songs and other progressive learning stuff.

Sit to stand walkers for toddlers are great for the physical development of toddlers. It helps in improving your little one’s leg strength and motor skills. Modern walkers, with buttons for music and learning also help enhance the development of language skills too. It’s an interesting toy for the curious kids of this age.

Ride on car


Ride on cars for toddlers is a toy with an attitude! Toddlers love riding the car around the house or even outside.

Modern ride on cars also have sound and music effects that your toddlers will absolutely love. The car seat can be pulled up and has space to store stuff in it. This feature is perfect for the growth and curiosity of your little one. Your babies learn to explore the spaces-to-store things on their own. This helps develop their thinking and analytical skills. Kids absolutely love pulling the car seat up and have fun hiding treasures in the container.

Overall, ride on cars play a very important part in development of your child by strengthening leg and arm muscles. It also helps reinforce muscle coordination and improve balance. It enhances gross and fine motor movements too.

Drop and go dump truck


This is yet another exciting toy for toddlers that is great for your toddler’s growth. Children tend to get really addicted to this toy. They enjoy pulling it by a string attached to the dump truck. This toy is a great exercise for your little one and also helps improving their balance.

With the modern dump truck toys, your child will have fun with sounds, colours and counting. This in turn in not just fun for the toddler but also enhances your child’s creativity and imagination at the same time. It also improves your baby’s motor skills as well.

Musical rhymes book


Children at this age love music and thus this is a perfect toy for them. It has nursery rhymes and songs they will enjoy. It is really helpful in improving creativity and imagination in your little ones. It improves language skills too.